Cadillac recently released the 2015 version of their Escalade and it packs even more features and luxury while maintaining the style and comfort that buyers have grown to love and respect over the years. It’s certainly not any more affordable than previous models are, but for the buyers looking to splurge on their transportation and spoil themselves each time they walk out the door, the newest Caddy has a lot to offer.

2015 cadillac escalade

Power and Performance

When you ride in a vehicle as large as the 2015 Escalade you don’t expect it to feel sporty or light on its feet, and that’s certainly the case with this model, but it doesn’t feel sluggish either. Instead it offers a very smooth ride, with satisfyingly responsive acceleration that you can benefit from immediately. The Cadillac is slightly more efficient than older models with 15 MPG in the city and 21 on the highway, but still remains more focused on performance and luxury than it is on fuel efficiency. It offers a silky smooth ride that easily absorbs most bumps and muffles out any road noise helping you forget that you’re out on the road at all and making it feel more like a moving five star hotel.

An Opulent Exterior

It’s easy to spot an Escalade rolling down the road thanks to its large and opulent look. The latest version is covered with a plethora of chrome accents, and a massive grille that stands out against the darker paint job. It has a distinctly squared-off look and overall looks more masculine than previous versions do. The Escalade comes with LED headlamps, and 20 inch chrome wheels that fit in very well with this classy Caddy.

A Plethora of Features

One of the nicest things about the 2015 Cadillac Escalade is all of the tech and comfort features that come standard with your purchase. Sure the Escalade is very price with a base price of nearly $90,000, but there’s something nice about getting most of the luxury features that you want right with the initial package.

As you’re travelling down the road you’ll enjoy the auto wipers and the tri-zone automatic climate control system that help you remain comfortable no matter what the outside conditions are like. The auto-dimming mirrors improve visibility on very sunny days and the keyless entry and ignition are convenient features to have.

You’ll enjoy the heated and ventilated power-adjustable steering wheel on both hot and cool days, and the seats provide the same heating and ventilation while being eight-way adjustable so you can feel comfortable and sit at your preferred angle. One feature that’s almost unique in vehicles is the power adjustable pedals that help the Escalade to fit to different sized drivers and their preferences.

On top of all these convenience features you also get a very competent CUE infotainment system, that comes with a responsive touchscreen interface. The system provides navigation and comes with a rearview camera built in as well. You can enjoy your music on quality 16 speaker surround system system, and with five different USB ports all your family’s electronics will stay topped up.

Interior Styling

When you climb inside the new Escalade you’re immediately enveloped in luxury. The buttery smooth silks and soft-touch materials abound and leave you feeling pampered. The Escalade has a clean layout that makes it simple to understand and easy to use, and the vehicle’s large enough to sit three rows of people comfortably, or to do a lot of hauling. With all the seats in place there is still 15.2 cubic feet of storage at the back, and when you pop out the second and third row seating that number jumps up to 94.2 cubic feet, enough space to carry about 20 large boxes, or some new furniture to match your new vehicle!

Safety Features

The Escalade was built for hauling people, and is often used to carry around children which means that safety is of the utmost importance. Not only does the large size of the vehicle add to the safety factor, but it also comes with a whole range of nice safety features to help keep everyone safe. It has a brand-new center-front seat airbag for the passenger that gets stuck between in the middle up front. It also comes with front and rear parking sensors, anti-lock disc brakes and both traction and stability control for most of the standard features.

The Escalade also has some advanced features such as Forward Collision Alert and a Safety Alert System to help make the driver aware of any possible risks while out on the road.

If you’re after the absolute best family SUV that you can get your hands on, and aren’t afraid to spend two or three times what a budget SUV goes for, the 2015 Escalade offers a lot to love and is a satisfyingly comfortable ride.