Vehicles of all types make noises all the time while travelling down the road. Most people consider these noises to be nothing more than a nuisance, but car enthusiasts know differently. They can see the beauty in the purr of a performance engine as it sprints around a tight turn, or the note of exhaust ejected from the vehicle. The professionals at Infiniti Middle East happen to side with the enthusiasts, and they worked with Betamax to put together an audio soundtrack known as “Chromatic” that showcases all the wonderful sounds made by their vehicles.

infiniti qx80

This is what Betamax, a well-known global producer, had to say about the project. “When the idea was first brought to me, I was excited” but “it was definitely going to be a challenge.” He goes on to talk about his love for music and cars and how blending the two together with one of the industries most competent automakers was a chance to challenge himself creatively. The end-result is decidedly impressive.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack sounds like an interesting blend between techno and elevator music, and it has a decidedly upbeat tone to it. The surprising thing about this track is that every sound and note within came from one of the Infiniti model lineup. Notes were taken from a set of vehicles and then put together to make a unique form of music, for nothing more than artistic expression. If you’re interested in hearing the sound you can get a taste of it by listening to the video below. It’s surprisingly enjoyable and will make you look at the Infiniti vehicles and the sounds they produce in a whole new way.

Vehicles Used to Make the Album

Four different model vehicles were used in the creation of this performance. The QX80, QX70, QX60 and the Q50 sedan were all utilized for their unique sounds. These models were also used for their visual style characteristics and play a major role in the production of the video.

The Visuals

When you watch the video produced by Infiniti one of the first things you’ll notice is all of the interesting visuals going on. These were all created by Misha Shyukin, a talented animator and videographer, who was charged with taking design elements from each of the Infiniti models and infusing them with a middle eastern arabesque flare to create a new look and feel. More than 150 different designs are featured throughout the video, and each was developed using the Infiniti vehicles as the base to build off of.

The overall project took eight months to complete and the above video is the result. It shows that even the sporty cars produced at Infiniti can produce musical notes, and when all their sounds are harnessed properly they can be pretty impressive to listen to.