Jaguar is fighting hard to gain market share in the United States and its answer to the brand’s slow growth in the market comes in the form of two vehicles. The 2017 Jaguar XE S and the F Pace SUV. Both models look stunning, but the XE S is quite an appealing package for a driver looking for a stylish commuter or a small family vehicle.

2017 Jaguar XE S

It Looks Spectacular

One of the best things about the Jaguar XE S is its appearance. It’s highly attractive without being flashy. It as more of an upscale muscular look. The car benefits from a redone aluminum frame that’s designed to be lighter and more efficient. The new body has a stylish and performance-centric feel that isn’t over the top by any means. It’s simple style that’s trendy, masculine and clearly high quality. The small center grill comes with a slight bevel and really rounds out the bulged out hood and angular edges around the front end. Even though the look of Jaguar’s latest XE isn’t over the top, it’s clearly a Jag. The company knows how to produce a distinctive looking vehicle, and does it quite well.

It’s Got all the Bells and Whistles

You aren’t buying a bare bones vehicle when you decide to get the 2016 XE S. The car comes packed with an advanced media setup all tied to convenient steering wheel buttons and an 8-inch touchscreen display. It’s a simple matter to adjust the navigation system, audio playback, climate control and most of the crash avoidance systems all with that central media setup.

There’s even smartphone connectivity options with an accompanying app. You can pre-cool or pre-heat your vehicle right from your smartphone app when you have the XE S. If that’s not technologically advanced I don’t know what is.

Enjoy a Comfy Seat

The Jaguar XE S is luxurious on the inside. It’s outfitted with leathers, padded seats and more than enough space for even a tall driver to lounge comfortably. Sure the rear seats aren’t the largest, but there is still enough space for children to sit comfortably or an adult to sit in a slightly cramped position.

Backed By a Reliable Warranty

The Jaguar XE is one of two new models being offered in the United States along with the F-Pace SUV. Both vehicles come with an excellent 60,000 mile warranty that’s good for up to five years. They also come with 24-hour roadside assistance and have free scheduled maintenance to help keep that car looking nice and shiny.

It’s not really track material like the F-Type is, but the XE S is a highly capable driver with supreme handling and plenty of power. It’s an attractive package that should appeal to a wide range of drivers and allow them to buy into the Jaguar family for less than its flagship F-Type would cost.