Infiniti vehicles are known for being high quality, but the latest Infiniti engine plant is taking things a step further and really pushing for high quality standards that you won’t see in many other high-production facilities around the world. The workers are trained more carefully, and an environment for quality production is carefully maintained throughout the build process.

Die neue 6 - und 8 Zylinder Motorengeneration  2010

About the Plant

Nissan recently opened up a plant designed to supply Infiniti with the engines that the company needs in Dercherd Tennessee. The plant is capable of producing up to 250,000 engines each year, and it’s able to do this while maintaining high levels of quality.

Top Quality Employees

To ensure that employees know what they are doing when they work with the machines to put together the quality engines, each worker has to learn how to hand-build a complete engine. By sending the workers through this rigorous training program, they each learn how an engine works and how to put it all together. It’s a step that might not seem very important to most automakers, but the executives at Infiniti understand that the only way a worker can confidently help with engine construction is if they understand how the entire engine goes together. By teaching every worker how to construct an engine, Infiniti is creating a plant of problem solving experts who can fix issues as they arise, and who understand how important every step of the engine creation process is.

The Training Program

Japanese plant workers are very familiar with the idea of takumi, or craftsmanship, and each new Infiniti worker spends their first week in takumi training. They will spend time learning about the engine, and then going through all the steps to build one by hand. This comprehensive training gives workers not only the knowledge about what a working engine should look like, but also what it should feel like. They understand what a machines piston should feel like, and what the correct torque of a cylinder head feels like. This makes it easier to troubleshoot things when problems arise.

Lowering Sound Levels

When trying to troubleshoot failing mechanical equipment it’s helpful to be working in a quiet environment. That’s why in the new Decherd Tennessee plant extensive measures were taken to lower sound levels throughout the building. A noisy area of the factory where pallets are washed was completely enclosed, and all the parts cars received soft rubber wheels instead of the hard wheels to lower their clatter during movement. The quieter environment makes it possible for workers to hear problems and report them to a maintenance specialist to fix the issue before parts are harmed by the defect.

Infiniti has always been known for producing top quality vehicles, but the added effort to make the engine process even better in their latest plant, will only serve to increase reliability, and improve the future perception of the automaker. It’s an impressive show of dedication to quality, and the need to stand apart from the competition.