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Land Rover’s Convertible SUV

October 2, 2015 rednoland Uncategorized Tags: , , , ,

Even if you think you’ve seen it all, you’ll likely be surprised by Land Rover’s new topless Evoque. The automaker is billing the vehicle as the world’s first convertible compact SUV and it’s certainly an interesting concept. There’s something unique about a crossover with a missing top. It looks like a beefed up convertible, and from looking at the video it handles like a pretty solid off-road offering.

range rover evoque convertible

It’s a Safe Driver

The idea itself is a bit of an oddball one because most people purchase SUVs to be safer while driving, and convertibles are known for being less safe overall, but Land Rover assures drivers that it’s just as capable as the standard Evoque. When the roof was removed the vehicle lost rigidity, but it didn’t remain with that lower level of rigidity. To make up the difference the Land Rover engineers made extensive changes to the body to make it much more rigid and capable.

Built with a Durable Soft Top

You would think an SUV convertible would be equipped with a rugged hard top for those particularly challenging trips, but it’s expected that the SUV will actually come with a cloth top that’s more lightweight and compact than a hard top would be. This frees up more cargo space while allowing a more flexible design overall.

Plenty of Power

though the body of the vehicle received extensive modifications, the engine was left untouched. That’s good news for Land Rover fans looking for a powerful convertible to motor around in. It comes packed with the 240 HP 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine, that’s meant to provide plenty of torque and drive power.

When You Can Get Your Hands on It

While Land Rover is showing off the concept car now, it isn’t expected to be released until the spring of 2017. There’s still plenty of waiting to be done before you can motor around in a topless SUV, unless you take a saw to your vehicle out in the driveway, but we can’t recommend that you do that, even if it could be pretty cool.

Land Rover to Offer Their First Ever Convertible

March 27, 2015 rednoland Land Rover Tags: , , , ,

Land Rover was once known as the manufacturer of vehicles for hardcore adventurers that needed a set of wheels that would climb them up steep hills or through forest trails. Now it’s known for making pampered, yet highly capable, vehicles that mostly sit in mall parking lots outside of upscale stores. For that reason it shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise that Land Rover is now going to produce a convertible for their fans. No, they aren’t creating a brand new sporty sedan and completely tarnishing their rugged image, but instead modifying the Land Rover Evoque to offer a convertible SUV. That might seem like a ridiculous idea at first glance, but when you take a look at a picture of the vehicle it makes quite a bit more sense.

land rover evoque convertible

The Evoque convertible is actually pretty stylish, even with the ugly camo paint job that it’s being demonstrated with. Sure it looks a bit bulky, but that’s the cool thing about it. Unlike most convertibles, this one can still handle camping trips, can travel through puddles up to 20 inches deep and offers enough storage space for most day-to-day needs. It’s an attractive little convertible that still holds onto enough of Land Rover’s capability to avoid wrecking the image.

Evoque is a Cash Cow

Most Land Rover purists hate, or at least dislike the Evoque for watering down the brand and offering a weaker and more mainstream vehicle than the much more rugged SUVs that they are known for. Even though so many purists are against the Evoque you can’t deny that it’s a cash cow for Land Rover. More than 12,000 Evoques were sold in the US last year, close to a quarter of all the sales the brand had, and for that reason the pint-sized SUV is here to stay.

The Only SUV Convertible

Aside from Jeep models the Evoque will be the only SUV convertible available on the market, and that means they are wide open to scoop up all those sales. The convertible will probably be a bit bottom heavy, which will give it different handling characteristics, but the prototype looks to be pretty darn attractive, and I have no doubt that the models offered in a color scheme other than camo will look even better.

There’s plenty of people who hate the idea of an Evoque, and even more who think a convertible variation is ridiculous, but once Land Rover finishes their new creation there’s no doubt that it will help bring in a bit more money.