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Sebastian Vettel Shows Infiniti Fans what the Q50 is Made of

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Sebastian Vettel, Infiniti’s Director of Performance, spent the day at the track on June 4, showing the media and other car enthusiasts just what the Infiniti Q50 is capable of. Throughout the day Vettel managed to go around the track at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park more than 50 times, and gave everyone a true show of what the vehicle can do. Throughout the day a variety of different members of the media as well as special guests got a chance to join Vettel right in the car as he raced around the track. It was a fun experience for everyone involved and a chance for Infiniti to show the world what their brand’s really made of.


Testing out the Autocross Course

Getting to ride with Vettel through the exciting track was a great experience for many members of the media but it didn’t give them a chance to try out the Q50 for themselves, which was something that many were very interested in. Fortunately for them there was an Autocross course open to the public to try out in the Q50. This advanced course gives drivers a chance to test out the sedan in a variety of trying conditions at high speeds. This is just what drivers need to get a feel for the vehicle and find out what it’s truly capable of.

Performance Capabilities of the Q50

Infinity decided to hold the event at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in order to show off just how advanced the vehicle is and how well it handles. It was taken around a windy course that demonstrates how well this car corners, and its acceleration capabilities. It can go from 0 to 60 in just 5.5 seconds making it very light on its feet.

The Canadian Grand Prix

Vettel decided to help with this event before going on to defend his victory at the Canadian Grand Prix later in the week. “The speed of the track, the excitement of the participants really made today special and was a great warm-up before I head to Montreal and focus on the race.”stated Vettel. Although he didn’t manage to pull off another victory, he came in sixth place and nearly within a second of Lewis Hamilton, the winner of the race. Not a poor performance by any means, and it’s clear that he can compete with any of the best formula one drivers out there.

With skilled drivers like Sebastian Vettel as part of the performance team it’s clear that Infiniti cares a lot about the handling of their vehicles. Although the Q50 is a far cry from a formula one vehicle, it has some distinct sporty features that link the two together, and that is one of the things Infiniti is striving for.

If you like cars that go fast, or cars that are capable drivers you should take a look at the Infiniti Q50. This car can certainly move, and it doesn’t look half bad either.

Infiniti QX50 and QX60 Bring Home a Number of Awards

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Infiniti recently took home a number of awards for a pair of its models by some of the biggest names in the auto industry: Kelley Blue Book, AOL Autos, IntelliChoice, and AutoPacific.

Infiniti’s smallest SUV, the QX50, was handed Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Award among luxury compact SUV/crossover vehicles. Such an award isn’t earned by merely being a class stalwart; it requires consumer demand as a means of achieving higher transaction prices in the used car market.

With its powerful 3.7-liter V6 engine, practical five-door design, and captivating exterior lines, it comes as no surprise that consumers want to get their hands on the Infiniti QX50 even if it means having to buy it second-hand.

Meanwhile, the bigger, seven-passenger QX60 was recognized by AOL Autos as a finalist for its Technology of the Year Award for its Backup Collision Intervention system.

Backup Collision Intervention is able to detect objects at the rear of the car, and can automatically apply the brakes if it senses the driver is failing to notice an imminent collision while backing up. This technology has the opportunity to save owners the expense of repairing a damaged rear bumper, and even more importantly, provides the chance to save the lives of children and small animals that may go unnoticed by a driver while reversing there car. AOL Autos will announce the winner of this award at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Besides offering technology the competition lacks, the QX60 also manages to maintain its value over time and satisfy its owners in ways other luxury SUVs are unable to.

IntelliChoice and AutoPacific took data from over 50,000 new car buyers in choosing which vehicles to give its Motorist Choice Award to. QX60 buyers were so satisfied with their purchase that the SUV was named the premium segment winner in two of the awarded categories: People Mover and Kid Friendly. With a comfortable and luxurious interior, and features such as a second-row seat that grants access to the vehicle’s third-row of seats even with a child seat installed, we are in no way surprised, but nonetheless honored, by the QX60’s top spot in these two categories.

To learn more about the sporty QX50 and comfortable QX60, stop by Red Noland Infiniti and be sure to follow our Facebook page for the latest Infiniti news and information.

The Making of an F1 Car Part I: Design and R&D

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Infiniti is unlocking the doors and giving you a behind-the-scenes peak at the process, from the drawing board to the track, of developing a Formula One car. Over four episodes in the mini-series titled “The Making of an F1 Car,” the secrets aimed at producing an F1 car that is successful over the course of a season, will be unveiled.

In this first episode, exclusive interviews with key members of the Infiniti F1 team gives viewers detailed and artistic footage of the intricate design and R&D process required to develop an F1 car.


Sneak Preview of Infiniti Q30 Concept Ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show

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Infiniti has given fans a preview of the much anticipated Q30 Concept ahead of its official premier at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. TheConcept provides insight into the automaker’s plans as it forays into new premium segments. With contemporary design packaged in a compact Infiniti vehicle, the hope is to capture a new generation of premium customers.


According to Infiniti, the Q30 Concept embodies Infiniti’s vision to deliver “head-turning design, innovative materials with precise fit and finish and passionate craftsmanship, while provoking a radical shift in the premium compact segment.”

Take one look at the Q30 Concept’s body design and you’d be hard pressed to put it into any one category—not a coupe, not a hatch, nor is it a crossover. Designers have made it a fusion of all three body styles to provide an alternative to the traditional premium compact vehicles available today. The Q30 Concept gives the next generation of premium car buyers the best combination of the dynamic design of a coupe, the roominess of a hatch, and the larger stance of the crossover.

In addition, the Q30 Concept delivers new levels of design, materials, fit and finish, craftsmanship and performance. The Infiniti design team, led by Executive Design Director Alfonso Albaisa, has explored bolder, sensual sculpting and enhanced muscularity with the Q30 Concept as the brand’s design language continues to evolve.

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