It’s no secret that Jaguar has been developing and testing wearable technology for drivers. They want to get more information from the people riding in and operating their vehicles. This technology could be used to make driving today safer, and make self-driving cars safer to operate as well in the future. To help advance that technology Jaguar decided to test some of their wearable equipment at Wimbledon to find out when the most exciting events were happening at the many different courts.

jaguar feel wimbledon 2015

The Theory Behind the Technology

Jaguar theorized that by getting biometric readings on many of the attendees at the Wimbledon games they could find out when the exciting stuff was happening at the many different courts. They simply strapped some of their scanners on a selection of the viewers and relied on the technology to switch between court views and to gather data throughout the event.

The Tech in Practice

If you visit the Jaguar Twitter Feed or take a look at the Wimbledon website it’s easy to see the technology in action. Jaguar shows exciting snippets from the various events throughout Wimbledon and they are all based on valuable biometric feedback that the company’s devices collected. It gives viewers more insight into how people at the event feel and lets fans look back on important events they have missed as well.

The technology simply explains the collective feelings of tech wearers during specific events that occur during the match. You can find out when someone was anxious, exhilarated, focused and even feeling insightful. This is all information that the automaker could collect from drivers as well to learn more about them and adjust the way a vehicle responds.

Translating the Technology into the Automotive World

While it’s pretty cool to see how Wimbledon fans feel at the event as they are watching matches unfold, it’s even cooler to think about how Jaguar is going to make use of this technology in its own products later on. Soon vehicles will take biometric information into account to help the driver make better decisions and to keep them safe while out on the road. It’s expected that the technology will help alleviate tired driving issues, and problems that occur from things like road rage or even distracted driving.  As Jaguar gets real world testing information from events like Wimbledon the company is demonstrating its technology while gathering useful data that will help to make that technology even more effective over time.