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Infiniti Takes a Step to Improve its Engine Creation Process Even Further

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Infiniti vehicles are known for being high quality, but the latest Infiniti engine plant is taking things a step further and really pushing for high quality standards that you won’t see in many other high-production facilities around the world. The workers are trained more carefully, and an environment for quality production is carefully maintained throughout the build process.

Die neue 6 - und 8 Zylinder Motorengeneration  2010

About the Plant

Nissan recently opened up a plant designed to supply Infiniti with the engines that the company needs in Dercherd Tennessee. The plant is capable of producing up to 250,000 engines each year, and it’s able to do this while maintaining high levels of quality.

Top Quality Employees

To ensure that employees know what they are doing when they work with the machines to put together the quality engines, each worker has to learn how to hand-build a complete engine. By sending the workers through this rigorous training program, they each learn how an engine works and how to put it all together. It’s a step that might not seem very important to most automakers, but the executives at Infiniti understand that the only way a worker can confidently help with engine construction is if they understand how the entire engine goes together. By teaching every worker how to construct an engine, Infiniti is creating a plant of problem solving experts who can fix issues as they arise, and who understand how important every step of the engine creation process is.

The Training Program

Japanese plant workers are very familiar with the idea of takumi, or craftsmanship, and each new Infiniti worker spends their first week in takumi training. They will spend time learning about the engine, and then going through all the steps to build one by hand. This comprehensive training gives workers not only the knowledge about what a working engine should look like, but also what it should feel like. They understand what a machines piston should feel like, and what the correct torque of a cylinder head feels like. This makes it easier to troubleshoot things when problems arise.

Lowering Sound Levels

When trying to troubleshoot failing mechanical equipment it’s helpful to be working in a quiet environment. That’s why in the new Decherd Tennessee plant extensive measures were taken to lower sound levels throughout the building. A noisy area of the factory where pallets are washed was completely enclosed, and all the parts cars received soft rubber wheels instead of the hard wheels to lower their clatter during movement. The quieter environment makes it possible for workers to hear problems and report them to a maintenance specialist to fix the issue before parts are harmed by the defect.

Infiniti has always been known for producing top quality vehicles, but the added effort to make the engine process even better in their latest plant, will only serve to increase reliability, and improve the future perception of the automaker. It’s an impressive show of dedication to quality, and the need to stand apart from the competition.

Infiniti Creates Music from Vehicle Noises in Chromatic

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Vehicles of all types make noises all the time while travelling down the road. Most people consider these noises to be nothing more than a nuisance, but car enthusiasts know differently. They can see the beauty in the purr of a performance engine as it sprints around a tight turn, or the note of exhaust ejected from the vehicle. The professionals at Infiniti Middle East happen to side with the enthusiasts, and they worked with Betamax to put together an audio soundtrack known as “Chromatic” that showcases all the wonderful sounds made by their vehicles.

infiniti qx80

This is what Betamax, a well-known global producer, had to say about the project. “When the idea was first brought to me, I was excited” but “it was definitely going to be a challenge.” He goes on to talk about his love for music and cars and how blending the two together with one of the industries most competent automakers was a chance to challenge himself creatively. The end-result is decidedly impressive.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack sounds like an interesting blend between techno and elevator music, and it has a decidedly upbeat tone to it. The surprising thing about this track is that every sound and note within came from one of the Infiniti model lineup. Notes were taken from a set of vehicles and then put together to make a unique form of music, for nothing more than artistic expression. If you’re interested in hearing the sound you can get a taste of it by listening to the video below. It’s surprisingly enjoyable and will make you look at the Infiniti vehicles and the sounds they produce in a whole new way.

Vehicles Used to Make the Album

Four different model vehicles were used in the creation of this performance. The QX80, QX70, QX60 and the Q50 sedan were all utilized for their unique sounds. These models were also used for their visual style characteristics and play a major role in the production of the video.

The Visuals

When you watch the video produced by Infiniti one of the first things you’ll notice is all of the interesting visuals going on. These were all created by Misha Shyukin, a talented animator and videographer, who was charged with taking design elements from each of the Infiniti models and infusing them with a middle eastern arabesque flare to create a new look and feel. More than 150 different designs are featured throughout the video, and each was developed using the Infiniti vehicles as the base to build off of.

The overall project took eight months to complete and the above video is the result. It shows that even the sporty cars produced at Infiniti can produce musical notes, and when all their sounds are harnessed properly they can be pretty impressive to listen to.


Both the 2015 Infiniti Q50 and Q70 Receive IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus

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Recently the International Institute for Highway Safety or the IIHS announced that the 2015 Infiniti Q50 and Q70 models each received the highest possible safety rating from the organization, a Top Safety Pick+. In order to receive this rating the cars each have to have a wide variety of advanced safety features and be built with a solid frame that stands up to crash impacts effectively.

2015 infinit Q50

What the Rating Means

In order to be eligible for the top rating from the IIHS the vehicle given the title needs to get at least a good in the moderate overlap front test, a side impact, roof strength and the head restraints test. On top of all of those, the vehicle also needs a good or acceptable in the small overlap front test in order to qualify for the rating. Finally the vehicle must have an advanced front crash technology system in place, such as the forward emergency braking system installed in both the Q50 and the Q70, in order to help prevent an accident from occurring in the first place.

Forward Emergency Braking

The forward emergency braking system helps make drivers aware of possible danger up ahead by issues audible and visual alerts before a possible impact occurs. The vehicle also partially presses down on the brakes in order to lessen the blow from an impact or prevent it from happening altogether. If the driver doesn’t take the hint right away the system intensifies the warnings and presses down harder on the brakes to help reduce damage taken in a crash.

On top of helping a driver remain aware of the dangers right in front of them, the system from Infinit also has the capabilities to see when the driver in front of the car you are following may be getting ready to slow down. The car can provide the driver with warnings when traffic may slow down soon so that they can be ready to press down on the brake and reduce the risk of a collision.

After the announcement was made by the IIHS, Michael Bartsch, Infinit America’s Vice President had this to say about the brand. “Infiniti’s suite of technology features have always been designed to enhance the experience of driving, not take away from it, and with world’s first systems like Predictive Forward Collision Warning, we intend to help make it safer as well. IIHS’ recognition of our efforts is an honor and reinforces our commitment to be leaders in this field.”

Additional Safety Features

The Q50 and Q70 come with all the standard safety feature sthat you would expect from a luxury sedan, but they also come with some additional safety technologies as well. Active Lane Assist helps keep the car from drifting into other lanes when the driver becomes distracted. The vehicles also come with supplemental airbags that offer added protection to both the driver and the passenger of the vehicles. An adaptive cruise control system, as well as Blind Spot Intervention are also available as upgrades if you decide that you want them.

Each of these Infiniti models are very safe to drive and offer excellent luxury options to drivers looking for a safe mode of transportation that offers a luxury experience as well.

Infiniti Has Serious Flagship Potential with their Q80 Hybrid

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Infiniti has always come second to brands such as BMW and Audi and that’s mostly because of the automakers lack of a serious flagship vehicle. Sure they have cars like the Q70 that can stand up against some of the higher-end vehicles, but they aren’t going toe-to-toe with them, and that’s why Infiniti keeps getting heaped in with automakers like Acura. With their latest concept car, the Q80 Hybrid concept, they hope to change that conception for good.

infiniti q80 hybrid

The Q80 Hybrid Concept

This long-sleek car is a full-sized sedan, but sits much lower to the ground than most sedans do. It features dramatic contours and looks like a car straight from the future. It comes equipped with a heavily tinted panoramic sunroof that stretches from windshield to the rear window giving it a smooth look that builds that futuristic appeal even more. The rear doors of the car are marked as “suicide doors” and feature rear hinges providing a wide open view of the interior with both front and rear doors open at once.

Impressive Power

The styling of the Q80 Hybrid will win hearts, but it’s the performance that’s going to captivate the most. Between the electric motors and the twin-turbo 3.0 liter gasoline engine this car puts out 550 HP. Thanks to the electric motors adding more power to the car it manages 553 torque, more than its horsepower figure, something that’s nearly unheard of in a gas-powered vehicle.

Turbo lag would have normally been an issue with a twin-turbo configuration, but the lithium-ion powered electric motor helps fill in the gaps during acceleration giving the car a smooth and even response throughout the range. It makes use of a 9-speed automatic, has a top speed of 155 and manages to go from 0 to 60 in just 4 seconds, while maintaining a combined fuel rating over 30 MPG. This is the type of car you can have a blast driving without paying obscene gas prices to do it.

Advanced Features

The Q80 hybrid comes with all the features you would expect a premium vehicle to have. From touchscreen operated controls, to a heads-up display and departure and blind-spot protection, this vehicle looks just as modern inside as it does out.  It even has the capability of driving itself to a certain extent. It will prompt the driver asking things like if the driver wants to stay behind the current car or pass them.

The Q80 is a true flagship car that Infiniti could stand behind and gain a lot of ground on the competition. Hopefully, if they decide to release the vehicle they maintain its sleek looks and most of its performance capabilities. If they do this they will have a true winner on their hands.

The 2014 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid : A Tech Driven Experience

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2014 Infiniti Q50

If you enjoy driving the most technologically advanced vehicles you won’t find much better out on the road today than the 2014 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid. This car is equipped with enough advanced technology to provide several different driving experiences in one. It’s focus is on providing a customized and convenient user-experience, and for the most part it delivers.

A High Degree of Personalization

Personalized keys can be issued for a 2014 Infiniti Q50 that has more than one regular driver. The electronic keys open up the door of the vehicle and configure it to the driver’s personal preferences. Each key is capable of storing mirror positions, the driver’s seat adjustment and steering wheel position.  On top of that it will also remember your radio presets and your HVAC preferences. Impressive as these features are, they seem commonplace upon learning that the key can store steering feel presets, shift logic and throttle response to completely alter how the Q50 feels to drive. That means you can have that tight sporty feel or an easy cruising setup depending on your preferences.

Direct adaptive steering,

The Direct Adaptive Steering system that the Infiniti Q50 uses is what makes it possible to adjust steering. Turning the steering wheel generates digital signals that pass through the vehicle and those signals are used to control how the car moves. By passing this information through a computer the car can adjust steering dynamics based on user preference. Even though the steering wheel doesn’t have a direct link to the wheels it’s highly responsive and can feel very sporty. In order to keep the system safe the steering wheel can control the vehicle even if power is lost, so no worries there.

An added bonus to this disconnect between the steering wheel and the wheels of the vehicle is the ability to cut out the bumps and jolts delivered by the road in the steering wheel. This gives the vehicle an easy gliding feel even while driving over early-spring potholes.

Advanced Safety

Not all the features on the Q50 are integrated for convenience however, the active lane keep assist is a great safety feature that every car should have. This system relies on a set of cameras to let it know where the lane lines are on the road. The car uses that information to help make sure the vehicle stays in between its lane lines. If it starts to drift in one direction the wheel automatically turns it back the other way so subtly you probably won’t even know it’s happening. With this technology activated it’s easy to track right down the center of most lanes even without hands on the wheel.

By relying on similar technology the Q50 can help you avoid fender benders as well. The cameras at the front of the car scan the road for vehicles ahead and can adjust your speed to help avoid collisions even when the driver up front slams on their brakes. Everyone has a moment where they aren’t paying attention as much as they should be, this system helps keep that from being such a danger. Be sure to step on the brake when the system beeps at you though, because after it comes to a complete stop it deactivates and you will begin rolling forward unless you hold the brake down yourself, so it’s not foolproof.

Whether you want a smooth rolling cruiser or an edgy sports car you can get the feeling of both vehicles when you drive around in the 2014 Infiniti Q50. If you opt for the hybrid version you get a very respectable level of fuel efficiency for a sports car, and no matter how you choose you will likely enjoy the Q50.


Infiniti Releases Teaser of Q50 Eau Rouge Engine Roar

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Infiniti has today released a new preview of the Q50 Eau Rouge concept – the sound of premium automotive performance. The identity of the big personality engine with forced induction under Eau Rouge’s sculpted and vented hood will be revealed at the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show, but it can be heard now in a new video clip released by Infiniti.

The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge concept was revealed at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show in January as a design vision for a high-performance variant of the Q50 premium sports sedan. Now, after significant interest from the public, Eau Rouge boasts an almighty powertrain that suits the aggressively styled and motorsport-influenced exterior.

The most powerful Infiniti ever has not been confirmed for production, but Infiniti will continue to listen to feedback from potential customers.

“With its Formula One-inspired carbon fiber bodywork, we thought it only fitting the Q50 Eau Rouge’s beating heart was suitably sporting. Our engineers have perfectly captured the tone of Infiniti’s take on premium performance, and a car that is as impressive as the Q50 Eau Rouge sounds is surely a car to challenge performance cars in the premium sector,” said Johan de Nysschen, President of Infiniti Motor Company Limited.

Infiniti will hold its 2014 Geneva International Motor Show press conference at 11:00 am CET on Tuesday, March 4.

Let us know what you think of its sound.

Infiniti Honored with Two 2014 Best New Technology Awards from AJAC

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At the Montreal International Auto Show, Infiniti was presented with both “Best New Technology” awards by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC). The Direct Adaptive Steering and Predictive Forward Collision Warning technologies represent the brand’s commitment to Inspired Performance and are both found, as worlds-first technologies, on Infiniti’s new Q50 sports sedan, winner of AJAC’s 2014 Best New Luxury Car (over $50k).


“It is a thrill and an honor to have so many of Canada’s top journalists recognize these worlds-first technologies and their impact to not only the industry, but also the benefits to the individual driver,” said Wendy Durward, Director of Infiniti Canada. “The Infiniti Q50 sports sedan represents our commitment to finding new levels of inspired performance. Having AJAC recognize it as the best new luxury car over $50,000 as well as name two of its technologies as the best of the year is great feedback that we’ve done just that.”

The Best New Innovation award recognizes an innovative technology whose primary purpose is not specifically safety related. Infiniti won this category for its Direct Adaptive Steering technology – an aircraft-inspired industry first that allows the driver to choose exactly how the wheel feels in their hands.

Direct Adaptive Steering works by electronically transferring the driver’s input to the front wheels where a high-response actuator drives the steering rack. This ‘steer-by-wire’ system eliminates the harsh vibrations that exhaust a driver’s arms and mechanical losses that can dull the responses in conventional systems while providing a faster and more precise steering response.

The Best New Safety Technology award recognizes a technology whose primary purpose is to enhance road safety in any form. Another world-first, Infiniti’s Predictive Forward Collision Warning technology won this class for its ability to warn the driver of risks that lie beyond the driver’s field of view. The system does this by not only sensing the relative velocity and distance of a vehicle directly ahead, but also of a vehicle travelling in front of that one (two cars ahead).

Leveraging sensors and technology, the Infiniti Q50 can now see if the vehicle two cars in front is decelerating rapidly by analyzing a radar signal sent under the car immediately in front of the Q50 – a particularly useful feature when following a large vehicle that obstructs the driver’s forward vision. The system will warn the driver to begin braking with a visual alert, an audible warning, and haptic feedback by tightening the seatbelt.

More information on AJAC and the best New Technology Awards can be found at

First Images of Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Concept Revealed

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We had previously brought you news of Infiniti’s plans to unveil a Formula One inspired concept vehicle at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Well, Infiniti has released a first image of the Q50 Eau Rouge Concept.

Q50_Eau_Rouge_ConceptObvious right away are how major bodywork components have been redesigned with aerodynamics in mind and manufactured carbon fiber. While the roof and door profiles remain unchanged, the Q50 Eau Rouge is lower and wider than the production Q50. Design highlights include deep and detailed carbon fiber front splitter, rear diffuser, and side sill skirts; carbon fiber roof and door mirror casings; 21-inch lightweight forged alloy wheels; and a dual-exhaust sports system below a large integrated rear spoiler.

The Infiniti design team, led by Executive Design Director Alfonso Albaisa, was influenced by the aerodynamic styling approach taken by their colleagues at Infiniti Red Bull Racing. “From our shared passion for performance with Infiniti Red Bull Racing grew a collective desire to produce a vision of what a high-performance Infiniti Q50 could look like,” said Albaisa.

“The design has a number of distinctive Formula One inspired touches.  In particular, the sculpted front wing assembly and the rear aerodynamic packaging take their cues from the RB9 race car,” added Albaisa.

More information about the Q50 Eau Rouge will be revealed during a press conference at the North American International Auto Show at 9:20 a.m. ET on January 14.


Infiniti to Reveal Formula One Inspired Concept at Detroit Auto Show

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Infiniti has announced that it will reveal a Formula One inspired concept car based on the Q50 premium sports sedan at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this year.


Named after the world-famous corner at the Formula One track in Spa-Francorchamps, the Q50 Eau Rouge, the car was design to demonstrate Infiniti’s vision of a high-performance variant of the Q50. For Infiniti, the Q50 Eau Rouge concept blends road car technology and a thoroughbred motorsport vision.

The Q50 Eau Rouge features aerodynamic styling treatments and design elements which are influenced by Infiniti’s partnership with Formula One world championship-winning team Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

“Performance is a key pillar of Infiniti’s DNA, and this car expresses a deepened design interpretation of that.  The Q50, with an abundance of technologies, provides a great basis for an extreme performance version, embodied in the design of Q50 Eau Rouge,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti’s Executive Design Director.

Infiniti QX50 and QX60 Bring Home a Number of Awards

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Infiniti recently took home a number of awards for a pair of its models by some of the biggest names in the auto industry: Kelley Blue Book, AOL Autos, IntelliChoice, and AutoPacific.

Infiniti’s smallest SUV, the QX50, was handed Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Award among luxury compact SUV/crossover vehicles. Such an award isn’t earned by merely being a class stalwart; it requires consumer demand as a means of achieving higher transaction prices in the used car market.

With its powerful 3.7-liter V6 engine, practical five-door design, and captivating exterior lines, it comes as no surprise that consumers want to get their hands on the Infiniti QX50 even if it means having to buy it second-hand.

Meanwhile, the bigger, seven-passenger QX60 was recognized by AOL Autos as a finalist for its Technology of the Year Award for its Backup Collision Intervention system.

Backup Collision Intervention is able to detect objects at the rear of the car, and can automatically apply the brakes if it senses the driver is failing to notice an imminent collision while backing up. This technology has the opportunity to save owners the expense of repairing a damaged rear bumper, and even more importantly, provides the chance to save the lives of children and small animals that may go unnoticed by a driver while reversing there car. AOL Autos will announce the winner of this award at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Besides offering technology the competition lacks, the QX60 also manages to maintain its value over time and satisfy its owners in ways other luxury SUVs are unable to.

IntelliChoice and AutoPacific took data from over 50,000 new car buyers in choosing which vehicles to give its Motorist Choice Award to. QX60 buyers were so satisfied with their purchase that the SUV was named the premium segment winner in two of the awarded categories: People Mover and Kid Friendly. With a comfortable and luxurious interior, and features such as a second-row seat that grants access to the vehicle’s third-row of seats even with a child seat installed, we are in no way surprised, but nonetheless honored, by the QX60’s top spot in these two categories.

To learn more about the sporty QX50 and comfortable QX60, stop by Red Noland Infiniti and be sure to follow our Facebook page for the latest Infiniti news and information.