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Land Rover Offers a New Diesel Engine Capable of Nearly 60 MPG

May 29, 2015 rednoland Land Rover Tags: , , , ,

Land Rover just developed a new 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that gets exceptional fuel efficiency figures. The engine is four-cylinders and comes in a couple different variations in the new Land Rover Discovery models. Buyers looking for different outputs will have a couple different diesel options to choose from, and one offers fuel efficiency figures that would be good for a hybrid vehicle. The new and improved engine is also supposed to reduce CO2 emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly choice than most diesel engines out on the market now.

land rover ingenium diesel engine

Land Rover is offering a couple different variations of their new engine. The lower power and more efficient engine provides 148 HP, more than enough power to keep the SUV from being too sluggish. The other output is 178 HP and can propel the vehicle from 0 to 62 in a respectable 8.9 seconds. It hits a maximum speed of 117 MPH.

Exceptional Fuel Efficiency

The lower output engine offers an exceptional fuel efficiency rating of up to 57.7 MPG on the highway. That rating is on the European cycle but efficiency figures are expected to be similar stateside. With such high figures the SUV should be an excellent trip vehicle that will save its owners a lot of cash in fuel expenses over time.

Lightweight Engine

In order to save on weight the engine relies on aluminum construction, and this helps reduce fuel consumption during use. The engines benefit from reduced friction that also improves the efficiency rating. In order to lower emissions from the engine has stiffer cylinder blocks than standard. As an owner of this new engine you’ll also enjoy an increased service duration of somewhere between 16,000 and 21,000 miles, keeping most drivers out of the shop for over a year after the initial purchase.

Getting on the Market

The Ingenium family of diesel engines are set to go on the market next month. They will be released in Europe and South Korea around the same time, but we’ll probably have to wait a bit before they come stateside. The impressive fuel efficiency rating will make the vehicle worth the wait for many car buyers. An SUV that manages such high levels of efficiency is pretty rare and worth serious consideration.

Want to Travel to Space? Now’s Your Chance!

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Ever wanted to travel into space? You just might get your chance. Land Rover’s offering one person and three of their closest friends tickets on the Virgin Galactic shuttle up to the edge of space. Winners of the contest will enjoy a real launch that brings them out at the very edge of earth’s orbit for over two hours of space experience.

virgin galactic spaceship 2

How to Enter the Contest

Record a 30 second video about what the spirit of adventure means to you. It doesn’t matter if that means climbing Mount Everest or taking a trip to a new city an hour away. Explain what gets your pulse going and makes you feel alive. If the folks and Land Rover decide they like your video the best, you and three of your friends can be headed up to the edge of space aboard the Virgin Galactic space shuttle.

The Adventurous Spirit of Land Rover

Land Rover works hard to fuel the adventurous spirit of their customers by providing them with more off-road capable vehicles each and every year. They want drivers to stop taking the smooth easy paths and start venturing out into the wild. That’s why this competition goes so well with the Land Rover mentality. Nothing pushes the envelope more than charting a trip to space and looking down on the planet like you never have before.

Submitting Your Entry

In order to submit your entry go here, read over all the details and sign onto your Facebook account to build your spaceship. This is where you’ll choose who’s coming with you and how you can add your video to be judged for the competition.

This contest offers a once-in-a –lifetime opportunity. Stop sitting around and get your entry ready for a chance to fly out right at the very edge of space. Only a handful of people have ever been able to make it out into space, become one of that select group, and have a story to tell for the rest of your life. The contest is only set to last until the end of October so act now before the window passes.

The All New 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Land Rover recently announced the release of an all-new vehicle in a category catering to families. It’s known as the Land Rover Discovery Sport, and it falls into the Discovery lineup of family vehicles offered by the brand. This new vehicle is highly capable and makes a great successor to the LR2 model that they pushed for so long.

The Discovery Sub Brand

Land Rover made the decision to branch out and start offering some family-friendly vehicle variations to go along with their high-end offerings that many families aren’t willing to invest in. Instead of keeping the vehicles under the high-profile Range Rover nameplate, Land Rover has created the Discovery category instead. The Discovery Sport is a high performance addition to the Discovery lineup and it offers powerful performance at more acceptable rates, while offering nice family-friendly features as well.


This powerful vehicle offers all-wheel drive and makes a good solution for the LR2. This crossover is equipped with a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine that offers impressive efficiency numbers and snappy performance for the size of the vehicle.

This vehicle is built for usable performance on and off most roads. It comes with a careful suspension tuning for good dynamics on and off the road. The always-on four wheel drive system has high and low settings for driving on and off the road more effectively. This versatile vehicle can travel through water at a depth of 23.6 inches without any issue and offers a massive 240 HP in total power.

An Interior Built for Utility

Most luxury vehicles stop at seating for five which is good for most families and helps make sure everyone has large and comfortable seating from their vehicle. The Land Rover Discover Sport offers spacious seating for five, plus two additional children-sized seats at the back of the vehicle. This adds additional utility to the vehicle in a luxury segment that typically doesn’t have that much room available. The Discover Sport provides up to 66.9 cubic feet of storage space when the second row seats are folded flat into the floor making it easy to carry any furniture or other large items that you are interested in.

This Land Rover doesn’t slack on tech features either and comes with a few nice base features you’ll appreciate. The 8-inch touchscreen display gives you complete control over the advanced media system built into the dashboard. A powerful emergency braking system relies on stereo cameras to help the vehicle stay out of crashes at lower speeds, and to reduce damage taken at higher speeds.

Adding to the Discovery Family

While the Discovery Sport is the first vehicle to be added to the family it isn’t the last. Just as this first vehicle is designed to take the place of the LR2 the next vehicle being released under the Discovery name tag will be large enough to replace the ample seating provided by the LR4. The new vehicle will offer seating for seven adults, making it very comfortable and convenient to own when you want to carry around many people.

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is the first of many more to come in the new line of vehicles. Each will help provide important family features at a reasonable price. Families looking to add a new capable SUV to their home may want to look at the Discovery Sport before deciding on the right vehicle for them.