The Safety Features You Should Be Looking for in Your Jaguar

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Cars are loaded with different safety features today, but just because you see a long list padded with words about safety doesn’t mean you’re riding around in a safe vehicle. After all, every automaker wants to sell their vehicle, and they are happy to list of every feature that it has, whether that feature is going to do you any good or not. That is why you need to learn the difference between important features and features that you could probably do without. When you know the difference judging vehicles will be much easier to do overall.

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Rear Cameras and Sensors

Backing up is one of the most dangerous actions that you can do in a vehicle because you really can’t see what is going on very well. While some people are better at it than others, backing up is always going to come with more risk than going forward. That’s why vehicles are coming equipped with cameras to give you a better view of what is going on out back. These same vehicles come with sensors as well that set of different alarms or alerts letting you know more about what is going on.

Adjustable Cruise

A feature known as adaptable or adjustable cruise is featured on many vehicles today and it’s a good one to watch out for. It essentially lets your vehicle see the other cars on the road and pick up on how fast or slow they are going. This is an important feature that lets you set your speed and will slow the car down if others in front of you slow down. It helps you avoid rear-ending another vehicle and is a feature that would really cut down on accidents.

Forward Collision Systems

A feature that goes along with those adaptive cruise sensors is forward collision avoidance. This is a mix between automatic braking and alert systems to let you know when a collision is likely. It keeps you on your toes while adjusting the vehicle to avoid collisions even if you aren’t watching what is going on and even when vehicles slow down quickly.

Self Operating Headlights

Driving at night is a real chore because you have to switch between high and low settings everywhere you go. It’s even more annoying when you get hit by a driver who doesn’t seem to care about switching off the high setting. There are cars being sold today with lights that handle this task all on their own. They switch to high when no cars are coming and drop down to low when cars get in range. This keeps you from worrying about doing it, and it should keep everyone from blinding one another as well.

It’s easy to see how these safety features can make a major difference in how people drive their vehicles. When you’re shopping for a new car look for these features above all else, because they are the ones that matter the most.

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