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Understanding the Intelligent Start-Stop System in Your Jaguar

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Many new Jaguar vehicles come with an Intelligent Stop/Start system to help you avoid idling your engine and wasting fuel. Instead of allowing the engine to continue running when the vehicle is at a standstill, the system will shut it off, and turn it back on as soon as the car needs to begin moving once again.
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When the Engine Turns Off

The engine shuts off when you brake your vehicle to a complete stop. It will remain off as long as you hold the brake down. This means that as soon as you take your foot off the brake the engine springs back to life and you can begin driving once again. A warning light will turn on letting you know that the engine has been shut off, and that light will go out as soon as it turns back on again.

Locking the Engine in the Off State

If you want to keep your engine locked without worrying about if your foot is on the brake pedal or not you can do so by putting the vehicle in neutral. Simply shift to the neutral position and leave the vehicle that way until you are ready to start moving again. As soon as you shift to drive or reverse the engine will start up again and get you moving down the road.

Circumstances that Prevent Intelligent Stop/Start

There are certain circumstances that will keep the engine from shutting off. If the engine has not come it its full operating temperature yet then it will remain on to continue heating up. If the car decides that shutting off the engine will raise or lower the internal temperature of the vehicle to a temperature other than what the climate control is set to it will remain on to regulate that temperature.

If you select your gears using the shift paddles instead of the actual shift stick the engine will not shut off. If the driver’s seatbelt has not been fastened, or you press on the accelerator then the engine will remain on as well.

Preventing the Engine from Turning Off

Finally you can turn this system off if you do not want your engine shutting off and turning on all the time. To do this you simply press the “Eco Button” and a new warning light will show up in the instrument panel letting you know that you have turned off Intelligent Stop/Start. The only way that it will work again is if you press the “Eco Button” once again and set it to the on position.

This simple system will make driving more convenient and help you save a bit of fuel as well throughout your standard driving trips. Think about all those times that you were stuck in a traffic jam, had to deal with several red lights, or you were trapped in construction and you wasted a bunch of fuel idling. This won’t be a concern any longer and it will pay off over time.

The 2014 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid : A Tech Driven Experience

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2014 Infiniti Q50

If you enjoy driving the most technologically advanced vehicles you won’t find much better out on the road today than the 2014 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid. This car is equipped with enough advanced technology to provide several different driving experiences in one. It’s focus is on providing a customized and convenient user-experience, and for the most part it delivers.

A High Degree of Personalization

Personalized keys can be issued for a 2014 Infiniti Q50 that has more than one regular driver. The electronic keys open up the door of the vehicle and configure it to the driver’s personal preferences. Each key is capable of storing mirror positions, the driver’s seat adjustment and steering wheel position.  On top of that it will also remember your radio presets and your HVAC preferences. Impressive as these features are, they seem commonplace upon learning that the key can store steering feel presets, shift logic and throttle response to completely alter how the Q50 feels to drive. That means you can have that tight sporty feel or an easy cruising setup depending on your preferences.

Direct adaptive steering,

The Direct Adaptive Steering system that the Infiniti Q50 uses is what makes it possible to adjust steering. Turning the steering wheel generates digital signals that pass through the vehicle and those signals are used to control how the car moves. By passing this information through a computer the car can adjust steering dynamics based on user preference. Even though the steering wheel doesn’t have a direct link to the wheels it’s highly responsive and can feel very sporty. In order to keep the system safe the steering wheel can control the vehicle even if power is lost, so no worries there.

An added bonus to this disconnect between the steering wheel and the wheels of the vehicle is the ability to cut out the bumps and jolts delivered by the road in the steering wheel. This gives the vehicle an easy gliding feel even while driving over early-spring potholes.

Advanced Safety

Not all the features on the Q50 are integrated for convenience however, the active lane keep assist is a great safety feature that every car should have. This system relies on a set of cameras to let it know where the lane lines are on the road. The car uses that information to help make sure the vehicle stays in between its lane lines. If it starts to drift in one direction the wheel automatically turns it back the other way so subtly you probably won’t even know it’s happening. With this technology activated it’s easy to track right down the center of most lanes even without hands on the wheel.

By relying on similar technology the Q50 can help you avoid fender benders as well. The cameras at the front of the car scan the road for vehicles ahead and can adjust your speed to help avoid collisions even when the driver up front slams on their brakes. Everyone has a moment where they aren’t paying attention as much as they should be, this system helps keep that from being such a danger. Be sure to step on the brake when the system beeps at you though, because after it comes to a complete stop it deactivates and you will begin rolling forward unless you hold the brake down yourself, so it’s not foolproof.

Whether you want a smooth rolling cruiser or an edgy sports car you can get the feeling of both vehicles when you drive around in the 2014 Infiniti Q50. If you opt for the hybrid version you get a very respectable level of fuel efficiency for a sports car, and no matter how you choose you will likely enjoy the Q50.


Infiniti QX50 and QX60 Bring Home a Number of Awards

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Infiniti recently took home a number of awards for a pair of its models by some of the biggest names in the auto industry: Kelley Blue Book, AOL Autos, IntelliChoice, and AutoPacific.

Infiniti’s smallest SUV, the QX50, was handed Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Award among luxury compact SUV/crossover vehicles. Such an award isn’t earned by merely being a class stalwart; it requires consumer demand as a means of achieving higher transaction prices in the used car market.

With its powerful 3.7-liter V6 engine, practical five-door design, and captivating exterior lines, it comes as no surprise that consumers want to get their hands on the Infiniti QX50 even if it means having to buy it second-hand.

Meanwhile, the bigger, seven-passenger QX60 was recognized by AOL Autos as a finalist for its Technology of the Year Award for its Backup Collision Intervention system.

Backup Collision Intervention is able to detect objects at the rear of the car, and can automatically apply the brakes if it senses the driver is failing to notice an imminent collision while backing up. This technology has the opportunity to save owners the expense of repairing a damaged rear bumper, and even more importantly, provides the chance to save the lives of children and small animals that may go unnoticed by a driver while reversing there car. AOL Autos will announce the winner of this award at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Besides offering technology the competition lacks, the QX60 also manages to maintain its value over time and satisfy its owners in ways other luxury SUVs are unable to.

IntelliChoice and AutoPacific took data from over 50,000 new car buyers in choosing which vehicles to give its Motorist Choice Award to. QX60 buyers were so satisfied with their purchase that the SUV was named the premium segment winner in two of the awarded categories: People Mover and Kid Friendly. With a comfortable and luxurious interior, and features such as a second-row seat that grants access to the vehicle’s third-row of seats even with a child seat installed, we are in no way surprised, but nonetheless honored, by the QX60’s top spot in these two categories.

To learn more about the sporty QX50 and comfortable QX60, stop by Red Noland Infiniti and be sure to follow our Facebook page for the latest Infiniti news and information.