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Land Rover Makes Towing a Trailer More Convenient and Safer than Ever Before

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Anyone who’s ever towed a trailer behind their truck or SUV before knows how much of a paint it can be to change lanes safely. It’s tough seeing if there is someone behind you while driving, and it’s pretty difficult making sure your blind spots are clear as well. According to Land Rover there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to see behind the trailer your towing and that’s why the automaker developed technology to help solve this problem. It’s known as Transparent Trailer.

The Concept

The concept behind transparent is really quite simple. You attach a camera to the back of the trailer you’re towing and your vehicle lets you see right through it by feeding you an image from the back of the trailer. The results are anything but simplistic though. You get a live feed looking out your rear window and it allows you to not only see the vehicles and other objects out behind your trailer by giving it a transparent look, but the feed still keeps the trailer outline in the video so that you’re aware of the object while making important driving decisions.

Back Up More Easily

While reversing using the system the indicator not only helps you see what is behind you, but the it also creates a set of guidelines that you can follow to backup successfully without hitting anything or anyone. Backing up with a trailer has never been easier than with this technology!

Keep an Eye on Interior Cargo

Not only does this tech help you remain aware of what’s around you on the road, but Land Rover also came up with technology known as Cargo Sense that will help you remain aware of your physical cargo as well. This tech keeps an eye on your trailer load and lets you know when the weight shifts substantially enough. Once you get an alert from the system you have the option of jumping to a camera inside the trailer to take a look at what’s going on, all while staying on the road and continuing along your trip. This makes it easy to avoid distractions while driving and to remain aware of what is going on without having to stop all the time. The system also keeps an eye on interior temperatures and lets the driver know when temperatures are getting high in the trailer. That’s particularly important when hauling around animals that have to be kept cool. The technology even keeps you up to date when you’re sitting in place and while away from the vehicle.

All the new technology comes together and makes travelling with trailer into a much more enjoyable experience. It’s simpler to do and comes with less risk than it used to.

What to Expect from the 2016 Jaguar XE S

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Well the figures are finally out about the all-new Jaguar XE S and the numbers are pretty impressive to say the least. Not only is the level of power increased in the latest version of the vehicle, but the suspension system has been dramatically improved for a more comfortable and responsive ride. There are also some pretty clear styling adjustments that were made to the vehicle, but the performance and handling alterations are why most people will be upgrading to this model.

2016 jaguar xe s

A Powerful Engine

The all-new Jaguar XE S is getting a powerful 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 engine. This impressive setup produces around 362 HP and a potent 383 lb.-ft. of torque.  that’s a whole lot of power to be packed into a vehicle this size. Slam down on the gas and you’ll peel off into the distance with smooth precision, just as it should be in a classy Jag like this. The engine is tied to a smooth and cooperative eight speed automatic transmission that switches between the gears effortlessly as you climb up to peak speed, which won’t take much time at all since 0 to 62 takes just 5.1 seconds if the rumors are true.

An Improved Ride Quality

Jaguar worked hard to enhance the ride quality of one of its top vehicle even further. The automaker relied on a high amount of aluminum in the construction of the frame and body of the vehicle. It makes use of double wishbones at both the rear and front of the vehicle and has a multi-link at the rear of the vehicle as well for a very complex system overall. To top it all off, this model will feature the S Adaptive Sports Suspension that gives the driver control over how the vehicle feels and handles.

This new vehicle will come in at around $104,200, making it far from a bargain vehicle, even by luxury standards, but that tag could be worth it if the changes feel as good as they look like they will. Once it’s out for testing purposes real acceleration figures will be readily available and everyone will know whether the 2016 Jaguar XE S lives up to its hype or not.

Infiniti Takes a Step to Improve its Engine Creation Process Even Further

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Infiniti vehicles are known for being high quality, but the latest Infiniti engine plant is taking things a step further and really pushing for high quality standards that you won’t see in many other high-production facilities around the world. The workers are trained more carefully, and an environment for quality production is carefully maintained throughout the build process.

Die neue 6 - und 8 Zylinder Motorengeneration  2010

About the Plant

Nissan recently opened up a plant designed to supply Infiniti with the engines that the company needs in Dercherd Tennessee. The plant is capable of producing up to 250,000 engines each year, and it’s able to do this while maintaining high levels of quality.

Top Quality Employees

To ensure that employees know what they are doing when they work with the machines to put together the quality engines, each worker has to learn how to hand-build a complete engine. By sending the workers through this rigorous training program, they each learn how an engine works and how to put it all together. It’s a step that might not seem very important to most automakers, but the executives at Infiniti understand that the only way a worker can confidently help with engine construction is if they understand how the entire engine goes together. By teaching every worker how to construct an engine, Infiniti is creating a plant of problem solving experts who can fix issues as they arise, and who understand how important every step of the engine creation process is.

The Training Program

Japanese plant workers are very familiar with the idea of takumi, or craftsmanship, and each new Infiniti worker spends their first week in takumi training. They will spend time learning about the engine, and then going through all the steps to build one by hand. This comprehensive training gives workers not only the knowledge about what a working engine should look like, but also what it should feel like. They understand what a machines piston should feel like, and what the correct torque of a cylinder head feels like. This makes it easier to troubleshoot things when problems arise.

Lowering Sound Levels

When trying to troubleshoot failing mechanical equipment it’s helpful to be working in a quiet environment. That’s why in the new Decherd Tennessee plant extensive measures were taken to lower sound levels throughout the building. A noisy area of the factory where pallets are washed was completely enclosed, and all the parts cars received soft rubber wheels instead of the hard wheels to lower their clatter during movement. The quieter environment makes it possible for workers to hear problems and report them to a maintenance specialist to fix the issue before parts are harmed by the defect.

Infiniti has always been known for producing top quality vehicles, but the added effort to make the engine process even better in their latest plant, will only serve to increase reliability, and improve the future perception of the automaker. It’s an impressive show of dedication to quality, and the need to stand apart from the competition.

How to Care for a Luxury Vehicle

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When you invest all the money that it takes to purchase a luxury vehicle, it’s important to know how to care for it properly. Taking care of a luxury vehicle is similar to caring for a standard sedan, but it requires a bit more diligence.

jaguar xf

Slam on the Gas

Unlike many standard vehicles, most luxury vehicles are designed to go fast. When you buy a jaguar it has a larger engine and is designed to go much faster than say a Toyota. That means that when you drive the vehicle through standard commuting conditions and regular stop and go traffic all the time it isn’t getting used the way it was meant to. Over time what’s known as engine crust will begin to develop on the engine and this can cause problems in the long-term. To remove the crust and keep the vehicle fresh and ready to perform, simply stomp on the accelerator from time to time and really push the engine. This helps clean it out and keep it primed for performance.

Regularly Put in Quality Oil

Unlike a standard vehicle any old oil won’t do when put into a luxury vehicle. Make sure to use a high quality synthetic solution, or the oil recommended by your Jaguar or Land Rover dealer. The recommended oil i8s going to be more expensive than standard off-the-shelf oil solutions, but it’s meant for high performance engines, and it will typically last longer than non-synthetic oil does before it has to be changed once again. Just stick with recommended oil change intervals and keeping the vehicle in good running condition won’t be difficult.

Keep it Clean

Whether you live up in the north, or down south, it’s still important to keep your luxury vehicle clean on a regular basis. Bring it to the car wash at least once a week to wash off any muck, salt and other debris that accumulate. This interval only has to be followed for a vehicle that is driven on a regular basis. Keeping the vehicle clean helps prevent rust and will keep the paint from fading out and wearing as much over time.

Keep it Covered or Housed

The last thing you want to do is leave that shiny new Jaguar sitting out in the driveway all year long. Not only will the sun slowly fade away that pristine paint job, but all the rain, sleet and snow that falls on the vehicle will wear it down as well. It’s important to keep this type of a vehicle in the garage or at the very least parked under a carport with a protective cover in place.

Rely on these practices and you’re vehicle will stay in top condition and resell for more when the time comes to let it go. Keeping a luxury vehicle in good shape isn’t difficult, but it does require a bit more time and work.