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Jaguar May Have Two Additional SUVs Coming

November 3, 2015 rednoland Jaguar Tags: , , ,

According to recent reports Jaguar is planning on releasing two other SUVs on top of the F-Pace that’s already planning for release sometime in 2017. While the F-Pace is expected to be somewhat of a compact crossover, Jaguar is planning on expanding its lineup to include a mid-sized and large SUV. They aren’t official yet, but according to Carwow from the UK, the automaker is producing an E-Pace and a J-Pace.

Jaguar F-Pace

The E-Pace

This Evoque sized SUV is expected to be sold at a lower level than the F-Pace. It’s going to be an affordable alternative to the F-Pace that Jaguar expects to be the most successful of all the SUVs that it sells to customers.

The J-Pace

This large SUV is also going to be built over top of the Range Rover frame and is supposed to be the upper-end of the Jaguar spectrum. The exciting thing about this SUV, other than the fact that it’s going to be large, is that it will rely on the aluminum platform designed for the current Range Rover. That will make it more efficient and lightweight, which should really help bolster the fuel economy of the vehicle. That’s a big deal when you’re talking about such a large vehicle.

Why the Variants?

Jaguar is simply offering the different SUVs to appeal to a wider group of customers. Not everyone is going to want an SUV the size of the F-Pace, and that’s precisely why the company is planning on the alternative sized vehicles as well. The three options will give Jaguar fans something to choose from and should help the company get a bit more of the market share so that it can really dig in within the United States and strengthen its offerings.

There’s no guarantee that either of these two SUV variants are going to be produced, but they both seem pretty likely. Basing all its success on just two vehicles didn’t seem like a good strategy for Jaguar in the United States and in other places around the world, and these SUVs will help the company grab even more customers in the UK and the US.

It’s likely that these SUVs would be offered even later on down the road than the F-Pace. A 2018 launch wouldn’t be inconceivable for these vehicles, but it’s hard to put a timeline on a project that Jaguar hasn’t even officially announced yet.

The Jaguar Active Key

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For all the extreme sports fans and swimmers out there Jaguar has just the answer for trying to keep your keys safe. Instead of forcing you to try and keep a key in a protected pocket, or relying on a code to gain entry to your vehicle, Jaguar has come up with an Activity Key to help make the process much simpler. It’s an easy solution that will help you swap out those cumbersome keys for a sleek and stylish wristband instead. That means you can forget about trying to find a place to stash your keys, including in a wheel well storage case, and you can move on to a more reliable means of keeping your items safe.

Jaguar Activity Key
Jaguar Activity Key


How it Works

You leave your keys right in the F-Pace when you get out so they are ready for you when you decide that you want to leave. Wearing the Activity Key around your wrist, you walk to the rear of the vehicle and touch the wristband against the designated spot to lock up the SUV. When you finish with your activities you walk back to the tailgate once again and touch the same spot with the key to unlock the SUV and get back inside to use the standard key to drive away.

Bring it Anywhere

The wristband can be carried anywhere that you go. It’s entirely waterproof and designed to remain firmly on your wrist no matter what the activities are. Whether you are surfing out in the ocean, swimming laps or taking part in a impromptu basketball game at the nearby rec center you won’t have to worry about losing your keys ever again.

Adding it to the vehicle

Anyone that decides they want the Activity Key with the Jaguar F-Pace can have it added to it with a $400 option. There’s no information about whether it will be available for other Jaguar models in the future, but it’s sure to be offered with the first ever SUV from the automaker.

The new feature known as Activity Key will debut on the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace SUV and it should be another good reason to consider getting the vehicle. The SUV is set to be released with a base price of $41,985, and there is a limited edition version of the vehicle that will start at $70,695 and move up from there.

Jaguar Unveils its Production SUV the F-Pace

September 18, 2015 rednoland Jaguar Tags: , , ,

Jaguar just unveiled its first ever SUV and the automaker made it very clear that the vehicle’s set for production and heading to a dealership near you sometime in the near future. A concept vehicle was unveiled way back in 2013, but the automaker put the real deal on display over this past week, and it’s an impressive vehicle to say the least.

Jaguar F-Pace SUV

Keeping Up with the Competition

With Jaguar sales beginning to lag a bit it’s taking measures to keep up with most of the other automakers in the industry who all sell some form of SUV. Even companies like Lamborghini and Rolls Royce have announced plans to produce their own SUVs, following in the footsteps of automakers like Porsche who is doing quite well with its two different SUV offerings.

Different than Land Rover SUV

What’s surprising about Jaguar producing an SUV is that it’s all Land Rover does. Both automakers are owned by the same company, Tata Motors of India, and they would almost be competing against one another by Jaguar entering the production race. But just as a Range Rover and the Porsche Macan don’t really compete with one another much, neither will Land Rover vehicles and a Jaguar SUV, because they have very different purposes. Sure they’re both designed to travel around stylishly and comfortably, but the Jaguar SUV is clearly going to have a sporty stance, while Land Rover favors a more rugged quality in its vehicles. That’s the key difference that will let SUVs from both automakers thrive alongside one another.

A Sporty SUV

The Jaguar F-Pace SUV is going to take design characteristics from the F-Type sports car giving it an edgy look that stands out as clearly Jaguar. While it won’t be brimming with as much power as the automaker’s F-Type sports car is thanks to the ultra-light body of the vehicle, it’s still going to have enough strength to be a blast to drive around, and it will have that distinctive Jaguar edge to it that stands out so much.

New Technologies

The F-Pace will be the very first Jaguar vehicle that offers automatic braking that will help the vehicle stop when a collision is detected up ahead. The vehicle will also come with sign detection and will update drivers on the speed limit by reading signs and tapping into GPS data that it has available.

Multiple Engine Options

When the F-Pace is released, it’s going to come with either a 340 HP or 380 HP V6 engine. Each option is supercharged to generate enough power. There’s also a 4-cylinder diesel option that offers 140 HP for those who want something a bit more economical that’s still packed with plenty of torque. The top version will go from 0 to 60 in just slightly over five seconds.

This SUV marks a big change for Jaguar, and hopefully enough success for the automaker to fund a bunch of awesome new sports cars, that’s exactly how things are working for Porsche lately.