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Jaguar Wants Car Technology that Can Read Drivers

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Jaguar always seems to be at the leading edge when it comes to automotive technology. Holographic heads up displays and advanced roadway scanner systems sound pretty futuristic, but these are technologies that Jaguar already showed off and has made use of in the past. Now the automaker wants to create vehicles that detect the health of drivers, monitor brain and heart activity and predict the future movements of the driver.

According to Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar’s technology director, the company believes that many of the technologies being used in Aerospace and medicine could be incorporated into vehicles to improve road safety.

Advanced Jaguar XE Technology
Advanced Jaguar XE Technology

Are You Sleeping?

One of the most important technologies is the brain monitoring system. Jaguar wants to use this type of setup to figure out if a driver is paying attention to the road or sleeping while driving. Jaguar plans to test a driver for alertness and then use vibrations or noises to wake up the driver. The system sounds good for use today, and would certainly help some drivers avoid accidents, but Jaguar is really developing it for the future. The automaker firmly believes that self-driving vehicles will be a reality one day, and from the looks of things that day will come pretty soon. When self-driving vehicles become more popular it’s likely that the driver of a vehicle will still have to take over at certain points along a trip. It makes sense to be able to check that a driver is paying attention and ready to take control of the vehicle. That’s what this technology can offer.

A Simpler Media System

I’m sure that plenty of driving accidents occur while drivers mess with their stereos trying to find the right song. Another technology Jaguar is working on uses cameras to try and determine what button a driver will press before they press it. The system could rely on ultrasonic waves to vibrate a driver’s finger mid-air so they know the car registered the movement, and the driver could make adjustments faster and have his eyes off the road for a shorter period of time. The system sounds pretty cool in theory, but could also be pretty annoying if it isn’t completely accurate.

Keeping Your Speed in Check

Another system Jaguar is working on is a haptic feedback gas pedal. The idea behind the pedal is to make drivers more aware of what they are doing. The pedal would vibrate when exceeding the speed limit, or when getting too close to a car you’re trailing.

Jaguar continues to develop and adapt exciting technology for use in the automotive industry. It’s clear the automaker is making features for vehicles that may not be produced for years in the future still, but all of that hard work should help the automaker stay out in front when it comes to technology and help keep it a popular brand that people keep coming back to.

Jaguar Updates their Media Platform Enabling Advanced Voice Controls

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2015 model year Jaguar vehicles are receiving an updated media system with the InControl media platform. This advanced setup provides more capable voice controls to the user while giving them a simpler interface to rely on as well.

jaguar incontrol

How it Works

The brand new interface is run through the user’s smartphone and then makes the connection back to the vehicle from there. The application runs on the smartphone and is connected through a USB port. This connection allows the phone to communicate with the vehicle and connects the Internet to the car enabling many of the media apps. The phone is also connected to the car via a Bluetooth link, enabling phone audio to be played through the car speakers.

Simple Layout

The InControl media platform focuses on a simple look that’s easy to understand and use. The interface is split down the middle vertically, and it displays all the navigation information on the right and the other information on the left. The left side of the screen can be used to show off map data, text messages, audio system information and a variety of other details depending on what you are currently doing.

On the main screen you’ll have a set of important shortcuts on the left side of the screen, and your settings and input buttons are permanently locked in place at the bottom of the screen. By keeping the same layout throughout all the menus the system becomes intuitive to use and more enjoyable when you have to make quick decisions.

Voice Controls

Like a few other multimedia systems on the market today, voice controls are heavily integrated into the InControl system. With a simple press of the button you can easily give commands to control different system functions. You can say things like “Text Mary” and “I’m leaving now” or you can start a playlist simply by saying “Listen to Metallica”. The system is designed to be as easy to use as possible and it really makes controlling most of your vehicle’s media a hands-free affair. All the incoming information is read aloud, making it simple for you to react while driving safely.

This new advanced media system that Jaguar has started using is a major improvement over the old one. It offers more seamless voice controls and a much simpler menu that most people will find more enjoyable.