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The Sleeker Sexier Jaguar F-Type

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The Jaguar F-Type is sexier and sleeker than ever, but sporty looks aren’t the only thing that the latest F-Type has improved on. The vehicle has a range of new and exciting features that customers will be looking forward to.

The 2016 Jaguar F-Type at the Chicago Auto Show
The 2016 Jaguar F-Type at the Chicago Auto Show

High Performance Audio

To make the package even more desirable Jaguar is including a 770-watt Meridian sound system. The system offers a superb surround experience and top audio quality that will make it even more enjoyable to listen to music while bolting down the road.

Improved Driving Mechanics

The F-Type is one of the few vehicles out on the market that still offers a manual transmission and they do it quite well. The manual shifts with precision and comfort. It’s fun to drive and a good solid option for anyone still looking for a manual in a newer vehicle. The one downside to opting for the manual is that it’s only available with the rear-drive versions of the vehicle. If you want the newly offered all-wheel drive system, you’ll have to choose an automatic transmission to go with it as well.

Updated Technology

Any tech enthusiasts will enjoy the tech upgrades Jaguar made to the new F-Type. It now comes with a range of Apple and Android functions that allow drivers to unlock and start the vehicle remotely. They can even roll down the windows of the car using the smartphone. This connected capability makes it easier than ever before to keep control of your car and make it perform the way you want it to. It of course will have improved media that will go along with that enhanced Audio system nicely.

More Power

Let’s face it, most people who buy the Jaguar F-Type like to go fast, and won’t object to more power. The top trim level of the F-Type, the R trim, has 55 more HP than before and is now sitting at 550 HP. It’s faster and more exciting to drive, and it’s now available in both coupe and convertible styles.

Sexier than Ever

All those enhancements are available without sacrificing the sexy sleek look of the Jaguar F-Type. The vehicle remains as compact and edgy as it’s always been. It’s got curves in all the right places. Exotic air scoops that cool the brakes while making the car more attractive to look at. It’s the F-Type shape at it’s best, and if you were just after a nice looking vehicle the F-Type would make sense for looks alone, even without factoring in all the other improvements the vehicle has.

There’s a whole slew of reasons to love the new Jaguar F-Type. It’s a major improvement on an already awesome car, and there’s more than enough reasons to trade in last year’s model for the next generation.

Jaguar Tests Wearable Tech at Wimbledon

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It’s no secret that Jaguar has been developing and testing wearable technology for drivers. They want to get more information from the people riding in and operating their vehicles. This technology could be used to make driving today safer, and make self-driving cars safer to operate as well in the future. To help advance that technology Jaguar decided to test some of their wearable equipment at Wimbledon to find out when the most exciting events were happening at the many different courts.

jaguar feel wimbledon 2015

The Theory Behind the Technology

Jaguar theorized that by getting biometric readings on many of the attendees at the Wimbledon games they could find out when the exciting stuff was happening at the many different courts. They simply strapped some of their scanners on a selection of the viewers and relied on the technology to switch between court views and to gather data throughout the event.

The Tech in Practice

If you visit the Jaguar Twitter Feed or take a look at the Wimbledon website it’s easy to see the technology in action. Jaguar shows exciting snippets from the various events throughout Wimbledon and they are all based on valuable biometric feedback that the company’s devices collected. It gives viewers more insight into how people at the event feel and lets fans look back on important events they have missed as well.

The technology simply explains the collective feelings of tech wearers during specific events that occur during the match. You can find out when someone was anxious, exhilarated, focused and even feeling insightful. This is all information that the automaker could collect from drivers as well to learn more about them and adjust the way a vehicle responds.

Translating the Technology into the Automotive World

While it’s pretty cool to see how Wimbledon fans feel at the event as they are watching matches unfold, it’s even cooler to think about how Jaguar is going to make use of this technology in its own products later on. Soon vehicles will take biometric information into account to help the driver make better decisions and to keep them safe while out on the road. It’s expected that the technology will help alleviate tired driving issues, and problems that occur from things like road rage or even distracted driving.  As Jaguar gets real world testing information from events like Wimbledon the company is demonstrating its technology while gathering useful data that will help to make that technology even more effective over time.

The 2017 Jaguar XE and its Potent Variations

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Jaguar is planning on releasing a new version of their XE in 2016 and the XE-R performance edition of the vehicle is expected to be particularly potent. This sedan sits at the lower end of the family range and is designed to compete with the BMW 3-series. Buyers can get a wide range of performance levels from the vehicle, starting at 180 HP and working its way all the way up to 488 HP generated by the R model.

2017 jaguar xe

Performance of the XE-R

The vehicle comes with a potent supercharged 5.0 liter V-8 that generates 488HP and a total of 461 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s expected to travel from 0 to 62 MPH in less than five seconds which is pretty impressive. In order to give the vehicle a more aggressive drive feel and improve its handling it benefits from a set of retuned suspension dampers and some other suspension changes that haven’t been named yet.

Even More Power To Come

Even though the Jaguar XE is already quite formidable Autocar still believes that Jaguar will release an enhanced version of the XE later on as part of the Special Vehicle Operations division that was recently started at Jaguar. This will help the automaker compete with the likes of Cadillac that continues to release more potent versions of their standard vehicles.

The Standard Version

If you aren’t looking for a high performance car, and would rather have something stylish to ride around town in then you might consider the XE-20d instead. This is the base XE model in the lineup and comes fitted with a conservative diesel engine that creates 180 HP and 318 lb.-ft. of torque for fast, but not aggressive, performance. Next after the base model is the XE 35t that comes with a supercharged V6 that allows the car to travel from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, which means the XE-R has to be even faster than that.

If you’re looking for a compact luxury vehicle the 2017 Jaguar XE could be just the thing for you. Pricing information hasn’t been released yet, but the top XE-R is expected to compete with the BMW M3 which means that a price of around $60,000-$68,000 is likely, so the other models should be more affordable than that.


The New Jaguar F-Type SVR May Provide More than 600 HP

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Jaguar is currently working with their Special Vehicle Operations unit to come up with an SVR variant of the F-Type. The car is expected to have around 600 HP and could possible even exceed that figure. That would be higher than anything Jaguar or Land Rover has ever offered to the public before. With the F-Type’s continual climb up from its base power offering of 335 HP it only makes sense that it would top out over the 600 HP mark with the SVR model.

jaguar ftype r
F-Type R


Even at launch there was a 5.0 liter supercharged V8 option that provided 500 HP to buyers looking for a thrill. From there Jaguar went on to offer the F-Type R with 550 HP, then the Project 7 Roadster with 575 and it only makes sense for the F-Type SVR to take another step forward up to that 600 figure. Not only is that an unprecedented level of power to put into the compact F-Type, but it also gives buyers a large range of power levels to choose from.

Large Variety of Power Levels

The base F-Type offers just 335 HP, which is a decent amount for a car of its size. The release of all the other power editions of the vehicle offer plenty of variety to buyers. Whether you want the 335 or something closer to 600 HP there is an option that you can choose. For buyers who aren’t too familiar with different vehicle power levels it makes sense to test drive all the variants until you find one that you enjoy. With so much variety it’s possible to get exactly the right fit, which is a pretty cool feature in Jaguar’s latest offering.

Sticking it to Competitors

The SVR variant of the Jaguar F-Type comes with enough power to compete with most sporty vehicles out today. It’s expected to eclipse vehicles like the Porsche 911 Turbo S and the Mercedes-AMG GT S. It will even keep up with hyper cars like the Audi R8 V10 Plus and the Aston Martin Vantage GT12.

The only real question left to ask about the SVR other than the exact power level is what shape of
F-Type it’s going to be. Will it be a coupe or convertible and will it be all-wheel drive or rear-wheel. These are all details that have yet to be released, but will make a big difference in how well the car sells and who’s interested in it when the time comes.

You Can Choose High Performance or Fuel Efficiency with the 2017 Jaguar XE

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The 2017 Jaguar XE is a cool looking car no matter how you look at it. It’s got the standard sedan look with a touch of muscle and a dose of class. It’s the type of refinement that big spenders are happy to have, but it’s not quite as flashy as some other models like the F-Type. One pretty unique feature with the 2017 Jaguar XE is the two different engine options it comes with. They’re at odds with one another. One is for power and performance, and the other is focused purely on fuel efficiency. That means if you pick up the 2017 XE you can decide to have something efficient, or something high powered and thrilling to drive.

jaguar XE 2017

The Fuel Efficient Choice

Most Americans have begun to realize just how efficient and reliable modern diesel engines can be. The efficient option offered with the 2017 XE is a 4-cylinder turbo diesel, and it puts out a decent 180 HP and 318 lb.-ft. of torque. The car climbs from 0 to 60 in 7.4 seconds, so it probably won’t be winning any street races anytime soon, but it’s not slow either. The key element of this vehicle is that it’s fuel efficient. Specific FDA fuel efficiency numbers aren’t’ available yet, but it’s the most efficient powertrain that Jaguar has ever offered in the states.

The Performance Option

If you’re like many Jaguar buyers who aren’t too concerned with fuel efficiency you can opt for a more powerful engine that has quite a bit more bite. The XE is also offered with the same engine that comes in the F-Type. The 3.0 liter supercharged V6. It provides a massive 340 HP and 334 lb.-ft. of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 60 in just 4.9 seconds and hits a limited top speed of 155 MPH. The XE 35t engine is clearly the more exciting option, but it won’t be nearly as fuel efficient and probably not as practical as an everyday driver either.

Both engine options that are offered with the 2017 Jaguar XE are compelling and special in their own way. The diesel engine would be a pretty good everyday driver and great for efficient highway cruising. The powerful supercharged V6 will be a blast to drive around and give the XE that true sports car feel.

Jaguar Sets up an Advanced Tech Lab in Portland

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Jaguar is able to offer the modern technology that they do to their drivers because of their commitment to advancing their tech. The automaker now has an advanced automotive lab setup in Portland where they are hoping to hire an additional 50 engineers. The lab’s designed to test and improve upon existing automotive technology while figuring out what’s coming next.

jaguar portland lab

The lab comes with a large curved driving simulator to give the engineers a chance to look at what their tech will really look like once operational. When you walk into the building the first thing that you’ll notice is computers everywhere. They are on nearly every desktop throughout the building and the engineers are busy working away on new enhancements. Within the building they can build and adapt new tech and test it out on the simulator and in actual Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles that are also located in the facility. This offers a convenient environment to adapt and enhance driving technology in.

Safety Challenges

With each new technological development for vehicles there is always going to be that element of concern for driver safety. Smartphones are continually distracting drivers and causing accidents, it’s important to Jaguar and other automakers that their new tech isn’t going ot do the same. That’s why the engineers are always careful to create options with voice controls and other features that avoid taking driver’s eyes away from the road. They state that the tech allows drivers to do what they want in their vehicles while remaining safe, and that’s very important to the industry.

jaguar portland lab 2

The Cool Tech

At the facility the engineers are working on advanced navigation systems with simple green lines projected on the screen for drivers to follow. Imagine playing a game and following the simple display guides through a city. The tech works much the same, only you are navigating real life situations. The tech lets you look out the windshield for all your directions and helps drivers stay safer than ever while getting where they want. There is another feature that displays the current speed limit even when the view of a local road sign is impeded while driving. The car will always know how fast you should be going and with a quick glance to the screen so will you. Jaguar also developed a Ghost Car navigation system that works much the same as the green line but you are following a holographic car rather than lines making it feel even more natural.

The auto industry is well-known for being behind when it comes to cutting edge technology and that includes luxury brands like Jaguar and Land Rover as well. It’s through dedicated labs and lots of development that Land Rover hopes to get back to the forefront of technology and by working with top companies in the tech industry like Intel they shouldn’t have any problems. Some of the latest Jaguar and Land Rover tech is already highly impressive, and as their new Portland Lab grows and develops the tech is only going to keep coming and getting more impressive.

Jaguar Shows off All the Aluminum Used in the 2016 XF

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Jaguar chose to use the recent NY International Auto Show to demonstrate the 2016 Jaguar XF. The new car has plenty of notable changes, but the most important of all is the increased use of aluminum in both the body and the frame to make it more lightweight and ridged. The XF is supposed to launch at the end of the year and when it does buyers will enjoy having a vehicle that relies heavily on lightweight aluminum for its construction.

2016 jaguar xf

Improved Look

While I wouldn’t call the new look of the 2016 Jaguar XF revolutionary, it is clearly improved even if those improvements are pretty subtle.  Sleeker, nice lines on front, led headlamps, The car body is a bit sleeker with more pronounced lines up front to help bring out the LED headlamps a bit more. Overall it just looks a bit more like a coupe with a nice streamlined shape.

More Streamlined

Jaguar went through great lengths to improve the aerodynamics of the latest XF model. They included air vents in the front bumper of the vehicle to allow more airflow and to circulate air over the front wheels. The automaker also redesigned both the roof and bonnet of the vehicle for reduced drag. To top it all off the front end of the vehicle is more vertical than before and there’s a shorter front overhang for improved airflow overall.

Increased Aluminum Construction

The improved aerodynamics should help make the vehicle more efficient, and the improved looks are nice, but what buyers should really take note of is the increasingly aluminum construction of the vehicle. All of the aluminum used throughout the body and the frame resulted in weight savings of about 265 lbs. between this model and the last. Much of the body is made of aluminum, and parts of the frame are made from a mix of aluminum and high-strength steel and magnesium alloys. Not only is the body of the vehicle significantly lighter, but it’s also 28 percent stiffer than the previous model for improved driving dynamics.

Quieter Ride

One of the best things about many luxury vehicles is how quiet they are inside. Jaguar is working to improve sound deadening capabilities further and they made the XF even quieter. In order to block out more road noise Jaguar used a new analysis technique and added heat-expanding foam into the cabin. These two measures create a noticeably quieter ride in an already quiet vehicle.

Tech Gadgets

Like any modern Jaguar the 2016 XF comes with a slew of advanced driving features and systems. The car has electric power assisted steering that’s designed to compensate for roadway irregularities. The system helps make steering feel more fluid. The car has a traffic sign recognition system that helps make the driver aware of the current speed based on what local speed limit signs say. The system works using a small camera built into the front of the vehicle. The XF has an auto emergency braking system and comes with an adaptive dynamics system that helps the vehicle maintain good stable handling characteristics in adverse weather and other less than ideal driving situations.

When the XF 2016 is released later this year it should be a noticeable improvement to last year’s model. It’s lighter, more powerful and better designed for efficiency. Not to mention that the car’s more attractive to look at making it quite the overall package.

Jaguar Land Rover is Planning an All Electric Vehicle

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Jaguar Land Rover is planning on producing an electric vehicle in the next couple years, but word is that they aren’t sure whether it will be badged as a Land Rover or a Jaguar vehicle. Either way the vehicle is expected to be a large SUV with enough space for a larger battery pack and a more robust electric power system.

land rover defender

Building on the F-Pace Framework

If the electric vehicle ends up being a Jaguar model it’s likely that it will be based on the F-Pace framework that hasn’t yet been released. If the vehicle is built on top of this framework then it’s likely it will have a performance slant that makes the vehicle more suited to track use than off-roading. Either way the electric model could be something very exciting and not just Jaguar fans will be lining up to take it for a spin.

The Defender Experiment

Jaguar isn’t new to electric vehicles and they actually released an electric experiment known as the Defender just two short years ago. This boxy SUV was built with a 94 HP engine that produced a pretty sizeable 243 lb.-ft. of torque. Just seven of these vehicles were ever constructed and word is that they performed pretty well too. If the information is true the Defender was able to handle all the rough terrain that the standard diesel-powered system could.

Releasing An Electric Model in Two Years

The new battery-powered vehicle from Jaguar Land Rover isn’t expected to be released until 2018, and a plug-in hybrid should be put out first in 2017. The actual release date depends on how long the hybrid takes to be completed and how well it does once it actually debuts.

If everything goes according to plan, and the rumors are true then there should be an all-electric SUV released around the globe with either a Jaguar or Land Rover badge attached. It’s likely to be a very rugged vehicle that will be at home on dirt roads, but there’s always the possibility that the vehicle will be designed with performance in mind more than ruggedness. Either way, if the vehicle does well there will likely be a whole slew of all-electric models in the works.


Jaguar Unveils their New Bike Sense Warning System

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Jaguar recently showed off its new technology known as “Bike Sense”. It’s a warning system that is designed to help drivers be more aware of their surroundings and potentially protect bikers who are on the road. The system relies on a variety of different warning mechanisms to make drivers more aware, and to overcome many of the issues that put bike riders at risk while out on the road.

land rover bike sense

Getting the Drivers Attention

In order to make sure the driver is aware of the problem that the system detects he is hit in three different senses. He will hear the sound of a bicycle bell, see red and yellow LED flashes and feel a vibration on the shoulder. These three systems come together to ensure that every Land Rover driver is well aware of his or her surroundings while travelling out on the road.

Providing Specific Feedback

Getting the driver’s attention isn’t enough to provide a safe driving environment. The system also has to let the driver know what the problem is and where it is as fast as possible. The LED’s used to provide a signal are in green, yellow and red. The color lets the driver know how close the issue is to the vehicle. The shoulder tap comes from within the driver’s seat, and it can occur on either the right or the left depending on where the problem is. These two systems effectively let the driver know how close the threat is and which side of the vehicle it’s on in a matter of moments. This lets the driver react instinctively and should help create a safer driving environment.

Jaguar’s Bike Sense system is just one of the latest safety technologies that they’ve been showing off recently. They have also been developing a holographic windshield that shows off driving directions and a special system that makes vehicle pillars effectively see-through to prevent blind spots. Jaguar hasn’t spoken about whether or not they plan on implementing these systems anytime soon, or at all for that matter, but it’s clear that safety matters a lot to them. While introducing this technology in the small lineup of vehicles that Jaguar sells won’t make a huge difference overall, if it leads to major trends in the industry it could make a real difference. The new technology makes vehicle drivers more responsible for accidents that occur between them and cyclists, and that’s a good thing for bike riders.

The 2015 Jaguar FType is a Snow Machine

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Most people, including me, assume that snow-covered roads are no place for a sports car. While that may be the case for some vehicles, the rear-wheel drive 2015 Jaguar F-Type is putting that myth to rest a bit. Journalists from NY Daily News took out the F-Type for a three-day trip around the northeast, and what they expected to be a unnerving trip was actually very relaxing and more than enough to impress them.

2015 jaguar ftype

The F-Type Outfitted for Snow

To be fair the journalists weren’t operating a standard F-Type straight out of the factory. The car received a single modification, a pair of Blizzak snow tires. The tires are designed to be more pliable in cold temperatures and has deeper more aggressive tread for biting into snowy roadways effectively. This slight change was all that was needed to prepare this stunning sports car to charge down snowy back roads, that even some SUVs would be intimidated by.

How it Handles Snow

The journalists describe hitting their first powdery roadways as an unnerving experience, and they had momentary regrets, but once on the powder they realized just how capable the F-Type is. Once the dynamic drive is set to “Snow” the vehicle adjusts throttle and braking characteristics to help provide solid performance on roads that provide minimal traction. Overall the experience was described as uneventful. There were a few handling differences in snowy conditions, but they were minimal. Braking is dampened a bit, making it vital to start slowing down earlier. Steering is dulled a bit as well and more gradual cornering is necessary, but only to a slight degree.

What’s most surprising about the trip is that the 2015 Jaguar F-Type seems just as capable as most all-wheel drive sedans and SUVs in the snow. Maybe the credit should go to the Blizzak winter tires, but northern buyers should be aware of the fact that they don’t necessarily have to garage their little beauty all winter, but instead can bring it out to play with confidence.

Jaguar has confirmed that much of their F-Type lineup will also be available with all-wheel drive in the future. That modification promises even more sure-footed handling than the rear-wheel drive vehicle has, but surprisingly it isn’t necessary. Northern drivers who plan to operate the vehicle in the snow on a yearly basis would probably want to spring for the upgrade, but for the occasional drive in the snow the rear-wheel setup is more than enough.

With 380 HP on tap and its lightweight and aerodynamic body the F-Type is still a sports car at heart, but it’s not as limited as most people would assume. The vehicle is just as capable as most sedans and even many of the trucks and SUVs when it comes to inclimate weather, and that sells us on it even more than it’s sexy lines and curvy appeal.