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Jaguar Announces their Move into the Untapped World of SUVs

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Jaguar’s been in business since 1922 and over all that time they’ve built countless vehicles but never ventured into the world of the SUV, until now that is. For the first time the automaker is developing an SUV for their customers, and this has some experts asking if the move will cannibalize their sales from partner company Land Rover.

Jaguar C-X17

No Need to Worry About Losing Customers

According to careful research conducted by the Tata Group of India, the owner of Jaguar and Land Rover, not only will the new Jag SUV not steal customers form Land Rover, but most of the sales that this vehicle is capable of making will result from stealing customers away from competitors instead. This is essentially free money for the company and they are probably kicking themselves for not making the move sooner, or at least they will be if they pull it off successfully.

The reason that Jaguar and Land Rover won’t compete with one another with this new SUV is because they cater to very different customer bases. The Land Rover is known for being one of the most rugged vehicles out there, and outdoorsy types love to pick them up. The Jaguar SUV won’t be built for off-roading and will be nabbed by city-dwellers interested in a more family-friendly form of sporty, luxurious transportation.

Offers Classy Styling and Expected to Be Powerful

If the F-PACE looks anything like the C-X17 concept vehicle it’s based on it will be quite a classy looking ride. The concept crossover is streamlined and features a color that pops. The F-PACE is likely to follow a similar design scheme, creating a very fast looking SUV that’s lightweight and fun to drive. Drivers will want something that’s clearly a Jaguar, while offering more space than the typical vehicle does. This is likely what Jaguar is going to shoot for with their production.

Of course the interior of the Jaguar is going to be luxuriously appointed. It will likely have leather or a very high quality suede material used for upholstery. The C-X17 concept shows off a futuristic interior with touchscreen controls, a massive control knob and plenty of LEDs to light up the interior, but with as many features as there are packed into the cab it still manages to look very streamlined and clear like most Jag interiors and that’s a trend that I’m sure they will continue to build on.

No word about the power source has been released yet, but we expect it to include the 3.0 liter supercharged V6 that was received so well in the flagship XJL sedan. The engine produces 340 HP and delivers it in such a smooth and snappy way that it can’t help but being fun to operate.

Release Date

The F-PACE is expected to go on sale in 2016 and more information is likely to be released throughout 2015 as Jaguar continues development on their first SUV. It’s an exciting concept and should be something worth looking forward to.

A Look at the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy

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Jaguar recently released what they are calling the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy, and it is an exciting learning experience that teaches Jaguar owners how to harness the full power of their vehicle safely. The Academy teaches drivers in three different courses offering increasing levels of difficulty and excitement along the way. Jaguar owners can sign up to each of these courses one after the other, and improve their driving skills along the way. The courses are only available at select times, and you can sign up by dialing this number 1-866-513-7200.

jaguar performance academy

The Academy

When you sign up to any of the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy courses you are put into a vehicle with a professional driver and given the chance to push the car to its limits. While you are learning with the driver you will be instructed about how to improve the handling of the vehicle and how to truly get the most out of the car.

Drivers state that not only is the academy a fun experience to go through, but that they learn valuable driving skills that will help them be safer and more effective Jaguar drivers. The skills taught will help drivers cope with unexpected situations on the road, and give them the confidence to handle the vehicle more safely.

What You Get

When you sign up for the course you will have access to the car that you will be driving, a bunch of amenities at the track to keep you comfortable throughout the day, an array of helpful safety equipment including helmets to make sure that you are adequately protected as well as a reception event at the end of the evening.

Three Skill Levels

Jaguar offers three different training skill levels at their driving academy, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Every US Jaguar owner receives a complimentary Level 1 training course if they have purchased any of the below cars within the past 12 months. Any U.S. or Canadian licensed drivers over the age of 21 are eligible to purchase Level 1 of the course on their own for their first driving experience.

Eligible Vehicles

  • XFR
  • XFR-S
  • XKR
  • XKR-S
  • XKR-GT
  • XKR
  • XJ Supersport
  • XJL Supersport
  • XJL Ultimate
  • F-Type R Coupe

For anyone who goes through the Level 1 course and wants more of a challenge, the Level 2 experience can be purchased and taken subsequently. After Level 2 has been completed drivers can move up to Level 3 for an even more intense driving experience and plenty of additional instruction. Each of the courses is designed to test the driver while making them more familiar with the performance features of their specific Jaguar vehicle.

Get the Experience

The next driving experience will be available at Sonoma CA in February 2015. The Level 1 courses will be held between the 17th and the 19th. Level 2 courses are on the 18th through the 20th and the Level 3 courses will take place on the 21st. To get more information or to sign up to the next academy you can get in touch with the Driving Academy Concierge at 1-866-513-7200. Make sure that you reserve a spot now before they are all filled up.


Land Rover Eliminates Blind Spots Using Advanced Windshield Technology

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Blind spots are a dangerous part of driving and can be particular troublesome when you want to change lanes quickly. Jaguar Land Rover has developed new technology that turns the pillars around the vehicle translucent. When the technology is activated the various pillars around the vehicle can be made completely translucent, allowing the driver to see where he is going even when troublesome pillars are in the way. Each of the pillars around the vehicle will switch from opaque to transparent depending on driving conditions. When the driver looks behind his shoulder he’ll be greeted by an open view of the vehicles behind and in different lanes thanks to this technology.


How it Works

The pillars of the vehicle aren’t actually see-through at all, Land Rover is just using a clever illusion to make them look that way. Each of the pillars around the vehicle actually has a video screen built into it and cameras are set up on the outside of the vehicle to capture valuable visual data. The live feed from each camera can be initiated on the pillar to make it appear see-through, when it is actually just a screen showing a feed of the outdoors.

High Tech Windshield

The Windshield included on the vehicle is capable of displaying images as well and this technology is used to provide visual warnings, cues and helpful displays to keep drivers moving down the road in a safe manner. It will show warning messages, and is capable of projecting a ghost car as well.

Ghost Car Projection

If you’ve ever played a racing game that shows off the drivers with the fastest time in the form of a ghost car, this is the same concept that Land Rover is no using in their new virtual windscreen system. The system syncs up with the navigation system to create a virtual vehicle that follows the navigation directions. Now instead of looking down at a navigation display, or trying to follow the computer’s version of road names you can simply follow the ghost car in front of you along your route. This simplifies travelling and allows you to feel like you are following a well-traveled friend around town.

This technology is still in development at Land Rover, and it could be several years until it’s released on some of their vehicles, but the help it provides to drivers could make the act of driving a whole lot more enjoyable, especially in busy or fast-paced driving situations

A Look at the 2015 Jaguar XJ AWD

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The new and improved 2015 Jaguar XJ AWD offers a sophisticated look with cutting edge performance. It’s the type of car that you can be proud to drive around town, but that you won’t be scared to tackle snowy roads with, and that’s something that a lot of Americans would be glad to own.

2015 Jaguar XJ AWD


One of the most notable things about the XJ is its new look. It features a bold mesh grill and slim ultra-bright Xenon headlights that accentuate the strong lower portion of the vehicle. The thin roofline gives the vehicle a lightweight look up top offering a little bit of grace to this muscular machine.

Inside the cabin you’ll notice fine leather and quality manufactured across the front and back doors and wrapping up around the dash. Each vehicle comes standard with a panoramic glass roof, and features a classy analog clock inspired by a luxury wristwatch.


Thanks to the 3.0 liter supercharged V6 engine this Jag has plenty of power. The AWD system splits torque evenly during acceleration to provide the maximum amount of traction possible. All of this power is channeled through an eight speed automatic transmission that moves through the gears smoothly and offers an even rise in power when you stomp on the pedal.


This AWD vehicle handles superbly in a variety of conditions thanks to a lot of careful engineering. It defaults to 30 percent of the power at the front and 70 percent of the power at the back for an agile and lightweight feel while bolting around corners. Electronic sensors are constantly running and looking for loss of traction in tires around the vehicle so they can adjust torque levels to improve grip while driving. While driving in Winter conditions there is a Winter Mode setting on the vehicle that provides a more capable level of grip for slippery conditions. This helps you accelerate more evenly and brake safely on snowy roads.


As with any Jaguar the 2015 XJ AWD is supremely comfortable. It sits atop a lightweight aluminum architecture that provides those fast response times and enjoyable handling, but features magnesium and durable alloys to add to the stiffness of the frame. Thanks to the double wishbone front suspension and the air springs used in the rear multilink suspension the vehicle handles bumps and uneven surfaces with class, and you’ll feel like you’re riding along a much smoother road than you actually are.


The XJ is not short on fancy gadgets, and any techy will be glad to climb into the cabin. The gauge cluster and information display have been merged into one massive 12.3 inch widescreen high-definition display. The virtual gauges change position allowing different pieces of information and careful warnings to be display prominently while facilitating safe driving conditions. The media system as well as the climate control and a more car information menus can be accessed on the eight-inch touch screen display at the center of the vehicle. This has virtual menus that respond quickly and operate dynamically to make the most of that screen real estate.

Drivers and passengers can take a look at important digital communications, pay attention to navigation information and send and adjust the climate control all with this one screen. It connects through Bluetooth to mobile devices, offers several different audio setups, and is very usable for people new and skilled with technology. Both touchscreen systems offer voice controls as well, allowing the driver to take advantage of all those features safely.

The 2015 XJ AWD is a capable sedan meant to be driven all year long. It comes with more than enough space to carry children comfortably, but has a classy exterior that’s well-suited to arriving at business deals. It offers a nice mix between refinement and pulse-pounding performance, and there’s something for everyone to love in this car.


Jaguar Updates their Media Platform Enabling Advanced Voice Controls

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2015 model year Jaguar vehicles are receiving an updated media system with the InControl media platform. This advanced setup provides more capable voice controls to the user while giving them a simpler interface to rely on as well.

jaguar incontrol

How it Works

The brand new interface is run through the user’s smartphone and then makes the connection back to the vehicle from there. The application runs on the smartphone and is connected through a USB port. This connection allows the phone to communicate with the vehicle and connects the Internet to the car enabling many of the media apps. The phone is also connected to the car via a Bluetooth link, enabling phone audio to be played through the car speakers.

Simple Layout

The InControl media platform focuses on a simple look that’s easy to understand and use. The interface is split down the middle vertically, and it displays all the navigation information on the right and the other information on the left. The left side of the screen can be used to show off map data, text messages, audio system information and a variety of other details depending on what you are currently doing.

On the main screen you’ll have a set of important shortcuts on the left side of the screen, and your settings and input buttons are permanently locked in place at the bottom of the screen. By keeping the same layout throughout all the menus the system becomes intuitive to use and more enjoyable when you have to make quick decisions.

Voice Controls

Like a few other multimedia systems on the market today, voice controls are heavily integrated into the InControl system. With a simple press of the button you can easily give commands to control different system functions. You can say things like “Text Mary” and “I’m leaving now” or you can start a playlist simply by saying “Listen to Metallica”. The system is designed to be as easy to use as possible and it really makes controlling most of your vehicle’s media a hands-free affair. All the incoming information is read aloud, making it simple for you to react while driving safely.

This new advanced media system that Jaguar has started using is a major improvement over the old one. It offers more seamless voice controls and a much simpler menu that most people will find more enjoyable.


The 2014 Jaguar XKR-S-GT is an Impressive Upgrade to their Top Performance Car

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The writers and editors over at Car and Driver had nothing but nice things to say about the 2014 Jaguar XKR-S. This little beauty isn’t exactly a budget sports car, or even a mid-range beast at price of $174,925, but the performance it offers all but makes up for such a steep asking price.

2014 Jaguar XKR-S-GT

Pure Power

The 2014 XKR-S GT comes with a 5.0 liter V-8 that produces 550 HP and 502 lb.-ft. of torque. It bursts down the road from 0 to 60 in just 3.9 seconds according to Jaguar. The system is still tied to an aging 6-speed transmission but it manages smooth and dynamic performance in any track setting.

Enhancements from the XKR-S

Jaguar went far to really differentiate the XKR-S GT from their XKR-S sports car and the main way that the accomplished this is by enhancing the suspension and overall torsional stiffness of the vehicle. According to test drivers the vehicle just feels stiffer and handles more effectively than the XKR-S could ever hope to. This results in more confident driving and improved track times.

The XKR-S GT managed to go shave three seconds off the time delivered by the XKR-S. This may not seem like much but in just one single lap it’s a huge difference. To get a better idea of the difference in performance between these two vehicles, the average speed of the S was 114.8 MPH while the GT version managed a noticeably higher average of 120 MPH.

Price Difference

Sure this slight difference may not seem like it’s worth the additional $42,000 that Jaguar is asking for this vehicle, but for those looking for the highest levels of performance, there’s just something satisfying about driving one of the most capable cars that a automaker has to offer. For Jaguar that is undoubtedly the XKR-S GT. This car screams around corners with murderous intent. It looks sleek stylish, and maybe even a bit understated for the high level of power that it has on tap.

Beating out the Competition

One of the main cars that Jaguar set out to beat with the GT version of their XKR-S was Mercedes SL63 AMG. Their car managed to best Mercedes’ performance car by .5 seconds around the lightning lap, but there were sections that both vehicles acceled at.

Buyers with a high level of disposable income who are looking for Jaguar’s answer to the SL63 or Porsche’s 911 Turbo have no further to look than the XKR-S GT. This car is highly capable on the track and it looks great sitting in a driveway or garage. Of course it’s highly refine and it’s fun and comfortable to drive around town, but where it really shines is out on a track burning rubber and drifting around sharp corners at speeds other cars would be too terrified to attempt.

Jaguars Ten Most Iconic Cars

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Over the years Jaguar has released some really exciting and iconic cars, but what if you had to sit down and pick out the top ten from among the bunch? That’s exactly what Brian Johnson from AC/DC, Goodwood’s Lord March and Ian Callum (the Jaguar Director of Design) sat down and did. Together they came up with a list of some of the most influential and exciting cars that Jaguar has ever produced.

This list came out right before the release of the all-new Jaguar saloon, the Jaguar XE. The XE is the latest production car from the automaker and represents a mixture of refinement and power like most of Jaguar’s vehicles.



Look through the list of the most iconic cars and decide if you agree with the entrees or if there’s something you would change. Jaguar has so many outstanding examples that it’s difficult choosing just a few of the best. (These cars aren’t in any particular order and are just meant to represent some of the best that Jaguar created to date.)

1. SS100

jaguar ss100

This car was the first production car ever created by Jaguar capable of topping 100 MPH during standard driving. This classy convertible was a real powerhouse in its day.



2. XK120

jaguar XK120

The XK120 is a famous racing Jaguar that was driven by Pay Lyons (the daughter of Sir William Lyons) as well as Ian Appleyard to a variety of different rally competitions. The car has been involved in a variety of rally wins in the 1950’s and took victory at the Alpine Rallye des Alpes in both 50’ and 51’.


3. C-Type

jaguar c type

C-Type – There were only 54 original C-Type Jaguars ever produced making it a very rare car. This sleek vehicle was an original entry in the 1953 Mille Miglia open road endurance race and it wowed onlookers with its racing prowess.



4. D-Type

jaguar d type

This is another iconic race car that managed to win the 12 hour endurance race at Reims and placed sixth at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance competition with the same driver behind the wheel.



5. MK II

jaguar mk2The MKII was one of the first examples of the saloon-style car that Jaguar is so well-known for today.




6. E-Type

jaguar e typeThe very first production Jaguar car to reach 150 miles per hour and also the famous Jaguar “Works” press car.




7.  XJ13

jaguar xj13The XJ13 was the first Jaguar to utilize a V12 engine and was designed specifically for Le Mans, even though it never made it to the big race. This advanced vehicle has a rear-mounted motor and is just beautiful to look at.



8. XJ6 Series 1

jaguar xj6 s1

The series 1 XJ6 was a iconic car built in the 60’s and a favorite of Sir Williams Lyon. It was also a well-built vehicle and named Car of the Year its first year in 1968.




jaguar twr xjs

This little beauty is the car Tom Walkinshaw used for Jaguar in the 80’s. It’s the same car used to win the European Touring Car championship and just a well-built vehicle.




10. XJR – 9

jaguar xjr 9

Tom Walkinshaw used this to win at Le Mans in 1988 taking home one of the seven Jaguar victories. This streamlined features a massive spoiler and comes with the engine mounted in the back as well.

A Look at the 2015 Jaguar XF

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Jaguar recently released photos and information about the 2015 Jaguar XF and the vehicle looks like it has a lot to offer to drivers who can appreciate performance vehicles with a classic look. This car delivers more of the same when it comes to styling and a lot of great performance features to be excited about.


Power and Performance

When you pick up the Jaguar XF you get four different powertrain options to choose from. The four engines deliver 240 HP, 340HP, 510 HP and 550 HP respectively giving you a wide range of performance options to choose from. Each of these vehicles is coupled with an eight cylinder transmission providing smooth shifting and excellent acceleration.

At the bottom of the range the XF is still quick, but it doesn’t come with the same thrill as the top end cars do. You can drive comfortably in traffic and speed up on the highway without wanting for more power, but you probably won’t ever want to take this car near the track. At the top end you get a deep rumbling engine and a massive amount of torque for screeching acceleration and pulse-pounding performance. The price difference between the entry level engine at $69,000 and the top level XFR-S trim package at $106,643 is massive, but so is the difference in performance and features.

A Quality Interior

The XF interior is what you would expect from a Jaguar even down at the entry level trim packages.
The interior is a mixture of supple leathers and soft touch materials. The steering wheel, doors and dash are all decorated with a mixture of chrome and hardwood materials giving the car a very classy look. Jaguar nicely fuses a classic design with modern features giving the car a style all its own.

Room for Cargo

The XF comes with ample storage space for groceries, luggage or anything else that you might want to carry around. With 500 liters or 17.6 cubic feet of storage space you won’t have to worry about where you’ll keep basic items when taking trips or doing your daily errands.


This latest Jaguar is fitted with excellent safety features to help you stay safe while out on the road. Not only does it stand up to safety tests admirably, but it comes with features like electronic stability control and traction control to help steady the vehicle in poor driving conditions. It’s also fitted with a side blind zone alert system letting you know when approaching cars are in your blind spots, and an adaptive cruise control that lets you comfortably cruise on the highway without stepping on the brakes for every driver that decides to slow down in front of you.

While this vehicle is thrilling to drive around it probably isn’t going to be your daily driver in the colder months. If you’re looking for a strong all-year vehicle the 2015 Jaguar XF probably isn’t the right option for you even at the lower power levels thanks to its rear-wheel drive. It does make a very formidable driver when the weather’s nice. If you’re looking for a thrilling vehicle with power to keep you on the edge of your seat the 2015 Jaguar XF fits the bill perfectly.

Understanding Jaguar’s Keyless Entry System

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Understanding the Deployable Door Handles and Emergency Key Blade

When you drive a Jaguar you want it to be secure and convenient at the same time. That’s why it makes use of deployable door handles and is equipped with an emergency key blade system. If you take the time to learn both of these features you can get the most out of them and enjoy your vehicle more.

Many Jaguar vehicles are equipped with deployable door handles that add to the security of the vehicle while also making them more convenient to get in and out of. To deploy the handles before climbing into the vehicle simply touch the unlock button on the key fob and the end of the handle will slowly swivel out from within the vehicle so that you can pull it open and climb inside.


Deploying the Handle with Touch

If you forget to press the button while walking out to your car you can simply tap the end of the smart key on the front of the door handle and it will deploy granting you access to the vehicle. After you get up to speed the handles will retract automatically.

Locking the Vehicle Using the Handle

If you’re Jaguar is equipped with a keyless entry system you can quickly and easily lock it after climbing out using the driver’s door handle. To do this simply touch the end of the handle closer to the rear of the vehicle. You’ll notice that the handle retracts back into the vehicle and the car is now locked against intruders. By touching the handle in the same position again within three seconds you double lock it.

Making Use of the Emergency Key Blade

On rare instances you might run into an issue where your smart key is no longer functioning the way that it should be. This could simply because the batteries have died, or you may need to have a problem sorted out at your local dealership. Either way you are not prevented from getting into your vehicle just because the key is not working, you just need to learn how to make use of the emergency key blade.


Accessing the Keyblade

Each smart key comes with a key blade inside it that you can pull out to get into your vehicle. To get at the key blade slide the right portion of the smart key up and then pull it away from the other half of the key. It will come off exposing the key blade underneath. Slide this small metal piece out of the smart key and unfold it to create a working key for your vehicle.

Using the Key Blade to Gain Entry

This emergency key blade can now be used to get into your Jaguar vehicle. Press on the front of the door handle to deploy it and then pull the rear of the handle out to gain access to the lock within. Put the end of the key blade in the lock and turn it just as you would a typical key. The door will now open and an alarm will begin sounding.

Turning off the Alarm

To turn off the alarm you simply press your smart key flat up against the fascia of your jaguar to the left of the steering wheel. With the key pressed in place tap the Start/Stop button on the car and the alarm should stop sounding. If the alarm continues to go off try moving the key around while pressing the Start/Stop button. It won’t go off if the key is in the wrong position.


The New Jaguar F-Type R is a Real Powerhouse

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The latest Jaguar F-Type R lineup offers power-hungry vehicles that handle smoothly and offer luxurious interiors to boot. Jaguar has enhanced the body of one of their more powerful sports cars, to provide an even more enjoyable driving experience than before.

Jaguar Ftype R

Performance Features

Each of the F-Type Jaguar options are very fast, but they range in power starting with the standard V6 at 337 HP, to the V6S at 376 HP and finishing off with the massive V8 engine that offers an intimidating 542 HP that makes the vehicle very fun to drive.

The V8 option sprints from 0 to 60 in just 4.0 seconds and achieves a top speed of 186 MPH making this vehicle feel at home on any race track in your area. To rein in all this speed the vehicle is fitted with highly-effective carbon-ceramic brake pads. These massive steel brake systems offer improved stopping power and reliable performance over time which is something you need when you cram an engine this large into a sports car.

The additional rigidity offered by the enhanced Jaguar frame gave engineers room to enhance the overall drive quality of the vehicle by altering the springs. They increased the spring rates in both the front and back of the vehicle giving it a more dynamic feel without compromising on comfort or smoothness. These simple changes give the vehicle more agility than it had previously. It will also steer more precisely and offer a higher level of control to the driver.

Drive Quality

The F-Type is designed to glide smoothly down the road, but it doesn’t feel mushy like some of the sports cars out there. You can still feel the road under you as you travel, and the steering is highly responsive. Dynamic stability helps keep this overpowered car firmly planted on the road even around sharp corners, but you have the option of turning off this electrical aid if you want to really test the limits of this beauty. The car oversteers easily, and swings around sharp corners with glee. It’s well balanced and has a polish that stands out even among luxury cars. Looking around the interior it would be difficult to pick out anything that needed to be changed, and it’s rare to find that in a car today.

The base F-type offers plenty of power and a luxurious interior, but the F-Type R provides even more power for the true racecar experience. It doesn’t matter which version of this powerhouse you decide on, their all a blast to drive, and they are all built with that attention to detail that separates a Jaguar from your average run of the mill sedan.