What it is: 4-Wheel Active Steer adjusts the steering ratio of the front wheels and rear suspension geometry in a synchronized manner.
Technical Explanation: Sensors monitor the driver’s steering input and vehicle speed, and then the front steering ratio and the angle of the rear wheels are adjusted depending on conditions. At low to medium speeds above 25 mph, when the driver turns the steering wheel to begin a turn, the computer automatically adjusts the variable front steering ratio and turns the rear wheels slightly opposite the front wheels to help enhance vehicle response and handling. Then the wheels return to their normal “in-phase” position during the remainder of the turn. The amount, timing, and direction of rear-wheel steering are dependent on vehicle speed and rate of steering angle input.
What it means: When changing lanes quickly, 4WAS momentarily changes the path of the front and rear wheels to help move the vehicle where you steered it. If you’re on a winding country road and you’ve placed the Infiniti Drive Mode Selector in Sport mode, the system adjusts the rate at which 4WAS changes the path of the rear wheels, and the timing and amount of path change, to enhance the driving experience.
Default Settings: 4WAS is always on.  When Sport mode is engaged, different front steering ratios and rear suspension geometry are used.  4-Wheel Active Steer cannot prevent accidents caused by abrupt steering, carelessness, or dangerous driving techniques. Always drive safely.
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