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The 2017 Jaguar Base F-Type is Now Considerably More Affordable

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Jaguar Slashes Base F-Type Prices

There’s no arguing that Jaguar makes quality cars and that statement goes double for the F-Type coupe. It’s a beautiful car and it’s a blast to drive around. Now you can have fun for even less when you pick up the 2017 model. Not only is it improved but it’s actually a couple grand less than it was supposed to be. The base model no starts off at $62,395, that’s a price reduction of $3,600 overall.

2016 Jaguar F-Type

Why the Decrease?

Jaguar made a few changes in order to create this price reduction in a time when it seems like everything else is simply going up in price. First of all the company axed the panoramic moonroof that was a standard feature in 2016 and it went from two 14-way power adjustable seats to just the driver’s seat having a 6-way power adjustable seat. Jaguar decided to hold onto the awesome 770-watt stereo system though so the model really didn’t lose that much in order to achieve that price drop.

Jaguar made the move to make one of its most popular vehicles more affordable to hopefully coax more buyers to make a move and pick up an iconic luxury vehicle. The move should entice at least a few more buyers to take action, but many will still be put off by all the added money that the options packages add to the vehicle.

Dropped Prices aren’t Across the Board

While the base model of the F-Type is more affordable in 2017 some of the more upscale models increased in price. The other trim levels all increased by $1,800. The Premium trim level coupe will set you back $67,795 and the convertible costs a whopping $70,895. For the added cost you’ll enjoy the 380-HP S engine and a nice  smooth adaptive suspension, enhanced brakes, bigger wheels and a limited slip differential.

2016 Jaguar F-Type R
2016 Jaguar F-Type R


Move up to the F-Type R

The sleek and violent F-Type R comes equipped with all-wheel drive and a monster 550 HP V-8 engine with an automatic transmission. It starts at $106,395 at the coupe level and costs  $109,245 for the convertible version.

Even though the base model of the F-Type is considerably more affordable in 2017, it’s going to be difficult finding a dealership that actually has the model without a bunch of upgrades. The base model is a good place to start if you’re looking to get your hands on one of the leading luxury cars in the industry, but if you want the full experience it makes sense to shell out for at least one of the premium models instead.


The New Jaguar F-Type SVR May Provide More than 600 HP

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Jaguar is currently working with their Special Vehicle Operations unit to come up with an SVR variant of the F-Type. The car is expected to have around 600 HP and could possible even exceed that figure. That would be higher than anything Jaguar or Land Rover has ever offered to the public before. With the F-Type’s continual climb up from its base power offering of 335 HP it only makes sense that it would top out over the 600 HP mark with the SVR model.

jaguar ftype r
F-Type R


Even at launch there was a 5.0 liter supercharged V8 option that provided 500 HP to buyers looking for a thrill. From there Jaguar went on to offer the F-Type R with 550 HP, then the Project 7 Roadster with 575 and it only makes sense for the F-Type SVR to take another step forward up to that 600 figure. Not only is that an unprecedented level of power to put into the compact F-Type, but it also gives buyers a large range of power levels to choose from.

Large Variety of Power Levels

The base F-Type offers just 335 HP, which is a decent amount for a car of its size. The release of all the other power editions of the vehicle offer plenty of variety to buyers. Whether you want the 335 or something closer to 600 HP there is an option that you can choose. For buyers who aren’t too familiar with different vehicle power levels it makes sense to test drive all the variants until you find one that you enjoy. With so much variety it’s possible to get exactly the right fit, which is a pretty cool feature in Jaguar’s latest offering.

Sticking it to Competitors

The SVR variant of the Jaguar F-Type comes with enough power to compete with most sporty vehicles out today. It’s expected to eclipse vehicles like the Porsche 911 Turbo S and the Mercedes-AMG GT S. It will even keep up with hyper cars like the Audi R8 V10 Plus and the Aston Martin Vantage GT12.

The only real question left to ask about the SVR other than the exact power level is what shape of
F-Type it’s going to be. Will it be a coupe or convertible and will it be all-wheel drive or rear-wheel. These are all details that have yet to be released, but will make a big difference in how well the car sells and who’s interested in it when the time comes.

The 2015 Jaguar FType is a Snow Machine

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Most people, including me, assume that snow-covered roads are no place for a sports car. While that may be the case for some vehicles, the rear-wheel drive 2015 Jaguar F-Type is putting that myth to rest a bit. Journalists from NY Daily News took out the F-Type for a three-day trip around the northeast, and what they expected to be a unnerving trip was actually very relaxing and more than enough to impress them.

2015 jaguar ftype

The F-Type Outfitted for Snow

To be fair the journalists weren’t operating a standard F-Type straight out of the factory. The car received a single modification, a pair of Blizzak snow tires. The tires are designed to be more pliable in cold temperatures and has deeper more aggressive tread for biting into snowy roadways effectively. This slight change was all that was needed to prepare this stunning sports car to charge down snowy back roads, that even some SUVs would be intimidated by.

How it Handles Snow

The journalists describe hitting their first powdery roadways as an unnerving experience, and they had momentary regrets, but once on the powder they realized just how capable the F-Type is. Once the dynamic drive is set to “Snow” the vehicle adjusts throttle and braking characteristics to help provide solid performance on roads that provide minimal traction. Overall the experience was described as uneventful. There were a few handling differences in snowy conditions, but they were minimal. Braking is dampened a bit, making it vital to start slowing down earlier. Steering is dulled a bit as well and more gradual cornering is necessary, but only to a slight degree.

What’s most surprising about the trip is that the 2015 Jaguar F-Type seems just as capable as most all-wheel drive sedans and SUVs in the snow. Maybe the credit should go to the Blizzak winter tires, but northern buyers should be aware of the fact that they don’t necessarily have to garage their little beauty all winter, but instead can bring it out to play with confidence.

Jaguar has confirmed that much of their F-Type lineup will also be available with all-wheel drive in the future. That modification promises even more sure-footed handling than the rear-wheel drive vehicle has, but surprisingly it isn’t necessary. Northern drivers who plan to operate the vehicle in the snow on a yearly basis would probably want to spring for the upgrade, but for the occasional drive in the snow the rear-wheel setup is more than enough.

With 380 HP on tap and its lightweight and aerodynamic body the F-Type is still a sports car at heart, but it’s not as limited as most people would assume. The vehicle is just as capable as most sedans and even many of the trucks and SUVs when it comes to inclimate weather, and that sells us on it even more than it’s sexy lines and curvy appeal.

The New Jaguar F-Type R is a Real Powerhouse

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The latest Jaguar F-Type R lineup offers power-hungry vehicles that handle smoothly and offer luxurious interiors to boot. Jaguar has enhanced the body of one of their more powerful sports cars, to provide an even more enjoyable driving experience than before.

Jaguar Ftype R

Performance Features

Each of the F-Type Jaguar options are very fast, but they range in power starting with the standard V6 at 337 HP, to the V6S at 376 HP and finishing off with the massive V8 engine that offers an intimidating 542 HP that makes the vehicle very fun to drive.

The V8 option sprints from 0 to 60 in just 4.0 seconds and achieves a top speed of 186 MPH making this vehicle feel at home on any race track in your area. To rein in all this speed the vehicle is fitted with highly-effective carbon-ceramic brake pads. These massive steel brake systems offer improved stopping power and reliable performance over time which is something you need when you cram an engine this large into a sports car.

The additional rigidity offered by the enhanced Jaguar frame gave engineers room to enhance the overall drive quality of the vehicle by altering the springs. They increased the spring rates in both the front and back of the vehicle giving it a more dynamic feel without compromising on comfort or smoothness. These simple changes give the vehicle more agility than it had previously. It will also steer more precisely and offer a higher level of control to the driver.

Drive Quality

The F-Type is designed to glide smoothly down the road, but it doesn’t feel mushy like some of the sports cars out there. You can still feel the road under you as you travel, and the steering is highly responsive. Dynamic stability helps keep this overpowered car firmly planted on the road even around sharp corners, but you have the option of turning off this electrical aid if you want to really test the limits of this beauty. The car oversteers easily, and swings around sharp corners with glee. It’s well balanced and has a polish that stands out even among luxury cars. Looking around the interior it would be difficult to pick out anything that needed to be changed, and it’s rare to find that in a car today.

The base F-type offers plenty of power and a luxurious interior, but the F-Type R provides even more power for the true racecar experience. It doesn’t matter which version of this powerhouse you decide on, their all a blast to drive, and they are all built with that attention to detail that separates a Jaguar from your average run of the mill sedan.

Jaguar Reveals F-Type Coupe in Los Angeles

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It’s been no secret that a coupe variant of the Jaguar F-Type would soon be offered. And despite tight lips by Jaguar over the design of the F-Type coupe, we knew all along it would follow in the lines of the gorgeous C-X16 concept car from 2011.

Yet, even knowing all of this, we find ourselves surprised by the sheer elegance of the recently revealed F-Type coupe. If the F-Type roadster is a 10 on the sexy scale, then the coupe brings it up to 11.

Not unlike the F-Type roadster, the coupe will offer three powertrain choices. But while the base and S models mirror the roadster with their supercharged V6 engines pumping out 340- and 380-horsepower respectively, the top dog F-Type coupe eschews the “V8 S” label in favor of an “R” badge.

With the new badge comes 55-additional horsepower, bringing the supercharged V8’s horsepower count up to 550.

While the base F-Type and F-Type S coupe will start at some $4,000 less than their roadster counterparts, the F-Type R will command a $7,000 premium over the F-Type V8 S Roadster. But this is merely the price you pay for performance, as the F-Type R can manage a 0-60 mph time of 4.0 seconds on the way to a 186 mph top speed.

With available carbon-ceramic disc brakes and a choice between an aluminum or glass roof, the F-Type coupe melds performance and style together in an entirely unique and compelling way.

Look for live shots of the F-Type coupe on the Jaguar Colorado Springs Facebook page, and find out more about the F-Type roadster and coupe at Jaguar Colorado Springs.

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Jaguar Land Rover Finds Triple Success at 2013 Scottish Car of the Year Awards

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Jaguar Land Rover achieved a remarkable triple success at the 2013 Scottish Car of the Year Awards, with honors going to the new Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Jaguar F-TYPE sports car.
The Jaguar F-TYPE beat stiff competition to win the Sporting category award, impressing the judges – some of Scotland’s most important motoring journalists – with its elegant design, formidable performance and impressive customer appeal.

Alisdair Suttie, President of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, said, “We have waited a very long time for the Jaguar F-TYPE, more than four decades in fact, but this year’s Sporting winner does it with panache. It also does it with elegance, superb performance and complete desirability.”

Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, accepted the award at a ceremony in Glasgow and commented, “This award is a wonderful recognition of the efforts invested in creating the new F-TYPE. It is a sports car that reaffirms the brand’s sporting heritage in both its performance and design.”

Range Rover received the Best Luxury Car Award, an acknowledgement of how Land Rover has continued to develop the quality, comfort and refinement of the fourth generation vehicle.

Alisdair Suttie said, “Luxury comes in many forms, but the Range Rover brings together such a broad range of talents, it stands head and shoulders above the competition. It also brings innovative design, supreme comfort and world-beating style.”

The all-new Range Rover Sport was also named Scottish SUV of the Year. Sharing the same lightweight construction principles with its larger sibling, and built on the same highly efficient production line at Land Rover‘s Solihull plant, the new Range Rover Sport has made significant advances in handling, performance and customer appeal.

“A good SUV has to be many things: good looking, roomy, comfortable and ideally great both on road and off,” said Alisdair Suttie. “Thanks to an all-aluminium lightweight body that has helped it lose 400kg, the latest Range Rover Sport is all those things, as well as being much faster and surprisingly economical. Factor in the availability of a seven-seat option and we think this is the best SUV available on the roads of Scotland today.”