Make Sure to Keep Your Car Seat Bound Child Safe

June 9, 2015 rednoland Land Rover Tags: , , , , , , ,

It’s a proven fact that three out of four car seats in vehicles today aren’t installed properly. That means that most children riding around on the road today are facing more risk than they need to be, and taking just a few minutes to make important changes can help increase their safety noticeably.

Lock Down those Loose Items

First and foremost, make sure that any loose items in your vehicle are secured. Simply putting loose CD’s into cases and slipping other valuables into the trunk of your vehicle will help reduce the impact risk to children riding around in the vehicle. It only takes a couple seconds to get rid of loose items, but those seconds can result in a much safer crash if you are unfortunate enough to experience one.

Lock the Sit Firmly in Place

The first step you should take when installing a new car seat is to put it in using the built-in safety anchors and then try and move it in any direction after the installation. If you can get that seat to move more than one inch you don’t have it installed properly. It’s simply too loose and it’s going to be doing your little one more harm than good. To rectify the situation tighten the seat up and make sure that you can’t move it as much next time.

Another test can be conducted once the seat passes the first one. Put your child in the seat and tighten the straps until they feel like they are secure. To make sure they are tight enough try to pinch them. If you can pinch the fabric over top of itself you know it’s not tight enough. Tighten it down some more and try again to see if you’ve made a big enough difference. Continue going through this cycle until you have straps that you can’t pinch. Only then are they holding your child tight enough to be safe to use.

Don’t Rent a Car Seat

Renting a car seat is a bad idea for a number of reasons, the main one being that you don’t know what happened to the seat when you weren’t using it. The seat could be expired, it could have been through numerous accidents and it could have other problems that you don’t know about. Instead rely on your own car seat when using a rental car. Make sure that you have it with you to use, otherwise you won’t know what kind of protection you’re providing to your child.

Take a few minutes to make sure the car seat in your vehicle is installed properly. Checking for each of the different issues listed above and avoiding some common mistakes will make your vehicle safer for your children to use. For such a small time investment, the results are well worth the work.

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