Cadillac recently released details about the all-new ATS-V. The release of this model gives a high-performance edge to the brand’s smallest and most lightweight vehicle. It takes an already highly capable car and turns it into a vicious, high-performance machine that should satisfy even the most demanding automotive enthusiasts.

2015 cadillac ats v

Ramped Up Power

The ATS-V has a beefed up level of power that feels devastating in such a small frame. It comes packed with a 3.6 liter V6 that produces 455 HP and generates 445 lb.-ft. of torque. All of this power allows the lightweight car to rocket from 0 to 60 in just 3.9 seconds, a speed that’s impressive for any vehicle. The car will hit a top speed above 185, and would be a lot of fun to take out to the track for a day.

Bolstered Performance and Handling

There are two different transmission options to help control all of that power. For all the hands-on drivers out there, there is a six speed manual transmission. For everyone else there is a very capable eight-speed automatic that features a set of paddle shifters. The manual transmission comes with an advanced feature known as Active Rev Match. Essentially it controls the engine speed to provide smoother downshifts when driving the car hard. All of this power is directed through the back two wheels, which could make this car difficult to drive in adverse conditions, but that’s not what it’s meant for.

In order to allow this vehicle to handle the upgraded power the suspension and frame also needed modification. The frame is 25 percent stiffer than it was before thanks to some material modifications as well as added spot welds. The dampers have been updated and now respond 40 percent faster, allowing the vehicle to cut the edge on bumps and bruises more effectively at high speeds.

Bigger and better brakes have been fitted on the vehicle to make sure that you can stop even if you’re topping out over 185 MPH. The front of the vehicle is equipped with 14.5 inch Brembo brakes that rely on six different pistons to provide even stopping power. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with 13.3 inch Brembo’s that each utilize four pistons.  While operating the ATS-V you can switch between Touring, Sport and Track mode to adjust fuel consumption and performance features further.

An Enhanced Interior

On the inside of the car you’ll notice a few performance enhancements as well.  Recaro performance seats are used inside the car, and they are trimmed with leather for a sophisticated look. You’ll get all of the usual gadgets inside the car, including Bluetooth, SD and USB support as well as voice recognition on the high-tech touchscreen media system, and you’ll also get 4G LTE hotspot connectivity thanks to an Onstar system.

Overall the ATS-V is a massive performance enhancement to the base level vehicle. The base is devastating enough without these enhancements, but truly hardcore drivers will get a thrill from taking the V variant for a spin.