Pot holes are a real issue for luxury vehicles. Not only are they unpleasant to drive over, but they are also damaging to the vehicle itself. Learning how to spot these obstructions in the road and coming up with ways to either slow down for them or avoid them will help extend key suspension components in luxury vehicles which is a good goal to shoot for. Land Rover is currently testing out a system that does just that.

land rover pot hole detection

The System

The system relies on connecting different vehicles to one another using an information system to share pothole information. This information will let you know when a pothole is coming up in the road and give you an opportunity to slow down in time to avoid most of the damage. This information will also be shared with those responsible for road maintenance, in the hopes that something will be done about them faster.

Locating the Holes

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport models both come with a MagneRide active suspension system that has sensors that monitor motion and suspension height. By looking at these two pieces of information, Land Rover should be able to tell when a driver hits a pothole. When the information is collected it will be immediately added to the system and made available for other drivers out on the road.

Scanning for Holes

While recording potholes after they’ve been hit is a good way to protect future drivers, it doesn’t do much for the driver about to hit the hole. This is why Land Rover is also planning to develop a camera system that spots the hole before it is even hit in the first place. A stereo camera will be installed at the front of the vehicle and it will scan the road ahead. When it sees major holes in the road the driver will be notified and can take action before hitting the hole. It’s possible the system will even automatically apply the brakes in the future when it’s certain that the drive will hit the hole.

This type of system is just one of the exciting future developments that will help drivers navigate roadways more safely and comfortably. Connecting cars together to share information is a common goal shared by many automakers and is a technique that may be used in automatic vehicles in the future. While sharing information between Jaguar and Land Rover drivers is a good start, it would be even more beneficial if information was also shared between other car brands that are out on the roads more frequently. It’s unclear how long the technology will be in development before being released, but it’s pretty cool to think that someday potholes will be mostly avoidable.