In the interest of changing their brand image to compete more effectively against the likes of BMW and Mercedes Benz, Cadillac is releasing a new range topping sedan and introducing a new naming scheme as well. Their latest sedan, the CT6 is designed to come in above the CTS and built to compete with some of the top-end vehicles from the other big luxury brands.

cadillac ct6

The CT6

The Cadillac CT6 is a new high-end unit designed to compete with the likes of top-tier BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars. It’s being assembled in the Hamtramck plant in Detroit, and is expected to debut as a 2016 model. This new mode is going to come in above both the XTS and CTS and is expected to be priced over $50,000 making it a completely new offering, rather than any kind of replacement.

Advanced Automated Technology

This model is going to rely on a completely new vehicle architecture that GM is calling “Omega” presently.  This will introduce new driving mechanics into the vehicle. The new CT6 is going to feature some pretty advanced driving technology. It will come with a semi-automated system taking partial control over steering, braking and acceleration during freeway driving. Not many of the other features have been released yet, but it’s expected to come with most of the bells and whistles included in the CTS and more.

A Brand Overhaul

Cadillac is trying to simplify their lineup so that consumers can understand the value of their vehicles more clearly. The CT6 is just the first of many vehicles to feature a more simplistic name. The CT portion of the name is just a carryover from the very successful CTS, and the 6 is to denote the position and size of the vehicle.

Cadillac plans on adding in the more simplistic naming scheme gradually, so that eventually consumers will be able to look at the number after the name and decide where that vehicle fits into the hierarchy easily. This new naming scheme is common with many other luxury vehicles such as with BMW. Their X1 and X5 vehicles rely on the X to state it’s a crossover vehicle and the number to give away the size. It’s likely that Cadillac will soon be relying on nearly an identical system, but they say they will only change the name when they introduce an all-new model, or when they redesign the product itself.

Separating the Company

Not only is Cadillac switching up their naming scheme to shake things up, but they are finally going off on their own as a separate company unit that’s still owned by GM. De Nysschen, the previous head of Audi North America and head man of the Infiniti luxury brand will be the president of the company.

They’re working hard to change things up at the company and we’ll have to wait and see if the changes pay off or not. Consumers aren’t likely to complain about any new high-performance vehicles that they add to the lineup though, and I’m sure nobody is going to be upset when the CT6 is released.