The 2017 Jaguar Base F-Type is Now Considerably More Affordable

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Jaguar Slashes Base F-Type Prices

There’s no arguing that Jaguar makes quality cars and that statement goes double for the F-Type coupe. It’s a beautiful car and it’s a blast to drive around. Now you can have fun for even less when you pick up the 2017 model. Not only is it improved but it’s actually a couple grand less than it was supposed to be. The base model no starts off at $62,395, that’s a price reduction of $3,600 overall.

2016 Jaguar F-Type

Why the Decrease?

Jaguar made a few changes in order to create this price reduction in a time when it seems like everything else is simply going up in price. First of all the company axed the panoramic moonroof that was a standard feature in 2016 and it went from two 14-way power adjustable seats to just the driver’s seat having a 6-way power adjustable seat. Jaguar decided to hold onto the awesome 770-watt stereo system though so the model really didn’t lose that much in order to achieve that price drop.

Jaguar made the move to make one of its most popular vehicles more affordable to hopefully coax more buyers to make a move and pick up an iconic luxury vehicle. The move should entice at least a few more buyers to take action, but many will still be put off by all the added money that the options packages add to the vehicle.

Dropped Prices aren’t Across the Board

While the base model of the F-Type is more affordable in 2017 some of the more upscale models increased in price. The other trim levels all increased by $1,800. The Premium trim level coupe will set you back $67,795 and the convertible costs a whopping $70,895. For the added cost you’ll enjoy the 380-HP S engine and a nice ¬†smooth adaptive suspension, enhanced brakes, bigger wheels and a limited slip differential.

2016 Jaguar F-Type R
2016 Jaguar F-Type R


Move up to the F-Type R

The sleek and violent F-Type R comes equipped with all-wheel drive and a monster 550 HP V-8 engine with an automatic transmission. It starts at $106,395 at the coupe level and costs  $109,245 for the convertible version.

Even though the base model of the F-Type is considerably more affordable in 2017, it’s going to be difficult finding a dealership that actually has the model without a bunch of upgrades. The base model is a good place to start if you’re looking to get your hands on one of the leading luxury cars in the industry, but if you want the full experience it makes sense to shell out for at least one of the premium models instead.


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