There’s something particularly exciting about a vehicle that defies expectations. When you see a massive SUV like the Range Rover Sport rolling down the road you expect it to be a slow and lumbering machine that can climb over rocks, twigs and through mud holes with ease. What you don’t expect is for that same SUV to easily burn rubber around the track when it’s finished climbing over said sticks, twigs and rocks. The Range Rover Sport SVR is among an elite breed of performance SUVs that can seemingly do it all. They have no trouble going through rough courses, and they can exceptional performance in a track setting as well. It’s hard to imagine a scenario that could benefit from all these skills other than maybe a high speed police chase, but either way the SUV’s a blast to drive, and pretty nice to look at too.

2015 range rover sport svr

Polished Off-roading

The Range Rover Sport SVR is designed for a smooth and polished off-roading experience. Essentially you set the system to the type of terrain you are tackling and the monstrous SUV will traverse it smoothly and confidently. It doesn’t matter if you’re going through mud pits, over loose terrain or cresting a brutal ridge, the Rover handles most challenges with ease and comes out ahead of most luxury SUVs every time.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is so capable because of great design. It comes with all-wheel drive that’s on all the time. It benefits from a two-speed transfer case with an effective low-range. The SUV relies on a multi-plate clutch to route its immense power between either axle depending on which is more effective at the time and a rear differential helps ensure that the best gripping wheels get the power each time.

Track Performance

On a vehicle that’s so good off-roading it seems strange and almost unfair for it to be such a capable track machine as well. After all every vehicle has to have some weakness, but if the Sport SVR has one it’s hard to spot. It’s massive engine offers 550 HP and 502 lb.-ft. of torque creating enough power to accelerate the SUV from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.5 seconds. The Sport has no problem climbing all the way up to an impressive 162 MPH and it offers the type of power that drivers can enjoy on a daily basis.

The Range Rover is carefully calibrated to take corners like a champ, and easily weaves around even sharp bends without a second thought. It offers good steering response and has a nice grounded feel to it more akin to a racecar than an SUV. The only reminder you’ll have that you aren’t in the sporty Jaguar F-Type R is the tipping feeling you get from cornering at speed thanks to all the weight the SUV carries around. It can’t defy the laws of physics any more than any other vehicle and you’ll feel the top-heavy design if you corner fast enough, but the body roll is surprisingly tame and you can still corner the SUV pretty quickly and for most drivers other than the hardcore racers the performance is going to be highly impressive.

Aggressive Looks

Of course the Range Rover Sport SVR has an adjusted look to match its larger engine. The SUV comes with a bunch of black accents, added body kits and carbon fiber to show off its track readiness. The inside appearance pretty much matches the exterior. It’s a mix of refinement and aggression. The seats are particularly interesting with a scaly armored design that you won’t find on another vehicle anytime soon.

The Range Rover Sport is the type of vehicle that anyone can enjoy but few will own. It can handle any situation you throw at it and looks great whether your climbing hills or burning rubber on the track. Unfortunately anyone looking to pick up this luxurious piece of machinery will have to have some deep pockets. The base version starts at over $111,000 and the price goes up from there. The price is in line with what the other brands are offering for a performance SUV though.