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Land Rover to Offer Their First Ever Convertible

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Land Rover was once known as the manufacturer of vehicles for hardcore adventurers that needed a set of wheels that would climb them up steep hills or through forest trails. Now it’s known for making pampered, yet highly capable, vehicles that mostly sit in mall parking lots outside of upscale stores. For that reason it shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise that Land Rover is now going to produce a convertible for their fans. No, they aren’t creating a brand new sporty sedan and completely tarnishing their rugged image, but instead modifying the Land Rover Evoque to offer a convertible SUV. That might seem like a ridiculous idea at first glance, but when you take a look at a picture of the vehicle it makes quite a bit more sense.

land rover evoque convertible

The Evoque convertible is actually pretty stylish, even with the ugly camo paint job that it’s being demonstrated with. Sure it looks a bit bulky, but that’s the cool thing about it. Unlike most convertibles, this one can still handle camping trips, can travel through puddles up to 20 inches deep and offers enough storage space for most day-to-day needs. It’s an attractive little convertible that still holds onto enough of Land Rover’s capability to avoid wrecking the image.

Evoque is a Cash Cow

Most Land Rover purists hate, or at least dislike the Evoque for watering down the brand and offering a weaker and more mainstream vehicle than the much more rugged SUVs that they are known for. Even though so many purists are against the Evoque you can’t deny that it’s a cash cow for Land Rover. More than 12,000 Evoques were sold in the US last year, close to a quarter of all the sales the brand had, and for that reason the pint-sized SUV is here to stay.

The Only SUV Convertible

Aside from Jeep models the Evoque will be the only SUV convertible available on the market, and that means they are wide open to scoop up all those sales. The convertible will probably be a bit bottom heavy, which will give it different handling characteristics, but the prototype looks to be pretty darn attractive, and I have no doubt that the models offered in a color scheme other than camo will look even better.

There’s plenty of people who hate the idea of an Evoque, and even more who think a convertible variation is ridiculous, but once Land Rover finishes their new creation there’s no doubt that it will help bring in a bit more money.

Range Rover Sport an Excellent Family Vehicle According to U.S. News and World Report

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When the U.S. News & World Report Best Cars for Families are chosen, the judges are looking for vehicles that are going to offer a high level of reliability, comfort and the level of performance that families want and need to get through standard use. While looking through vehicle the Range Rover Sport was chosen as the 2015 Best Luxury 3-Row SUV for Families thanks to its unique blend of top level luxury with family-friendly features.

infiniti qx80

19 different category leaders are selected providing the ideal family vehicle of each standard type out on the road. In order to get a real feel for the vehicles that judges are looking at, a blend of professional auto reviews, safety and reliability ratings as well as an actual measure of interior space and finally the family-oriented features that are available in each vehicle. When all of these different factors are taken into account a winner is selected.

What The Judges Liked about the Range Rover

When judges looked over the Range Rover Sport they were surprised to see all the family-friendly features in the vehicle. It comes with an advanced media system for entertainment, and a spacious interior with comfortable seating for up to seven people. The vehicle is equipped with dual-zone automatic climate control a rearview camera and a navigation system. The vehicle comes with an eight-speaker sound system so everyone can hear the music, even at the back. The SUV is designed to handle rough terrain, and smoothly glides over standard roads. Its such a capable vehicle that’s favored by off-road enthusiasts, but also makes an excellent upscale option for families who value comfort.

The Range Rover Sport benefits from many of the same all-terrain capabilities that the Land Rover is known for, but it comes with a sportier stance that handles very smoothly while out on the road as well. The 5+2 seating is room enough for most families, and offers plenty of cargo room when it isn’t in use.

For these reasons the Range Rover Sport was chosen as the best luxury family option with three seats of space. It’s not the most affordable family-friendly option that you could choose, but it is one of the best luxury values if you really want to spoil your family. If you want a highly-capable ride that you can take with you on camping trips or to go pick up a full load of groceries comfortably the Range Rover is a good bet. It’s not the most practical option, but it has an enticing blend of luxury and enjoyable features that will make any family feel pampered.


Jaguar Land Rover is Planning an All Electric Vehicle

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Jaguar Land Rover is planning on producing an electric vehicle in the next couple years, but word is that they aren’t sure whether it will be badged as a Land Rover or a Jaguar vehicle. Either way the vehicle is expected to be a large SUV with enough space for a larger battery pack and a more robust electric power system.

land rover defender

Building on the F-Pace Framework

If the electric vehicle ends up being a Jaguar model it’s likely that it will be based on the F-Pace framework that hasn’t yet been released. If the vehicle is built on top of this framework then it’s likely it will have a performance slant that makes the vehicle more suited to track use than off-roading. Either way the electric model could be something very exciting and not just Jaguar fans will be lining up to take it for a spin.

The Defender Experiment

Jaguar isn’t new to electric vehicles and they actually released an electric experiment known as the Defender just two short years ago. This boxy SUV was built with a 94 HP engine that produced a pretty sizeable 243 lb.-ft. of torque. Just seven of these vehicles were ever constructed and word is that they performed pretty well too. If the information is true the Defender was able to handle all the rough terrain that the standard diesel-powered system could.

Releasing An Electric Model in Two Years

The new battery-powered vehicle from Jaguar Land Rover isn’t expected to be released until 2018, and a plug-in hybrid should be put out first in 2017. The actual release date depends on how long the hybrid takes to be completed and how well it does once it actually debuts.

If everything goes according to plan, and the rumors are true then there should be an all-electric SUV released around the globe with either a Jaguar or Land Rover badge attached. It’s likely to be a very rugged vehicle that will be at home on dirt roads, but there’s always the possibility that the vehicle will be designed with performance in mind more than ruggedness. Either way, if the vehicle does well there will likely be a whole slew of all-electric models in the works.


Jaguar Unveils their New Bike Sense Warning System

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Jaguar recently showed off its new technology known as “Bike Sense”. It’s a warning system that is designed to help drivers be more aware of their surroundings and potentially protect bikers who are on the road. The system relies on a variety of different warning mechanisms to make drivers more aware, and to overcome many of the issues that put bike riders at risk while out on the road.

land rover bike sense

Getting the Drivers Attention

In order to make sure the driver is aware of the problem that the system detects he is hit in three different senses. He will hear the sound of a bicycle bell, see red and yellow LED flashes and feel a vibration on the shoulder. These three systems come together to ensure that every Land Rover driver is well aware of his or her surroundings while travelling out on the road.

Providing Specific Feedback

Getting the driver’s attention isn’t enough to provide a safe driving environment. The system also has to let the driver know what the problem is and where it is as fast as possible. The LED’s used to provide a signal are in green, yellow and red. The color lets the driver know how close the issue is to the vehicle. The shoulder tap comes from within the driver’s seat, and it can occur on either the right or the left depending on where the problem is. These two systems effectively let the driver know how close the threat is and which side of the vehicle it’s on in a matter of moments. This lets the driver react instinctively and should help create a safer driving environment.

Jaguar’s Bike Sense system is just one of the latest safety technologies that they’ve been showing off recently. They have also been developing a holographic windshield that shows off driving directions and a special system that makes vehicle pillars effectively see-through to prevent blind spots. Jaguar hasn’t spoken about whether or not they plan on implementing these systems anytime soon, or at all for that matter, but it’s clear that safety matters a lot to them. While introducing this technology in the small lineup of vehicles that Jaguar sells won’t make a huge difference overall, if it leads to major trends in the industry it could make a real difference. The new technology makes vehicle drivers more responsible for accidents that occur between them and cyclists, and that’s a good thing for bike riders.

Land Rover Eliminates Blind Spots Using Advanced Windshield Technology

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Blind spots are a dangerous part of driving and can be particular troublesome when you want to change lanes quickly. Jaguar Land Rover has developed new technology that turns the pillars around the vehicle translucent. When the technology is activated the various pillars around the vehicle can be made completely translucent, allowing the driver to see where he is going even when troublesome pillars are in the way. Each of the pillars around the vehicle will switch from opaque to transparent depending on driving conditions. When the driver looks behind his shoulder he’ll be greeted by an open view of the vehicles behind and in different lanes thanks to this technology.


How it Works

The pillars of the vehicle aren’t actually see-through at all, Land Rover is just using a clever illusion to make them look that way. Each of the pillars around the vehicle actually has a video screen built into it and cameras are set up on the outside of the vehicle to capture valuable visual data. The live feed from each camera can be initiated on the pillar to make it appear see-through, when it is actually just a screen showing a feed of the outdoors.

High Tech Windshield

The Windshield included on the vehicle is capable of displaying images as well and this technology is used to provide visual warnings, cues and helpful displays to keep drivers moving down the road in a safe manner. It will show warning messages, and is capable of projecting a ghost car as well.

Ghost Car Projection

If you’ve ever played a racing game that shows off the drivers with the fastest time in the form of a ghost car, this is the same concept that Land Rover is no using in their new virtual windscreen system. The system syncs up with the navigation system to create a virtual vehicle that follows the navigation directions. Now instead of looking down at a navigation display, or trying to follow the computer’s version of road names you can simply follow the ghost car in front of you along your route. This simplifies travelling and allows you to feel like you are following a well-traveled friend around town.

This technology is still in development at Land Rover, and it could be several years until it’s released on some of their vehicles, but the help it provides to drivers could make the act of driving a whole lot more enjoyable, especially in busy or fast-paced driving situations

A Review of the 2014 Land Rover LR4

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It’s hard to understand the charm of the 2014 Land Rover LR4 at first glance, even though it managed to snag the top spot in a recent quality survey. It’s a boxy relic from the past that hasn’t managed to keep up with the times. There’s sleeker more streamlined SUVs all over the place and it’s hard not to believe that this high-priced performance machine isn’t at least a little bit dated. That being said, the LR4 is very charming and once you climb behind the driver’s seat you’ll understand why so many people have already picked one up.

2014 land rover LR4

Design or Lack Thereof

The LR4 looks much the same as the original models of the vehicle. It’s very boxy and utilitarian. It has plenty of nice features packed into it, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at it. It still looks very rugged, but it could probably be streamlined quite a bit more to save on fuel use. Once you climb inside the cabin it’s obvious that the same straightforward design sense governing the exterior comes to play inside as well, but it’s a bit more refined.

You get neat clean gauge clusters, a center stack containing all the essential buttons and controls laid out in an easy to understand fashion. The seats are comfortable and soft-touch materials abound, but you won’t find many unexpected style cues in this vehicle. Land Rover sticks with design features that work well and create a neat and orderly interior that’s enjoyable to ride in.

Power and Handling

You can’t really begin to appreciate the LR4 until you get behind the wheel and take it for a ride. The 3.0 liter V6 engine is turbocharged and packs 340 HP with 332 lb.-ft. of torque available. The engine speeds this mammoth box up effectively, allowing you to go from 0 to 60 in less than 8 seconds. Getting up to highway speeds is a breeze and the eight speed automatic clutch keeps everything smooth along the way.

While driving around you can’t help but noticing how smooth everything is. The air-ride suspension takes the brunt of most bumps and you are left feeling like you’re travelling down a road much smoother than you actually are. The vehicle features all-time 4wheel drive giving it plenty of grip, even on poor terrain and during unexpected showers or snowy conditions. While driving you can let the auto clutch do all the work for you, or you can enjoy manual-esque controls using the paddle shifters. The one downside to the performance of the LR4 is its fuel economy. It only sees slight improvements from the previous version with 14 MPG City and 19 Highway. This gives it 16 MPG combined and only puts it at the same level as many V8 competitors, when it should be surpassing them.

2014 land rover LR4 Interior

The Interior

Inside the LR4 there is room for up to seven people to sit comfortably, courtesy of a rear jump seat. The two back rows of chairs fold down into the floor and provide you with up to 90.3 cubic feet of cargo space for any kind of hauling you want to do. The interior is nothing if not comfortable and versatile. One of the biggest benefits of driving around a big box is all the headroom you get, which should help tall passengers sit comfortably. The air-ride suspension gives you the ability to lower the vehicle at slow speeds with the push of a button for more enjoyable entry and exit.

Althoguh the LR4 isn’t jam pakced iwht luxury features it does come with a slew of modern amenities that you’d expect to see on a vehicle in its price range. It features keyless entry and push button start. You can use the included navigation system to navigate both on and off the road. There is also a Bluetooth connection and a USB port for iPhone devices. The media system features hands-free support making operating all the controls easier while behind the wheel. You get a standard radio package in the vehicle, but if you are willing to pay for the upgrade you’ll also receive a Sat and HD radio setup for enhanced luxury.

Safety Features

On top of all the standard safety features that are expected on modern vehicles such as traction control and airbags, the LR4 also comes with front and rear parking sensors making it much easier to get in and out of tight spots while in the city. If you aren’t against paying extra for added safety you can get active safety sensors that keep track of blind spots and help avoid frontal collisions. There is also an add-on package providing you with a surround camera system giving you a look of all the sides of your vehicle.

Offroad Capable

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more off-road capable vehicle than the LR4. It comes with an electronic terrain response system that allows you to switch the traction controls to handle different conditions. There is also an add-on heavy-duty package you can get to add in two speed transfer case providing two speed modes and a rock crawl setting for even more off-road capability. That air-ride suspension comes in handy here as well since it has a height enhancing feature lifting the vehicle a few more inches as long as you keep it under 25 MPH during use.

The LR4 isn’t a modern looking vehicle by any means, but it has all the capability to keep you safely on the roadn o matter what conditions you decide to tackle.  It’s incredibly comfortable and comes with most modern amenities and it features more than enough cargo space for just about anyone. Sure there are things to dislike in this Land Rover model, but for the right person it’s a real treat.


Land Rover May Start a Factory in the Southern U.S.

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Word has it that Land Rover is considering setting up a production plant in the United States. According to sources such as the NY Times, Land Rover has been asking around in Southern States such as South Carolina about the possibility of setting up a permanent plant in the area.

land rover factory








Adding New Jobs and Increasing Vehicle Production in the Area

While consumers in the United States shouldn’t expect highly discounted prices on Land Rover vehicles, they could safely assume that more models would be offered within the country and that they would be easier to get ahold of. Adding a plant into a state such as South Carolina would result in the production of up to 200,000 vehicles a year once at full capacity. This would add a huge number of jobs into the local economy and make their quality vehicles more available to the U.S. than ever before.

Why a US Plant

There are a few reasons that Land Rover could benefit by setting up shop in the U.S. The first is that they wouldn’t have to worry about paying tariffs any longer each time that a vehicle is imported into the area. This will lower their expenses considerably and enable the automaker to either earn more profit on each of their vehicles, or decrease the overall price of the car and increase the number of sales they make each year.

The second reason to set up a plant in the United States is that it would help them avoid additional risks and expenses caused by currency fluctuation. By dealing in two different currencies the automaker has to worry about how fluctuations will affect their profits and their ability to consider selling in the area.

Global Expansion

Representatives from Land Rover neither confirmed nor denied the claim that they were looking for a location to setup a plant in the United States, but they were willing to say that they are looking for more ways to expand the brand globally. While Land Rover is already a well-known brand in the U.S., building a permanent manufacturing plant in the area could help bolster sales further and possibly increase their foothold in the country further.

On top of considering expanding into the United States Land Rover has already made plans to open up a factory in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in 2016. It seems that they are serious about expanding around the world, and the United States may be one of the first expansion points with a long list to come later on.

Want to Travel to Space? Now’s Your Chance!

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Ever wanted to travel into space? You just might get your chance. Land Rover’s offering one person and three of their closest friends tickets on the Virgin Galactic shuttle up to the edge of space. Winners of the contest will enjoy a real launch that brings them out at the very edge of earth’s orbit for over two hours of space experience.

virgin galactic spaceship 2

How to Enter the Contest

Record a 30 second video about what the spirit of adventure means to you. It doesn’t matter if that means climbing Mount Everest or taking a trip to a new city an hour away. Explain what gets your pulse going and makes you feel alive. If the folks and Land Rover decide they like your video the best, you and three of your friends can be headed up to the edge of space aboard the Virgin Galactic space shuttle.

The Adventurous Spirit of Land Rover

Land Rover works hard to fuel the adventurous spirit of their customers by providing them with more off-road capable vehicles each and every year. They want drivers to stop taking the smooth easy paths and start venturing out into the wild. That’s why this competition goes so well with the Land Rover mentality. Nothing pushes the envelope more than charting a trip to space and looking down on the planet like you never have before.

Submitting Your Entry

In order to submit your entry go here, read over all the details and sign onto your Facebook account to build your spaceship. This is where you’ll choose who’s coming with you and how you can add your video to be judged for the competition.

This contest offers a once-in-a –lifetime opportunity. Stop sitting around and get your entry ready for a chance to fly out right at the very edge of space. Only a handful of people have ever been able to make it out into space, become one of that select group, and have a story to tell for the rest of your life. The contest is only set to last until the end of October so act now before the window passes.

The All New 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Land Rover recently announced the release of an all-new vehicle in a category catering to families. It’s known as the Land Rover Discovery Sport, and it falls into the Discovery lineup of family vehicles offered by the brand. This new vehicle is highly capable and makes a great successor to the LR2 model that they pushed for so long.

The Discovery Sub Brand

Land Rover made the decision to branch out and start offering some family-friendly vehicle variations to go along with their high-end offerings that many families aren’t willing to invest in. Instead of keeping the vehicles under the high-profile Range Rover nameplate, Land Rover has created the Discovery category instead. The Discovery Sport is a high performance addition to the Discovery lineup and it offers powerful performance at more acceptable rates, while offering nice family-friendly features as well.


This powerful vehicle offers all-wheel drive and makes a good solution for the LR2. This crossover is equipped with a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine that offers impressive efficiency numbers and snappy performance for the size of the vehicle.

This vehicle is built for usable performance on and off most roads. It comes with a careful suspension tuning for good dynamics on and off the road. The always-on four wheel drive system has high and low settings for driving on and off the road more effectively. This versatile vehicle can travel through water at a depth of 23.6 inches without any issue and offers a massive 240 HP in total power.

An Interior Built for Utility

Most luxury vehicles stop at seating for five which is good for most families and helps make sure everyone has large and comfortable seating from their vehicle. The Land Rover Discover Sport offers spacious seating for five, plus two additional children-sized seats at the back of the vehicle. This adds additional utility to the vehicle in a luxury segment that typically doesn’t have that much room available. The Discover Sport provides up to 66.9 cubic feet of storage space when the second row seats are folded flat into the floor making it easy to carry any furniture or other large items that you are interested in.

This Land Rover doesn’t slack on tech features either and comes with a few nice base features you’ll appreciate. The 8-inch touchscreen display gives you complete control over the advanced media system built into the dashboard. A powerful emergency braking system relies on stereo cameras to help the vehicle stay out of crashes at lower speeds, and to reduce damage taken at higher speeds.

Adding to the Discovery Family

While the Discovery Sport is the first vehicle to be added to the family it isn’t the last. Just as this first vehicle is designed to take the place of the LR2 the next vehicle being released under the Discovery name tag will be large enough to replace the ample seating provided by the LR4. The new vehicle will offer seating for seven adults, making it very comfortable and convenient to own when you want to carry around many people.

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is the first of many more to come in the new line of vehicles. Each will help provide important family features at a reasonable price. Families looking to add a new capable SUV to their home may want to look at the Discovery Sport before deciding on the right vehicle for them.

The 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR is a True Powerhouse

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Land Rover is following the current trend to produce turbocharged SUVs with its new Range Rover Sport SVR that it’s releasing in the coming months. This monster of a vehicle will have more than 500 HP on tap and a number of performance tailored alterations to make it feel more like a race car than an SUV.

2015 range rover








Pure Raw Power

The Range Rover Sport SVR is jam packed with pure raw power that can be tapped into with the lightest touch of the pedal. People aren’t buying this SUV because it’s an economic commuter, they want it for the power and power they’ll get. It comes crammed with the all-aluminum 5.0 liter V8 engine. This beauty produces 542 HP thanks to the supercharger it’s hooked to. It produces 501 lb.-ft. of torque and goes from 0 to 60 in just 4.5 seconds which is screaming fast for a decent sized SUV such as this. The vehicle manages 22.1 MPG combined and has a top speed of 162 MPH.

Not only is this SUV packed with power, but it sounds like it too thanks to the two-stage active exhaust. This exhaust system has adjustable valves that create sounds similar to a racecar while driving around. Between the screaming exhaust and the rumbling engine this SUV feels like the high-performance vehicle that it is while traveling down the road.


This SUV grips the roads remarkably well and retains control decently in wet conditions thanks to its all-wheel drive system. This technical setup relies on a revised ZF eight speed automatic transmission that may be controlled through paddle shifters or by the gearstick. This powerhouse is completely capable of going off-roading and comes equipped with constant four-wheel drive as well as a two speed transfer case. The center differential features an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch for increased control over tire power.

This mid-sized SUV is remarkably quick during acceleration and part of this can be attributed to an enhanced torque converter that Land Rover claims is 50 percent faster than the standard unit. This makes downshifts shorter and more audible than before.

The SVR is light and quick on its feet thanks to suspension adjustments making it a blast to take through tight little corners. It has an air suspension system with adaptive dampers and a set of stiffer and lighter components than the base model. A hydraulic pump transfers weight around the vehicle while cornering to dramatically reduce body roll and this system works in place of the standard roll bars.

A Powerful Look

The Range Rover Sport SVR is easy to identify from a standard model because it has a number of different design changes. IT comes with a larger front bumper that is equipped with bigger air intakes to feed the turbo. The new grille has an enhanced finish and the wheels have flashy flared arches. At the rear of the vehicle you’ll notice a spoiler to produce additional down force, and a quad exhaust system and a diffuser to keep it all running smoothly.

The 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR is destined to debut at the Pebble Beach event this weekend in California and then will be available for purchase from October on. It looks to be an exciting vehicle with a variety of new changes that should make driving it a blast.