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Jaguar Tests Wearable Tech at Wimbledon

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It’s no secret that Jaguar has been developing and testing wearable technology for drivers. They want to get more information from the people riding in and operating their vehicles. This technology could be used to make driving today safer, and make self-driving cars safer to operate as well in the future. To help advance that technology Jaguar decided to test some of their wearable equipment at Wimbledon to find out when the most exciting events were happening at the many different courts.

jaguar feel wimbledon 2015

The Theory Behind the Technology

Jaguar theorized that by getting biometric readings on many of the attendees at the Wimbledon games they could find out when the exciting stuff was happening at the many different courts. They simply strapped some of their scanners on a selection of the viewers and relied on the technology to switch between court views and to gather data throughout the event.

The Tech in Practice

If you visit the Jaguar Twitter Feed or take a look at the Wimbledon website it’s easy to see the technology in action. Jaguar shows exciting snippets from the various events throughout Wimbledon and they are all based on valuable biometric feedback that the company’s devices collected. It gives viewers more insight into how people at the event feel and lets fans look back on important events they have missed as well.

The technology simply explains the collective feelings of tech wearers during specific events that occur during the match. You can find out when someone was anxious, exhilarated, focused and even feeling insightful. This is all information that the automaker could collect from drivers as well to learn more about them and adjust the way a vehicle responds.

Translating the Technology into the Automotive World

While it’s pretty cool to see how Wimbledon fans feel at the event as they are watching matches unfold, it’s even cooler to think about how Jaguar is going to make use of this technology in its own products later on. Soon vehicles will take biometric information into account to help the driver make better decisions and to keep them safe while out on the road. It’s expected that the technology will help alleviate tired driving issues, and problems that occur from things like road rage or even distracted driving.  As Jaguar gets real world testing information from events like Wimbledon the company is demonstrating its technology while gathering useful data that will help to make that technology even more effective over time.

Jaguar Wants Car Technology that Can Read Drivers

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Jaguar always seems to be at the leading edge when it comes to automotive technology. Holographic heads up displays and advanced roadway scanner systems sound pretty futuristic, but these are technologies that Jaguar already showed off and has made use of in the past. Now the automaker wants to create vehicles that detect the health of drivers, monitor brain and heart activity and predict the future movements of the driver.

According to Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar’s technology director, the company believes that many of the technologies being used in Aerospace and medicine could be incorporated into vehicles to improve road safety.

Advanced Jaguar XE Technology
Advanced Jaguar XE Technology

Are You Sleeping?

One of the most important technologies is the brain monitoring system. Jaguar wants to use this type of setup to figure out if a driver is paying attention to the road or sleeping while driving. Jaguar plans to test a driver for alertness and then use vibrations or noises to wake up the driver. The system sounds good for use today, and would certainly help some drivers avoid accidents, but Jaguar is really developing it for the future. The automaker firmly believes that self-driving vehicles will be a reality one day, and from the looks of things that day will come pretty soon. When self-driving vehicles become more popular it’s likely that the driver of a vehicle will still have to take over at certain points along a trip. It makes sense to be able to check that a driver is paying attention and ready to take control of the vehicle. That’s what this technology can offer.

A Simpler Media System

I’m sure that plenty of driving accidents occur while drivers mess with their stereos trying to find the right song. Another technology Jaguar is working on uses cameras to try and determine what button a driver will press before they press it. The system could rely on ultrasonic waves to vibrate a driver’s finger mid-air so they know the car registered the movement, and the driver could make adjustments faster and have his eyes off the road for a shorter period of time. The system sounds pretty cool in theory, but could also be pretty annoying if it isn’t completely accurate.

Keeping Your Speed in Check

Another system Jaguar is working on is a haptic feedback gas pedal. The idea behind the pedal is to make drivers more aware of what they are doing. The pedal would vibrate when exceeding the speed limit, or when getting too close to a car you’re trailing.

Jaguar continues to develop and adapt exciting technology for use in the automotive industry. It’s clear the automaker is making features for vehicles that may not be produced for years in the future still, but all of that hard work should help the automaker stay out in front when it comes to technology and help keep it a popular brand that people keep coming back to.

Jaguar Sets up an Advanced Tech Lab in Portland

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Jaguar is able to offer the modern technology that they do to their drivers because of their commitment to advancing their tech. The automaker now has an advanced automotive lab setup in Portland where they are hoping to hire an additional 50 engineers. The lab’s designed to test and improve upon existing automotive technology while figuring out what’s coming next.

jaguar portland lab

The lab comes with a large curved driving simulator to give the engineers a chance to look at what their tech will really look like once operational. When you walk into the building the first thing that you’ll notice is computers everywhere. They are on nearly every desktop throughout the building and the engineers are busy working away on new enhancements. Within the building they can build and adapt new tech and test it out on the simulator and in actual Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles that are also located in the facility. This offers a convenient environment to adapt and enhance driving technology in.

Safety Challenges

With each new technological development for vehicles there is always going to be that element of concern for driver safety. Smartphones are continually distracting drivers and causing accidents, it’s important to Jaguar and other automakers that their new tech isn’t going ot do the same. That’s why the engineers are always careful to create options with voice controls and other features that avoid taking driver’s eyes away from the road. They state that the tech allows drivers to do what they want in their vehicles while remaining safe, and that’s very important to the industry.

jaguar portland lab 2

The Cool Tech

At the facility the engineers are working on advanced navigation systems with simple green lines projected on the screen for drivers to follow. Imagine playing a game and following the simple display guides through a city. The tech works much the same, only you are navigating real life situations. The tech lets you look out the windshield for all your directions and helps drivers stay safer than ever while getting where they want. There is another feature that displays the current speed limit even when the view of a local road sign is impeded while driving. The car will always know how fast you should be going and with a quick glance to the screen so will you. Jaguar also developed a Ghost Car navigation system that works much the same as the green line but you are following a holographic car rather than lines making it feel even more natural.

The auto industry is well-known for being behind when it comes to cutting edge technology and that includes luxury brands like Jaguar and Land Rover as well. It’s through dedicated labs and lots of development that Land Rover hopes to get back to the forefront of technology and by working with top companies in the tech industry like Intel they shouldn’t have any problems. Some of the latest Jaguar and Land Rover tech is already highly impressive, and as their new Portland Lab grows and develops the tech is only going to keep coming and getting more impressive.

Understanding Jaguar’s Keyless Entry System

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Understanding the Deployable Door Handles and Emergency Key Blade

When you drive a Jaguar you want it to be secure and convenient at the same time. That’s why it makes use of deployable door handles and is equipped with an emergency key blade system. If you take the time to learn both of these features you can get the most out of them and enjoy your vehicle more.

Many Jaguar vehicles are equipped with deployable door handles that add to the security of the vehicle while also making them more convenient to get in and out of. To deploy the handles before climbing into the vehicle simply touch the unlock button on the key fob and the end of the handle will slowly swivel out from within the vehicle so that you can pull it open and climb inside.

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Deploying the Handle with Touch

If you forget to press the button while walking out to your car you can simply tap the end of the smart key on the front of the door handle and it will deploy granting you access to the vehicle. After you get up to speed the handles will retract automatically.

Locking the Vehicle Using the Handle

If you’re Jaguar is equipped with a keyless entry system you can quickly and easily lock it after climbing out using the driver’s door handle. To do this simply touch the end of the handle closer to the rear of the vehicle. You’ll notice that the handle retracts back into the vehicle and the car is now locked against intruders. By touching the handle in the same position again within three seconds you double lock it.

Making Use of the Emergency Key Blade

On rare instances you might run into an issue where your smart key is no longer functioning the way that it should be. This could simply because the batteries have died, or you may need to have a problem sorted out at your local dealership. Either way you are not prevented from getting into your vehicle just because the key is not working, you just need to learn how to make use of the emergency key blade.

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Accessing the Keyblade

Each smart key comes with a key blade inside it that you can pull out to get into your vehicle. To get at the key blade slide the right portion of the smart key up and then pull it away from the other half of the key. It will come off exposing the key blade underneath. Slide this small metal piece out of the smart key and unfold it to create a working key for your vehicle.

Using the Key Blade to Gain Entry

This emergency key blade can now be used to get into your Jaguar vehicle. Press on the front of the door handle to deploy it and then pull the rear of the handle out to gain access to the lock within. Put the end of the key blade in the lock and turn it just as you would a typical key. The door will now open and an alarm will begin sounding.

Turning off the Alarm

To turn off the alarm you simply press your smart key flat up against the fascia of your jaguar to the left of the steering wheel. With the key pressed in place tap the Start/Stop button on the car and the alarm should stop sounding. If the alarm continues to go off try moving the key around while pressing the Start/Stop button. It won’t go off if the key is in the wrong position.


Tech Tuesday: Jaguar Bluetooth Pairing Tutorial

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It’s possible to connect your smartphone or tablet to your Jaguar multimedia system to enable additional applications as well as give yourself more control over the system. This simple tutorial covers the steps involved and helps you quickly get your vehicle and your phone paired to one another.

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The Quick Connect Guide

First you need to ensure that your ignition is on so that your multimedia system is powered up. Now select the “Phone” softkey from the home menu. Choose “Search New” to look for a new device to connect with your vehicle.

Now you’ll be presented with two different options, choose the “Device to Vehicle” option to carry out most of the syncing via your phone. After making the selection you will be prompted with a message letting you know that you have three minutes to pair your vehicle to your phone.

Open up your phone and navigate to the Bluetooth settings. Search for Bluetooth devices and look for the entry that says Jaguar. Choose this device, and create a 4-digit pin.

Now you’ll see a connection request appear on the screen of your vehicle’s multimedia system. Select “Yes” and enter the 4 digit pin that you just created a moment ago. As long as you enter the right number you will now see a confirmation letting you know that the device is connected to your vehicle. It’s possible to connect up to five different devices to your car, but only one of them may have an active connection at a time.
Getting Compatibility Information and Additional Directions for Your Device

Enter www.Jaguar.com into your web browser on your computer. When you make it onto the website select your continent as well as your country. From there you need to choose the “Owners” tab above the central graphic. Choose the “Manuals & Guides Tab” and scroll down to choose “Visit the Jaguar Bluetooth Connectivity Center” near the bottom of the page.

When inside the connectivity center pick the photo that matches your vehicle and then enter the last six numbers of your vehicles VIN. If you are unsure of the VIN number it can be found on the lower left side of your windshield, or on your title. Choose “Next” to be taken to pick your phone. Navigate to your phone using the scrolling arrows and you can now see instructions about how to connect your phone to your Jaguar vehicle.