Anyone who’s ever towed a trailer behind their truck or SUV before knows how much of a paint it can be to change lanes safely. It’s tough seeing if there is someone behind you while driving, and it’s pretty difficult making sure your blind spots are clear as well. According to Land Rover there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to see behind the trailer your towing and that’s why the automaker developed technology to help solve this problem. It’s known as Transparent Trailer.

The Concept

The concept behind transparent is really quite simple. You attach a camera to the back of the trailer you’re towing and your vehicle lets you see right through it by feeding you an image from the back of the trailer. The results are anything but simplistic though. You get a live feed looking out your rear window and it allows you to not only see the vehicles and other objects out behind your trailer by giving it a transparent look, but the feed still keeps the trailer outline in the video so that you’re aware of the object while making important driving decisions.

Back Up More Easily

While reversing using the system the indicator not only helps you see what is behind you, but the it also creates a set of guidelines that you can follow to backup successfully without hitting anything or anyone. Backing up with a trailer has never been easier than with this technology!

Keep an Eye on Interior Cargo

Not only does this tech help you remain aware of what’s around you on the road, but Land Rover also came up with technology known as Cargo Sense that will help you remain aware of your physical cargo as well. This tech keeps an eye on your trailer load and lets you know when the weight shifts substantially enough. Once you get an alert from the system you have the option of jumping to a camera inside the trailer to take a look at what’s going on, all while staying on the road and continuing along your trip. This makes it easy to avoid distractions while driving and to remain aware of what is going on without having to stop all the time. The system also keeps an eye on interior temperatures and lets the driver know when temperatures are getting high in the trailer. That’s particularly important when hauling around animals that have to be kept cool. The technology even keeps you up to date when you’re sitting in place and while away from the vehicle.

All the new technology comes together and makes travelling with trailer into a much more enjoyable experience. It’s simpler to do and comes with less risk than it used to.