Jaguar May Have Two Additional SUVs Coming

November 3, 2015 rednoland Jaguar Tags: , , ,

According to recent reports Jaguar is planning on releasing two other SUVs on top of the F-Pace that’s already planning for release sometime in 2017. While the F-Pace is expected to be somewhat of a compact crossover, Jaguar is planning on expanding its lineup to include a mid-sized and large SUV. They aren’t official yet, but according to Carwow from the UK, the automaker is producing an E-Pace and a J-Pace.

Jaguar F-Pace

The E-Pace

This Evoque sized SUV is expected to be sold at a lower level than the F-Pace. It’s going to be an affordable alternative to the F-Pace that Jaguar expects to be the most successful of all the SUVs that it sells to customers.

The J-Pace

This large SUV is also going to be built over top of the Range Rover frame and is supposed to be the upper-end of the Jaguar spectrum. The exciting thing about this SUV, other than the fact that it’s going to be large, is that it will rely on the aluminum platform designed for the current Range Rover. That will make it more efficient and lightweight, which should really help bolster the fuel economy of the vehicle. That’s a big deal when you’re talking about such a large vehicle.

Why the Variants?

Jaguar is simply offering the different SUVs to appeal to a wider group of customers. Not everyone is going to want an SUV the size of the F-Pace, and that’s precisely why the company is planning on the alternative sized vehicles as well. The three options will give Jaguar fans something to choose from and should help the company get a bit more of the market share so that it can really dig in within the United States and strengthen its offerings.

There’s no guarantee that either of these two SUV variants are going to be produced, but they both seem pretty likely. Basing all its success on just two vehicles didn’t seem like a good strategy for Jaguar in the United States and in other places around the world, and these SUVs will help the company grab even more customers in the UK and the US.

It’s likely that these SUVs would be offered even later on down the road than the F-Pace. A 2018 launch wouldn’t be inconceivable for these vehicles, but it’s hard to put a timeline on a project that Jaguar hasn’t even officially announced yet.

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