Over the years Jaguar has released some really exciting and iconic cars, but what if you had to sit down and pick out the top ten from among the bunch? That’s exactly what Brian Johnson from AC/DC, Goodwood’s Lord March and Ian Callum (the Jaguar Director of Design) sat down and did. Together they came up with a list of some of the most influential and exciting cars that Jaguar has ever produced.

This list came out right before the release of the all-new Jaguar saloon, the Jaguar XE. The XE is the latest production car from the automaker and represents a mixture of refinement and power like most of Jaguar’s vehicles.

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Look through the list of the most iconic cars and decide if you agree with the entrees or if there’s something you would change. Jaguar has so many outstanding examples that it’s difficult choosing just a few of the best. (These cars aren’t in any particular order and are just meant to represent some of the best that Jaguar created to date.)

1. SS100

jaguar ss100

This car was the first production car ever created by Jaguar capable of topping 100 MPH during standard driving. This classy convertible was a real powerhouse in its day.



2. XK120

jaguar XK120

The XK120 is a famous racing Jaguar that was driven by Pay Lyons (the daughter of Sir William Lyons) as well as Ian Appleyard to a variety of different rally competitions. The car has been involved in a variety of rally wins in the 1950’s and took victory at the Alpine Rallye des Alpes in both 50’ and 51’.


3. C-Type

jaguar c type

C-Type – There were only 54 original C-Type Jaguars ever produced making it a very rare car. This sleek vehicle was an original entry in the 1953 Mille Miglia open road endurance race and it wowed onlookers with its racing prowess.



4. D-Type

jaguar d type

This is another iconic race car that managed to win the 12 hour endurance race at Reims and placed sixth at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance competition with the same driver behind the wheel.



5. MK II

jaguar mk2The MKII was one of the first examples of the saloon-style car that Jaguar is so well-known for today.




6. E-Type

jaguar e typeThe very first production Jaguar car to reach 150 miles per hour and also the famous Jaguar “Works” press car.




7.  XJ13

jaguar xj13The XJ13 was the first Jaguar to utilize a V12 engine and was designed specifically for Le Mans, even though it never made it to the big race. This advanced vehicle has a rear-mounted motor and is just beautiful to look at.



8. XJ6 Series 1

jaguar xj6 s1

The series 1 XJ6 was a iconic car built in the 60’s and a favorite of Sir Williams Lyon. It was also a well-built vehicle and named Car of the Year its first year in 1968.




jaguar twr xjs

This little beauty is the car Tom Walkinshaw used for Jaguar in the 80’s. It’s the same car used to win the European Touring Car championship and just a well-built vehicle.




10. XJR – 9

jaguar xjr 9

Tom Walkinshaw used this to win at Le Mans in 1988 taking home one of the seven Jaguar victories. This streamlined features a massive spoiler and comes with the engine mounted in the back as well.