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Jaguar Offers Free Maintenance to New Customers

September 22, 2015 rednoland Jaguar Tags: , , ,


Things just got a little better for Jaguar car owners because the vehicles are getting more affordable thanks to two key changes that the car company is making to its lineup. Now the cars are more affordable, and they come with free maintenance as well. These improvements come just after a minor dip in sales to the Jaguar brand. Car purchases dropped down a slight 4.4 percent throughout August, but these improvements are likely to alter that a bit.

2016 Jaguar XF

The Details

Jaguar plans to lower it’s 2016 model prices by between $1,500 and $3,000 making the vehicles slightly more affordable, though the difference isn’t something that will suddenly create a surge of new customers or keep it out of luxury car price ranges. The vehicle is also going to come with a car warranty known as EliteCare that’s pretty comprehensive and cuts maintenance tasks out of the picture.

The EliteCare Warranty

The warranty offers free scheduled maintenance for vehicle owners for the first five years or 60,000 miles. The warranty will make keeping the vehicle in top condition much easier to do, but they won’t cover parts that wear out quickly such as tires and brake pads. The maintenance package also comes with a free roadside assistance program and a phone app that lets car owners monitor their vehicles more closely and perform actions such as locking and unlocking doors using their smartphone for convenience.

Launching Option Packages

Another improvement that Jaguar is offering to its customers is a set of option packages that are universal between all the different models. Now each vehicle will have a premium, prestige and R-Sport package available. The different packages include different sets of features and getting the level of luxury that you want is now as simple as picking the appropriate level. It greatly simplifies the ordering process and will make it easier for Jaguar buyers to pick out an ideal vehicle without pouring over every single feature that they want.

It’s hard to say whether these new incentives will encourage more people to shop for a Jaguar, but they’re certainly nice and should help lower the cost of owning a Jaguar considerably. Anyone crunching the numbers will see that the new and improved maintenance warranty is a real value.

What to Expect from the 2016 Jaguar XE S

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Well the figures are finally out about the all-new Jaguar XE S and the numbers are pretty impressive to say the least. Not only is the level of power increased in the latest version of the vehicle, but the suspension system has been dramatically improved for a more comfortable and responsive ride. There are also some pretty clear styling adjustments that were made to the vehicle, but the performance and handling alterations are why most people will be upgrading to this model.

2016 jaguar xe s

A Powerful Engine

The all-new Jaguar XE S is getting a powerful 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 engine. This impressive setup produces around 362 HP and a potent 383 lb.-ft. of torque.  that’s a whole lot of power to be packed into a vehicle this size. Slam down on the gas and you’ll peel off into the distance with smooth precision, just as it should be in a classy Jag like this. The engine is tied to a smooth and cooperative eight speed automatic transmission that switches between the gears effortlessly as you climb up to peak speed, which won’t take much time at all since 0 to 62 takes just 5.1 seconds if the rumors are true.

An Improved Ride Quality

Jaguar worked hard to enhance the ride quality of one of its top vehicle even further. The automaker relied on a high amount of aluminum in the construction of the frame and body of the vehicle. It makes use of double wishbones at both the rear and front of the vehicle and has a multi-link at the rear of the vehicle as well for a very complex system overall. To top it all off, this model will feature the S Adaptive Sports Suspension that gives the driver control over how the vehicle feels and handles.

This new vehicle will come in at around $104,200, making it far from a bargain vehicle, even by luxury standards, but that tag could be worth it if the changes feel as good as they look like they will. Once it’s out for testing purposes real acceleration figures will be readily available and everyone will know whether the 2016 Jaguar XE S lives up to its hype or not.