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Land Rover’s Convertible SUV

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Even if you think you’ve seen it all, you’ll likely be surprised by Land Rover’s new topless Evoque. The automaker is billing the vehicle as the world’s first convertible compact SUV and it’s certainly an interesting concept. There’s something unique about a crossover with a missing top. It looks like a beefed up convertible, and from looking at the video it handles like a pretty solid off-road offering.

range rover evoque convertible

It’s a Safe Driver

The idea itself is a bit of an oddball one because most people purchase SUVs to be safer while driving, and convertibles are known for being less safe overall, but Land Rover assures drivers that it’s just as capable as the standard Evoque. When the roof was removed the vehicle lost rigidity, but it didn’t remain with that lower level of rigidity. To make up the difference the Land Rover engineers made extensive changes to the body to make it much more rigid and capable.

Built with a Durable Soft Top

You would think an SUV convertible would be equipped with a rugged hard top for those particularly challenging trips, but it’s expected that the SUV will actually come with a cloth top that’s more lightweight and compact than a hard top would be. This frees up more cargo space while allowing a more flexible design overall.

Plenty of Power

though the body of the vehicle received extensive modifications, the engine was left untouched. That’s good news for Land Rover fans looking for a powerful convertible to motor around in. It comes packed with the 240 HP 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine, that’s meant to provide plenty of torque and drive power.

When You Can Get Your Hands on It

While Land Rover is showing off the concept car now, it isn’t expected to be released until the spring of 2017. There’s still plenty of waiting to be done before you can motor around in a topless SUV, unless you take a saw to your vehicle out in the driveway, but we can’t recommend that you do that, even if it could be pretty cool.

Jaguar Wants Car Technology that Can Read Drivers

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Jaguar always seems to be at the leading edge when it comes to automotive technology. Holographic heads up displays and advanced roadway scanner systems sound pretty futuristic, but these are technologies that Jaguar already showed off and has made use of in the past. Now the automaker wants to create vehicles that detect the health of drivers, monitor brain and heart activity and predict the future movements of the driver.

According to Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar’s technology director, the company believes that many of the technologies being used in Aerospace and medicine could be incorporated into vehicles to improve road safety.

Advanced Jaguar XE Technology
Advanced Jaguar XE Technology

Are You Sleeping?

One of the most important technologies is the brain monitoring system. Jaguar wants to use this type of setup to figure out if a driver is paying attention to the road or sleeping while driving. Jaguar plans to test a driver for alertness and then use vibrations or noises to wake up the driver. The system sounds good for use today, and would certainly help some drivers avoid accidents, but Jaguar is really developing it for the future. The automaker firmly believes that self-driving vehicles will be a reality one day, and from the looks of things that day will come pretty soon. When self-driving vehicles become more popular it’s likely that the driver of a vehicle will still have to take over at certain points along a trip. It makes sense to be able to check that a driver is paying attention and ready to take control of the vehicle. That’s what this technology can offer.

A Simpler Media System

I’m sure that plenty of driving accidents occur while drivers mess with their stereos trying to find the right song. Another technology Jaguar is working on uses cameras to try and determine what button a driver will press before they press it. The system could rely on ultrasonic waves to vibrate a driver’s finger mid-air so they know the car registered the movement, and the driver could make adjustments faster and have his eyes off the road for a shorter period of time. The system sounds pretty cool in theory, but could also be pretty annoying if it isn’t completely accurate.

Keeping Your Speed in Check

Another system Jaguar is working on is a haptic feedback gas pedal. The idea behind the pedal is to make drivers more aware of what they are doing. The pedal would vibrate when exceeding the speed limit, or when getting too close to a car you’re trailing.

Jaguar continues to develop and adapt exciting technology for use in the automotive industry. It’s clear the automaker is making features for vehicles that may not be produced for years in the future still, but all of that hard work should help the automaker stay out in front when it comes to technology and help keep it a popular brand that people keep coming back to.

Jaguar to Help the SSC Break the 1000 MPH Land Speed Barrier

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Over the years just like with most things more speed has become available for less. In 1997 the McLaren F1 was the world’s fastest car. It was packed with 620 HP thanks to a BMW V12 and topped out at 243 MPH. Now that same money will pick up a good used Bugatti Veyron that’s packed with 1,200 HP and tops out at 267 HP. Even more impressive is a vehicle like the Dodge Hellcat that offers 707 HP, hits 200 MPH and only costs $60,000. With all the latest advancements in performance it’s a wonder that the land speed record hasn’t budged. It’s been locked at a bit of 760 MPH since 1997 and it’s amazing that it hasn’t moved since then. That might just change in the near future if the folks behind the Thrust SSC, the original record setters have anything to do about it.

The Jaguar Partnership

They are partnering with the folks at Jaguar to try and not only top their own record, but set the land speed record at a figure above 1000 MPH. It’s long since been considered impossible, but it’s something they believe they can achieve in the near future. The original project car relied on a pair of Rolls-Royce turbofan jet engines to get up to over 700 MPH, but the latest vehicle is instead using three different engines, the Rolls jet engine, and two rocket engines to get the car to 1000 MPH in about 75 seconds flat. As you mgint imagine running these three supremely demanding engines requires a nice smooth flow of fuel, and that’s something that standard equipment simply can’t provide. To make this all possible SSC turned to Jaguar and the fuel pump used on the 5.0 liter, 542 HP supercharged V8 engine to get the job done. To celebrate the occasion, and be even more involved with the project Jaguar commissioned the construction of a special edition F-Type Coupe with BloodHound SSC written across the side. The special edition car is to serve as the official support car for the project and will help keep everyone safe on the big day.

jaguar ftype ssc bloodhound

Breaking the World Record

Most of the land speed world records have been set by the British historically, and it’s quite fitting that one of the only remaining British sports car developers is helping this completely British quest for that top spot once again. The record is going to be attempted on a 12-mile strip in the Hakseen Pan in South Africa. It’s a spot known for being very straight and flat which makes it exceptionally good for this type of project. The first attempt will be to surpass 800 MPH and from there the team will push toward the more loftier goal of 1000 miles per hour next year. It’s all very exciting and the mission shows how well Jaguar components are engineered. A simple fuel pump from one of Jag’s sports cars is potent enough to handle all that thruster power from three different massively overpowered engines, and that’s what Jaguar drivers are relying on, on a daily basis.


The 2017 Jaguar XE Provides an Interesting Alternative to the Tesla Model 3

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While support for fully electronic vehicles is growing over time, there are plenty of people who are either afraid of the idea, or simply don’t want to drive around vehicles that rely solely on electricity. After all they are a bit less practical than many gasoline or diesel powered vehicles at the moment. Many people are really excited about the Tesla Model 3 because it will make owning a reliable electric vehicle more affordable, but for those who aren’t the 2017 Jaguar XE presents a surprisingly enticing alternative.

2017 jaguar xe

The XE is the smallest vehicle that the Jaguar is currently working on and it promises to be both affordable (relatively speaking for a luxury car) and efficient. This little car will be equipped with a 2.0 liter turbodiesel engine that’s capable of achieving fuel efficiency levels in the high 30’s or low 40’s. This is something that most people can get excited about, and the car doesn’t force anyone to move over to the unchartered territories of electric cars.

A Luxurious Look

The 2017 Jaguar XE is going to be very luxurious and sporty looking and will come with most of the features and comforts that are expected in a luxury car, but will still be pretty affordable and very efficient.

Supreme Handling

One area where Jaguar vehicles tend to shine is with their handling capabilities. Jags are very responsive and fun to drive, and the XE is no different according to early reviews completed by Car and Driver. The reviewer states that the XE possess “the reflexes and grace that are conspicuously absent in the competition” or the other small sports cars on the market. Not only will the little XE be a great little car to drive from an efficiency perspective and thanks to its looks, but it will be a blast to drive as well.

An Aluminum Body

One of the main ways that the XE is going to be able to achieve such impressive efficiency numbers while maintaining a good level of power is through a lightweight aluminum body. It will be one of the few cars out on the road that rely on an almost fully-aluminum structure for the body. Sure it will rely on steel for things like the door, and strength enhancing accents around the vehicle, but by and large it will be made of aluminum and that means a much lower body weight overall than similar sized steel vehicles.

All these features make the XE a great competitor for the Tesla Model 3 and it should attract all the buyers who aren’t ready to move over to electric technology yet. Diesel still represents a cleaner alternative than gasoline, especially with biodiesels on the market, but it’s much more familiar than electric cars and packaged so nicely that it’s going to be hard to pass up by many buyers looking for a compact sports car to cruise around in.

Jaguar Unveils their New Bike Sense Warning System

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Jaguar recently showed off its new technology known as “Bike Sense”. It’s a warning system that is designed to help drivers be more aware of their surroundings and potentially protect bikers who are on the road. The system relies on a variety of different warning mechanisms to make drivers more aware, and to overcome many of the issues that put bike riders at risk while out on the road.

land rover bike sense

Getting the Drivers Attention

In order to make sure the driver is aware of the problem that the system detects he is hit in three different senses. He will hear the sound of a bicycle bell, see red and yellow LED flashes and feel a vibration on the shoulder. These three systems come together to ensure that every Land Rover driver is well aware of his or her surroundings while travelling out on the road.

Providing Specific Feedback

Getting the driver’s attention isn’t enough to provide a safe driving environment. The system also has to let the driver know what the problem is and where it is as fast as possible. The LED’s used to provide a signal are in green, yellow and red. The color lets the driver know how close the issue is to the vehicle. The shoulder tap comes from within the driver’s seat, and it can occur on either the right or the left depending on where the problem is. These two systems effectively let the driver know how close the threat is and which side of the vehicle it’s on in a matter of moments. This lets the driver react instinctively and should help create a safer driving environment.

Jaguar’s Bike Sense system is just one of the latest safety technologies that they’ve been showing off recently. They have also been developing a holographic windshield that shows off driving directions and a special system that makes vehicle pillars effectively see-through to prevent blind spots. Jaguar hasn’t spoken about whether or not they plan on implementing these systems anytime soon, or at all for that matter, but it’s clear that safety matters a lot to them. While introducing this technology in the small lineup of vehicles that Jaguar sells won’t make a huge difference overall, if it leads to major trends in the industry it could make a real difference. The new technology makes vehicle drivers more responsible for accidents that occur between them and cyclists, and that’s a good thing for bike riders.

Tech Tuesday Understanding the Auto Climate Control and Sound System

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Jaguar vehicles come with advanced climate control and audio systems that allow for a high level of customization. Mastering these systems will take a little time, but by following the directions this time can be reduced significantly.


The Climate Control System

Jaguar vehicle’s feature an automatic climate control system capable of keeping the cabin at the desired temperature consistently. Learn how to manage the main features and setting up your car will be quick and easy.

Automatic Climate Setup

Most Jaguar vehicles feature a dual-climate control setup allowing the front passenger and the driver to choose their preferred temperature. Adjusting either of these levels can be accomplished easily by turning the rotary dials underneath the touchscreen display. The driver side dial adjusts the drivers temperature and the passenger-side dial alters the temperature on the passenger’s side.  The center rotary knob provides control over the blower speed of the vehicle.

After the driver and passenger are satisfied with the chosen temperatures press the auto key underneath the dials to lock in these settings. With the new settings locked in the vehicle will automatically work to keep the cabin temperatures at the designated levels while driving.

Manual Controls

If you prefer to have a bit more control over how heat is distributed through the vehicle, there are options available on the Climate Control home screen. Vent distribution options are immediately available allowing you to choose which vents will provide you with heat or air conditioning. By scanning through tabs and pressing buttons you can adjust additional settings in your vehicle.


Learning the Audio System

Before you can begin customizing your Audio System you have to enter into the Audio Settings menu by tapping the button called “Audio settings”. Now that you are in the menu you can adjust the sound of the system, the balance or fade, and turn additional features on or off.

Changing the Tone

To adjust the sound press the “Tone” button. Now simply tap on the plus or minus for each of the three selections that come up. By doing this you can alter the Bass, the Treble, and the Subwoofer sounds of your music.

Altering the Balance

Adjusting the sound balance in your vehicle is a simple process. First tap the “Balance/Fade” button and a four-way adjustment will pop up. Tap one of the four arrows to move the focal point from the center of the vehicle to the desired location. You will notice that the sound plays most loudly in that location. You can also tap on the square focal point and drag it to your desired location.

If you have any surround sound systems in your vehicle you can use the Audio settings menu to activate or deactivate them. They are all listed to the right of the stereo button. To turn on Meridian, Dolby or DTS surround just tap the button and enjoy the rich sound coming from all sides of your vehicle.


2012 Jeep Moab Winter Chill Pearl

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