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Cadillac Introduces a New Sedan and Naming Convention

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In the interest of changing their brand image to compete more effectively against the likes of BMW and Mercedes Benz, Cadillac is releasing a new range topping sedan and introducing a new naming scheme as well. Their latest sedan, the CT6 is designed to come in above the CTS and built to compete with some of the top-end vehicles from the other big luxury brands.

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The CT6

The Cadillac CT6 is a new high-end unit designed to compete with the likes of top-tier BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars. It’s being assembled in the Hamtramck plant in Detroit, and is expected to debut as a 2016 model. This new mode is going to come in above both the XTS and CTS and is expected to be priced over $50,000 making it a completely new offering, rather than any kind of replacement.

Advanced Automated Technology

This model is going to rely on a completely new vehicle architecture that GM is calling “Omega” presently.  This will introduce new driving mechanics into the vehicle. The new CT6 is going to feature some pretty advanced driving technology. It will come with a semi-automated system taking partial control over steering, braking and acceleration during freeway driving. Not many of the other features have been released yet, but it’s expected to come with most of the bells and whistles included in the CTS and more.

A Brand Overhaul

Cadillac is trying to simplify their lineup so that consumers can understand the value of their vehicles more clearly. The CT6 is just the first of many vehicles to feature a more simplistic name. The CT portion of the name is just a carryover from the very successful CTS, and the 6 is to denote the position and size of the vehicle.

Cadillac plans on adding in the more simplistic naming scheme gradually, so that eventually consumers will be able to look at the number after the name and decide where that vehicle fits into the hierarchy easily. This new naming scheme is common with many other luxury vehicles such as with BMW. Their X1 and X5 vehicles rely on the X to state it’s a crossover vehicle and the number to give away the size. It’s likely that Cadillac will soon be relying on nearly an identical system, but they say they will only change the name when they introduce an all-new model, or when they redesign the product itself.

Separating the Company

Not only is Cadillac switching up their naming scheme to shake things up, but they are finally going off on their own as a separate company unit that’s still owned by GM. De Nysschen, the previous head of Audi North America and head man of the Infiniti luxury brand will be the president of the company.

They’re working hard to change things up at the company and we’ll have to wait and see if the changes pay off or not. Consumers aren’t likely to complain about any new high-performance vehicles that they add to the lineup though, and I’m sure nobody is going to be upset when the CT6 is released.

Motor Trend Names Cadillac CTS its 2014 Car of the Year

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Every year, the staff at Motor Trend gathers every completely new or redesigned vehicle on the market and votes for one to be crowned its Car of the Year. For the second time in three generations, the Cadillac CTS earns the honor of the magazine’s Golden Caliper.

Earmarked as a finalist for the award against seven other new vehicles, the CTS and its fellow contenders were each judged in the categories of “Design Advancement,” “Engineering Excellence,” “Efficiency,” “Safety,” “Value,” and “Performance of Intended Function.”

Although the BMW 4-Series, Chevrolet Corvette, Jaguar F-Type, Kia Forte, Mazda3, Mazda6, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class each put up the good fight, none of these vehicles ultimately were able to steal the CTS’ thunder.

When it comes to “Design Advancement” Motor Trend is quick to call the CTS “elegant and light” and “purposeful,” with particular praise going to the front-end design and its “light blade” that creates an “unmistakable look as easily identifiable in a rearview mirror as when you’re standing in front of it.”

Motor Trend also praised Cadillac’s choice of engines for the CTS. With three options, ranging from a mild-mannered 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine, to the wild 420-horsepower twin-turbo V6 in the Vsport, and even the naturally aspirated V6 in between, Motor Trend found that each engine offered power and fuel economy that met or exceeded that of its competition.

With 10 standard airbags and a reasonable starting price of $46,025, the CTS revealed itself as both a safe car and a terrific value.

But where the CTS really stood out was in the category of “Performance of Intended Function.”

Motor Trend is quick to note that the Car of the Year award is not a comparison test, yet with the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class also in contention, the yearly award did become a default comparison test between three of the best mid-size luxury sedans. The fact that the 5-Series and E-Class didn’t even make it as finalists helped prove early on that Cadillac achieved the CTS’ “Performance of Intended Function” – to beat BMW and Mercedes-Benz in their long-held spot as makers of some of the world’s best sports sedans.

Don’t believe Motor Trend’s findings? Then come down to Red Noland Cadillac and see the all-new CTS for yourself and find out why it’s Motor Trend’s 2014 Car of the Year.

Millionth Cadillac Rolls Off Line at Lansing Grand River Plant

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Earlier this month, the millionth Cadillac built at the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant rolled off the line. The milestone vehicle was the redesigned 2014 Cadillac CTS sedan, which goes on sale this month.

OneMillionthCadillac02.jpgLansing Grand River, or LGR as it is known, has been a dedicated rear wheel-drive assembly plant since it opened in late 2001. Every CTS ever made has been built there.

In addition to the CTS, the plant also assembles the award-winning ATS sport sedan, the CTS Coupe and Wagon, and the CTS-V high performance models. Cadillacs from Lansing are exported from Michigan to 11 destinations worldwide.

“One million Michigan-made Cadillacs is a great milestone for Lansing and for luxury car-building in America,” said Bob Ferguson, senior vice president Global Cadillac. “Lansing Grand River is an essential ingredient of Cadillac’s growth. It is a benchmark for luxury car manufacturing in North America, which takes another step forward today with the launch of the new CTS.”

The celebrated 2014 CTS sedan is painted in Red Obsession Tintcoat. The 2014 CTS is elevated and expanded, with more luxury, performance and technical sophistication. The third generation luxury sedan is larger and more spacious, but lighter because of advanced design and materials. The low mass approach is expected to enable CTS to deliver the most agile and engaging driving performance in the midsize luxury class.

A total of 1,541 employees are divided among two shifts at Lansing Grand River, a 2.5 million square foot facility on 111 acres.

General Motors has invested extensively in LGR in the past three years — $190 million for the production of the Cadillac ATS and $88 million for the new CTS.

Since its completion 12 years ago, Lansing Grand River has produced more Cadillacs than any other plant. The Escalade sport utility vehicle is produced at the Arlington Assembly in Arlington, Texas. The ELR luxury coupe begins production later this year at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck facility in Hamtramck, Mich.

Cadillac Applies Science to Enhance CTS Engine Sounds

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The engineers at Cadillac have applied the principals of psychoacoustics, which is the science of sound perception, to create powerful and pleasant exhaust notes for the all-new 2014 CTS midsize luxury sedan and CTS Vsport.

2014-Cadillac-CTS-SedanCTS engineers tuned each selectable drive mode uniquely – Tour, Sport and Track – in order to communicate the throttle response to the driver, providing feedback as to what is happening under the hood.

Tour mode purrs with refinement. Sport mode growls with power. Track mode, only available on the CTS Vsport equipped with Cadillac’s first Twin-Turbo engine, roars even more aggressively.

The team drew upon its knowledge of what tones sound the most pleasing to human ears based on the study of psychoacoustics, surveyed the sounds made by competitor models and relied on their own ears when selecting final tones.

Engineers strategically placed microphones in the CTS cabin and used an integrated electronic sound enhancement system to execute the sound designs. The microphones listen to the roar of the engine and the enhancement system selects preferred tones to come through CTS’s Bose audio system. No artificial sounds are used.

“The sound enhancement system acts like a choir conductor, calling forth certain engine sounds to sing the loudest depending on the driving mode,” said Dave Leone, CTS executive chief engineer, Performance Luxury Vehicles. “We used our ears to tell us what sounded the best and programmed the system to listen for those tones. It is Cadillac’s Art and Science design philosophy applied to engine sound.”

The CTS has been the centerpiece of Cadillac’s portfolio for more than a decade. The third-generation CTS is one inch lower, five inches longer and more than 200 pounds lighter than its predecessor. The new car also has lower curb weight, higher structural stiffness and more horsepower than its primary competitors.

Pricing for the 2014 CTS standard model starts at $46,025, including $925 destination. Three package options – Luxury, Performance and Premium – will be offered with either the 2.0T turbocharged four cylinder or 3.6L naturally aspirated V6 engine in either rear- or all-wheel drive. The CTS Vsport model starts at $59,995, including $925 destination, and features the new Cadillac Twin-Turbo 3.6L V6 (420 hp) in RWD only with Cadillac’s first eight-speed transmission.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about the 2014 Cadillac CTS.