Make Sure to Keep Your Car Seat Bound Child Safe

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It’s a proven fact that three out of four car seats in vehicles today aren’t installed properly. That means that most children riding around on the road today are facing more risk than they need to be, and taking just a few minutes to make important changes can help increase their safety noticeably.

Lock Down those Loose Items

First and foremost, make sure that any loose items in your vehicle are secured. Simply putting loose CD’s into cases and slipping other valuables into the trunk of your vehicle will help reduce the impact risk to children riding around in the vehicle. It only takes a couple seconds to get rid of loose items, but those seconds can result in a much safer crash if you are unfortunate enough to experience one.

Lock the Sit Firmly in Place

The first step you should take when installing a new car seat is to put it in using the built-in safety anchors and then try and move it in any direction after the installation. If you can get that seat to move more than one inch you don’t have it installed properly. It’s simply too loose and it’s going to be doing your little one more harm than good. To rectify the situation tighten the seat up and make sure that you can’t move it as much next time.

Another test can be conducted once the seat passes the first one. Put your child in the seat and tighten the straps until they feel like they are secure. To make sure they are tight enough try to pinch them. If you can pinch the fabric over top of itself you know it’s not tight enough. Tighten it down some more and try again to see if you’ve made a big enough difference. Continue going through this cycle until you have straps that you can’t pinch. Only then are they holding your child tight enough to be safe to use.

Don’t Rent a Car Seat

Renting a car seat is a bad idea for a number of reasons, the main one being that you don’t know what happened to the seat when you weren’t using it. The seat could be expired, it could have been through numerous accidents and it could have other problems that you don’t know about. Instead rely on your own car seat when using a rental car. Make sure that you have it with you to use, otherwise you won’t know what kind of protection you’re providing to your child.

Take a few minutes to make sure the car seat in your vehicle is installed properly. Checking for each of the different issues listed above and avoiding some common mistakes will make your vehicle safer for your children to use. For such a small time investment, the results are well worth the work.

Jaguar to Help the SSC Break the 1000 MPH Land Speed Barrier

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Over the years just like with most things more speed has become available for less. In 1997 the McLaren F1 was the world’s fastest car. It was packed with 620 HP thanks to a BMW V12 and topped out at 243 MPH. Now that same money will pick up a good used Bugatti Veyron that’s packed with 1,200 HP and tops out at 267 HP. Even more impressive is a vehicle like the Dodge Hellcat that offers 707 HP, hits 200 MPH and only costs $60,000. With all the latest advancements in performance it’s a wonder that the land speed record hasn’t budged. It’s been locked at a bit of 760 MPH since 1997 and it’s amazing that it hasn’t moved since then. That might just change in the near future if the folks behind the Thrust SSC, the original record setters have anything to do about it.

The Jaguar Partnership

They are partnering with the folks at Jaguar to try and not only top their own record, but set the land speed record at a figure above 1000 MPH. It’s long since been considered impossible, but it’s something they believe they can achieve in the near future. The original project car relied on a pair of Rolls-Royce turbofan jet engines to get up to over 700 MPH, but the latest vehicle is instead using three different engines, the Rolls jet engine, and two rocket engines to get the car to 1000 MPH in about 75 seconds flat. As you mgint imagine running these three supremely demanding engines requires a nice smooth flow of fuel, and that’s something that standard equipment simply can’t provide. To make this all possible SSC turned to Jaguar and the fuel pump used on the 5.0 liter, 542 HP supercharged V8 engine to get the job done. To celebrate the occasion, and be even more involved with the project Jaguar commissioned the construction of a special edition F-Type Coupe with BloodHound SSC written across the side. The special edition car is to serve as the official support car for the project and will help keep everyone safe on the big day.

jaguar ftype ssc bloodhound

Breaking the World Record

Most of the land speed world records have been set by the British historically, and it’s quite fitting that one of the only remaining British sports car developers is helping this completely British quest for that top spot once again. The record is going to be attempted on a 12-mile strip in the Hakseen Pan in South Africa. It’s a spot known for being very straight and flat which makes it exceptionally good for this type of project. The first attempt will be to surpass 800 MPH and from there the team will push toward the more loftier goal of 1000 miles per hour next year. It’s all very exciting and the mission shows how well Jaguar components are engineered. A simple fuel pump from one of Jag’s sports cars is potent enough to handle all that thruster power from three different massively overpowered engines, and that’s what Jaguar drivers are relying on, on a daily basis.


Land Rover Offers a New Diesel Engine Capable of Nearly 60 MPG

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Land Rover just developed a new 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that gets exceptional fuel efficiency figures. The engine is four-cylinders and comes in a couple different variations in the new Land Rover Discovery models. Buyers looking for different outputs will have a couple different diesel options to choose from, and one offers fuel efficiency figures that would be good for a hybrid vehicle. The new and improved engine is also supposed to reduce CO2 emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly choice than most diesel engines out on the market now.

land rover ingenium diesel engine

Land Rover is offering a couple different variations of their new engine. The lower power and more efficient engine provides 148 HP, more than enough power to keep the SUV from being too sluggish. The other output is 178 HP and can propel the vehicle from 0 to 62 in a respectable 8.9 seconds. It hits a maximum speed of 117 MPH.

Exceptional Fuel Efficiency

The lower output engine offers an exceptional fuel efficiency rating of up to 57.7 MPG on the highway. That rating is on the European cycle but efficiency figures are expected to be similar stateside. With such high figures the SUV should be an excellent trip vehicle that will save its owners a lot of cash in fuel expenses over time.

Lightweight Engine

In order to save on weight the engine relies on aluminum construction, and this helps reduce fuel consumption during use. The engines benefit from reduced friction that also improves the efficiency rating. In order to lower emissions from the engine has stiffer cylinder blocks than standard. As an owner of this new engine you’ll also enjoy an increased service duration of somewhere between 16,000 and 21,000 miles, keeping most drivers out of the shop for over a year after the initial purchase.

Getting on the Market

The Ingenium family of diesel engines are set to go on the market next month. They will be released in Europe and South Korea around the same time, but we’ll probably have to wait a bit before they come stateside. The impressive fuel efficiency rating will make the vehicle worth the wait for many car buyers. An SUV that manages such high levels of efficiency is pretty rare and worth serious consideration.

The 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR is an Impressive Piece of Machinery

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There’s something particularly exciting about a vehicle that defies expectations. When you see a massive SUV like the Range Rover Sport rolling down the road you expect it to be a slow and lumbering machine that can climb over rocks, twigs and through mud holes with ease. What you don’t expect is for that same SUV to easily burn rubber around the track when it’s finished climbing over said sticks, twigs and rocks. The Range Rover Sport SVR is among an elite breed of performance SUVs that can seemingly do it all. They have no trouble going through rough courses, and they can exceptional performance in a track setting as well. It’s hard to imagine a scenario that could benefit from all these skills other than maybe a high speed police chase, but either way the SUV’s a blast to drive, and pretty nice to look at too.

2015 range rover sport svr

Polished Off-roading

The Range Rover Sport SVR is designed for a smooth and polished off-roading experience. Essentially you set the system to the type of terrain you are tackling and the monstrous SUV will traverse it smoothly and confidently. It doesn’t matter if you’re going through mud pits, over loose terrain or cresting a brutal ridge, the Rover handles most challenges with ease and comes out ahead of most luxury SUVs every time.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is so capable because of great design. It comes with all-wheel drive that’s on all the time. It benefits from a two-speed transfer case with an effective low-range. The SUV relies on a multi-plate clutch to route its immense power between either axle depending on which is more effective at the time and a rear differential helps ensure that the best gripping wheels get the power each time.

Track Performance

On a vehicle that’s so good off-roading it seems strange and almost unfair for it to be such a capable track machine as well. After all every vehicle has to have some weakness, but if the Sport SVR has one it’s hard to spot. It’s massive engine offers 550 HP and 502 lb.-ft. of torque creating enough power to accelerate the SUV from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.5 seconds. The Sport has no problem climbing all the way up to an impressive 162 MPH and it offers the type of power that drivers can enjoy on a daily basis.

The Range Rover is carefully calibrated to take corners like a champ, and easily weaves around even sharp bends without a second thought. It offers good steering response and has a nice grounded feel to it more akin to a racecar than an SUV. The only reminder you’ll have that you aren’t in the sporty Jaguar F-Type R is the tipping feeling you get from cornering at speed thanks to all the weight the SUV carries around. It can’t defy the laws of physics any more than any other vehicle and you’ll feel the top-heavy design if you corner fast enough, but the body roll is surprisingly tame and you can still corner the SUV pretty quickly and for most drivers other than the hardcore racers the performance is going to be highly impressive.

Aggressive Looks

Of course the Range Rover Sport SVR has an adjusted look to match its larger engine. The SUV comes with a bunch of black accents, added body kits and carbon fiber to show off its track readiness. The inside appearance pretty much matches the exterior. It’s a mix of refinement and aggression. The seats are particularly interesting with a scaly armored design that you won’t find on another vehicle anytime soon.

The Range Rover Sport is the type of vehicle that anyone can enjoy but few will own. It can handle any situation you throw at it and looks great whether your climbing hills or burning rubber on the track. Unfortunately anyone looking to pick up this luxurious piece of machinery will have to have some deep pockets. The base version starts at over $111,000 and the price goes up from there. The price is in line with what the other brands are offering for a performance SUV though.

The 2017 Jaguar XE and its Potent Variations

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Jaguar is planning on releasing a new version of their XE in 2016 and the XE-R performance edition of the vehicle is expected to be particularly potent. This sedan sits at the lower end of the family range and is designed to compete with the BMW 3-series. Buyers can get a wide range of performance levels from the vehicle, starting at 180 HP and working its way all the way up to 488 HP generated by the R model.

2017 jaguar xe

Performance of the XE-R

The vehicle comes with a potent supercharged 5.0 liter V-8 that generates 488HP and a total of 461 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s expected to travel from 0 to 62 MPH in less than five seconds which is pretty impressive. In order to give the vehicle a more aggressive drive feel and improve its handling it benefits from a set of retuned suspension dampers and some other suspension changes that haven’t been named yet.

Even More Power To Come

Even though the Jaguar XE is already quite formidable Autocar still believes that Jaguar will release an enhanced version of the XE later on as part of the Special Vehicle Operations division that was recently started at Jaguar. This will help the automaker compete with the likes of Cadillac that continues to release more potent versions of their standard vehicles.

The Standard Version

If you aren’t looking for a high performance car, and would rather have something stylish to ride around town in then you might consider the XE-20d instead. This is the base XE model in the lineup and comes fitted with a conservative diesel engine that creates 180 HP and 318 lb.-ft. of torque for fast, but not aggressive, performance. Next after the base model is the XE 35t that comes with a supercharged V6 that allows the car to travel from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, which means the XE-R has to be even faster than that.

If you’re looking for a compact luxury vehicle the 2017 Jaguar XE could be just the thing for you. Pricing information hasn’t been released yet, but the top XE-R is expected to compete with the BMW M3 which means that a price of around $60,000-$68,000 is likely, so the other models should be more affordable than that.


The New Jaguar F-Type SVR May Provide More than 600 HP

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Jaguar is currently working with their Special Vehicle Operations unit to come up with an SVR variant of the F-Type. The car is expected to have around 600 HP and could possible even exceed that figure. That would be higher than anything Jaguar or Land Rover has ever offered to the public before. With the F-Type’s continual climb up from its base power offering of 335 HP it only makes sense that it would top out over the 600 HP mark with the SVR model.

jaguar ftype r
F-Type R


Even at launch there was a 5.0 liter supercharged V8 option that provided 500 HP to buyers looking for a thrill. From there Jaguar went on to offer the F-Type R with 550 HP, then the Project 7 Roadster with 575 and it only makes sense for the F-Type SVR to take another step forward up to that 600 figure. Not only is that an unprecedented level of power to put into the compact F-Type, but it also gives buyers a large range of power levels to choose from.

Large Variety of Power Levels

The base F-Type offers just 335 HP, which is a decent amount for a car of its size. The release of all the other power editions of the vehicle offer plenty of variety to buyers. Whether you want the 335 or something closer to 600 HP there is an option that you can choose. For buyers who aren’t too familiar with different vehicle power levels it makes sense to test drive all the variants until you find one that you enjoy. With so much variety it’s possible to get exactly the right fit, which is a pretty cool feature in Jaguar’s latest offering.

Sticking it to Competitors

The SVR variant of the Jaguar F-Type comes with enough power to compete with most sporty vehicles out today. It’s expected to eclipse vehicles like the Porsche 911 Turbo S and the Mercedes-AMG GT S. It will even keep up with hyper cars like the Audi R8 V10 Plus and the Aston Martin Vantage GT12.

The only real question left to ask about the SVR other than the exact power level is what shape of
F-Type it’s going to be. Will it be a coupe or convertible and will it be all-wheel drive or rear-wheel. These are all details that have yet to be released, but will make a big difference in how well the car sells and who’s interested in it when the time comes.

You Can Choose High Performance or Fuel Efficiency with the 2017 Jaguar XE

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The 2017 Jaguar XE is a cool looking car no matter how you look at it. It’s got the standard sedan look with a touch of muscle and a dose of class. It’s the type of refinement that big spenders are happy to have, but it’s not quite as flashy as some other models like the F-Type. One pretty unique feature with the 2017 Jaguar XE is the two different engine options it comes with. They’re at odds with one another. One is for power and performance, and the other is focused purely on fuel efficiency. That means if you pick up the 2017 XE you can decide to have something efficient, or something high powered and thrilling to drive.

jaguar XE 2017

The Fuel Efficient Choice

Most Americans have begun to realize just how efficient and reliable modern diesel engines can be. The efficient option offered with the 2017 XE is a 4-cylinder turbo diesel, and it puts out a decent 180 HP and 318 lb.-ft. of torque. The car climbs from 0 to 60 in 7.4 seconds, so it probably won’t be winning any street races anytime soon, but it’s not slow either. The key element of this vehicle is that it’s fuel efficient. Specific FDA fuel efficiency numbers aren’t’ available yet, but it’s the most efficient powertrain that Jaguar has ever offered in the states.

The Performance Option

If you’re like many Jaguar buyers who aren’t too concerned with fuel efficiency you can opt for a more powerful engine that has quite a bit more bite. The XE is also offered with the same engine that comes in the F-Type. The 3.0 liter supercharged V6. It provides a massive 340 HP and 334 lb.-ft. of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 60 in just 4.9 seconds and hits a limited top speed of 155 MPH. The XE 35t engine is clearly the more exciting option, but it won’t be nearly as fuel efficient and probably not as practical as an everyday driver either.

Both engine options that are offered with the 2017 Jaguar XE are compelling and special in their own way. The diesel engine would be a pretty good everyday driver and great for efficient highway cruising. The powerful supercharged V6 will be a blast to drive around and give the XE that true sports car feel.

Jaguar Sets up an Advanced Tech Lab in Portland

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Jaguar is able to offer the modern technology that they do to their drivers because of their commitment to advancing their tech. The automaker now has an advanced automotive lab setup in Portland where they are hoping to hire an additional 50 engineers. The lab’s designed to test and improve upon existing automotive technology while figuring out what’s coming next.

jaguar portland lab

The lab comes with a large curved driving simulator to give the engineers a chance to look at what their tech will really look like once operational. When you walk into the building the first thing that you’ll notice is computers everywhere. They are on nearly every desktop throughout the building and the engineers are busy working away on new enhancements. Within the building they can build and adapt new tech and test it out on the simulator and in actual Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles that are also located in the facility. This offers a convenient environment to adapt and enhance driving technology in.

Safety Challenges

With each new technological development for vehicles there is always going to be that element of concern for driver safety. Smartphones are continually distracting drivers and causing accidents, it’s important to Jaguar and other automakers that their new tech isn’t going ot do the same. That’s why the engineers are always careful to create options with voice controls and other features that avoid taking driver’s eyes away from the road. They state that the tech allows drivers to do what they want in their vehicles while remaining safe, and that’s very important to the industry.

jaguar portland lab 2

The Cool Tech

At the facility the engineers are working on advanced navigation systems with simple green lines projected on the screen for drivers to follow. Imagine playing a game and following the simple display guides through a city. The tech works much the same, only you are navigating real life situations. The tech lets you look out the windshield for all your directions and helps drivers stay safer than ever while getting where they want. There is another feature that displays the current speed limit even when the view of a local road sign is impeded while driving. The car will always know how fast you should be going and with a quick glance to the screen so will you. Jaguar also developed a Ghost Car navigation system that works much the same as the green line but you are following a holographic car rather than lines making it feel even more natural.

The auto industry is well-known for being behind when it comes to cutting edge technology and that includes luxury brands like Jaguar and Land Rover as well. It’s through dedicated labs and lots of development that Land Rover hopes to get back to the forefront of technology and by working with top companies in the tech industry like Intel they shouldn’t have any problems. Some of the latest Jaguar and Land Rover tech is already highly impressive, and as their new Portland Lab grows and develops the tech is only going to keep coming and getting more impressive.

Jaguar Shows off All the Aluminum Used in the 2016 XF

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Jaguar chose to use the recent NY International Auto Show to demonstrate the 2016 Jaguar XF. The new car has plenty of notable changes, but the most important of all is the increased use of aluminum in both the body and the frame to make it more lightweight and ridged. The XF is supposed to launch at the end of the year and when it does buyers will enjoy having a vehicle that relies heavily on lightweight aluminum for its construction.

2016 jaguar xf

Improved Look

While I wouldn’t call the new look of the 2016 Jaguar XF revolutionary, it is clearly improved even if those improvements are pretty subtle.  Sleeker, nice lines on front, led headlamps, The car body is a bit sleeker with more pronounced lines up front to help bring out the LED headlamps a bit more. Overall it just looks a bit more like a coupe with a nice streamlined shape.

More Streamlined

Jaguar went through great lengths to improve the aerodynamics of the latest XF model. They included air vents in the front bumper of the vehicle to allow more airflow and to circulate air over the front wheels. The automaker also redesigned both the roof and bonnet of the vehicle for reduced drag. To top it all off the front end of the vehicle is more vertical than before and there’s a shorter front overhang for improved airflow overall.

Increased Aluminum Construction

The improved aerodynamics should help make the vehicle more efficient, and the improved looks are nice, but what buyers should really take note of is the increasingly aluminum construction of the vehicle. All of the aluminum used throughout the body and the frame resulted in weight savings of about 265 lbs. between this model and the last. Much of the body is made of aluminum, and parts of the frame are made from a mix of aluminum and high-strength steel and magnesium alloys. Not only is the body of the vehicle significantly lighter, but it’s also 28 percent stiffer than the previous model for improved driving dynamics.

Quieter Ride

One of the best things about many luxury vehicles is how quiet they are inside. Jaguar is working to improve sound deadening capabilities further and they made the XF even quieter. In order to block out more road noise Jaguar used a new analysis technique and added heat-expanding foam into the cabin. These two measures create a noticeably quieter ride in an already quiet vehicle.

Tech Gadgets

Like any modern Jaguar the 2016 XF comes with a slew of advanced driving features and systems. The car has electric power assisted steering that’s designed to compensate for roadway irregularities. The system helps make steering feel more fluid. The car has a traffic sign recognition system that helps make the driver aware of the current speed based on what local speed limit signs say. The system works using a small camera built into the front of the vehicle. The XF has an auto emergency braking system and comes with an adaptive dynamics system that helps the vehicle maintain good stable handling characteristics in adverse weather and other less than ideal driving situations.

When the XF 2016 is released later this year it should be a noticeable improvement to last year’s model. It’s lighter, more powerful and better designed for efficiency. Not to mention that the car’s more attractive to look at making it quite the overall package.

Land Rovers Most Expensive SUV

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If you’ve ever wanted to see the most expensive SUV on the market take a look at the photo below. No it’s not from Porsche, and it’s actually produced by Land Rover. The model is known as the Range Rover SV Autobiography and it retails for $199,495 putting it just below the 200,000 mark, and that’s before any options are added on. The vehicle is more expensive than the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S by more than $40,000, putting it out of range for most buyers, but it’s truly a sight to behold.

2016 land rover range rover sv autobiography

On the Outside

On the outside of the Range Rover it’s clear that it’s a custom build. The SUV has a two-tone paint job option that isn’t available on any other Rover. The top of the vehicle is black and there are nine different colors to choose from for the bottom portion. The SUV continues the black theme with a large black chrome grille with a high polish. There is also a set of black chrome lettering on the hood and tailgate of the Range Rover.

2016 range rover sv autobiography

Inside the Luxury SUV

The interior of the Range Rover is a blend of brushed and textured aluminum. Custom textured aluminum is used on the surround button, the gear selector, the pedals of the vehicle and all the seat adjuster knobs. The same textured aluminum is used on the key fob as well for a real classy touch. Brushed aluminum is used for most of the other features within the vehicle. Both the center and rear consoles are detailed with brushed aluminum.

The seats are very comfortable and highly adjustable, which is expected in this class, but one thing that you won’t see in most standard SUVs is the executive setup that you have in the rear seats. There are fold out work tables as well as a beverage chiller at the back to make it easy to get things done while on the go. Even the floor mats have a nice custom look and feel and are made from twist pile mohair.

The Best Performance

When you invest as much money into a vehicle as Land Rover is asking for this custom Range Rover it’s only reasonable to expect the best in performance, and that’s what you get. The Range Rover comes with Land Rover’s most powerful V8 engine that’s taken from the SVR performance model set to be released soon. The V8 produces 550HP and manages 502 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s highly responsive and feels light on its feet, which is always impressive in an SUV of this size.

The model is set to go on sale this fall, and will premiere at the NY Auto Show in just a few days. The vehicle will be presented along with the Range Rover Sport HST and the Range Rover Sport TD6 Diesel.