Blind spots are a dangerous part of driving and can be particular troublesome when you want to change lanes quickly. Jaguar Land Rover has developed new technology that turns the pillars around the vehicle translucent. When the technology is activated the various pillars around the vehicle can be made completely translucent, allowing the driver to see where he is going even when troublesome pillars are in the way. Each of the pillars around the vehicle will switch from opaque to transparent depending on driving conditions. When the driver looks behind his shoulder he’ll be greeted by an open view of the vehicles behind and in different lanes thanks to this technology.


How it Works

The pillars of the vehicle aren’t actually see-through at all, Land Rover is just using a clever illusion to make them look that way. Each of the pillars around the vehicle actually has a video screen built into it and cameras are set up on the outside of the vehicle to capture valuable visual data. The live feed from each camera can be initiated on the pillar to make it appear see-through, when it is actually just a screen showing a feed of the outdoors.

High Tech Windshield

The Windshield included on the vehicle is capable of displaying images as well and this technology is used to provide visual warnings, cues and helpful displays to keep drivers moving down the road in a safe manner. It will show warning messages, and is capable of projecting a ghost car as well.

Ghost Car Projection

If you’ve ever played a racing game that shows off the drivers with the fastest time in the form of a ghost car, this is the same concept that Land Rover is no using in their new virtual windscreen system. The system syncs up with the navigation system to create a virtual vehicle that follows the navigation directions. Now instead of looking down at a navigation display, or trying to follow the computer’s version of road names you can simply follow the ghost car in front of you along your route. This simplifies travelling and allows you to feel like you are following a well-traveled friend around town.

This technology is still in development at Land Rover, and it could be several years until it’s released on some of their vehicles, but the help it provides to drivers could make the act of driving a whole lot more enjoyable, especially in busy or fast-paced driving situations