Jaguar to Help the SSC Break the 1000 MPH Land Speed Barrier

June 5, 2015 rednoland Uncategorized

Over the years just like with most things more speed has become available for less. In 1997 the McLaren F1 was the world’s fastest car. It was packed with 620 HP thanks to a BMW V12 and topped out at 243 MPH. Now that same money will pick up a good used Bugatti Veyron that’s packed with 1,200 HP and tops out at 267 HP. Even more impressive is a vehicle like the Dodge Hellcat that offers 707 HP, hits 200 MPH and only costs $60,000. With all the latest advancements in performance it’s a wonder that the land speed record hasn’t budged. It’s been locked at a bit of 760 MPH since 1997 and it’s amazing that it hasn’t moved since then. That might just change in the near future if the folks behind the Thrust SSC, the original record setters have anything to do about it.

The Jaguar Partnership

They are partnering with the folks at Jaguar to try and not only top their own record, but set the land speed record at a figure above 1000 MPH. It’s long since been considered impossible, but it’s something they believe they can achieve in the near future. The original project car relied on a pair of Rolls-Royce turbofan jet engines to get up to over 700 MPH, but the latest vehicle is instead using three different engines, the Rolls jet engine, and two rocket engines to get the car to 1000 MPH in about 75 seconds flat. As you mgint imagine running these three supremely demanding engines requires a nice smooth flow of fuel, and that’s something that standard equipment simply can’t provide. To make this all possible SSC turned to Jaguar and the fuel pump used on the 5.0 liter, 542 HP supercharged V8 engine to get the job done. To celebrate the occasion, and be even more involved with the project Jaguar commissioned the construction of a special edition F-Type Coupe with BloodHound SSC written across the side. The special edition car is to serve as the official support car for the project and will help keep everyone safe on the big day.

jaguar ftype ssc bloodhound

Breaking the World Record

Most of the land speed world records have been set by the British historically, and it’s quite fitting that one of the only remaining British sports car developers is helping this completely British quest for that top spot once again. The record is going to be attempted on a 12-mile strip in the Hakseen Pan in South Africa. It’s a spot known for being very straight and flat which makes it exceptionally good for this type of project. The first attempt will be to surpass 800 MPH and from there the team will push toward the more loftier goal of 1000 miles per hour next year. It’s all very exciting and the mission shows how well Jaguar components are engineered. A simple fuel pump from one of Jag’s sports cars is potent enough to handle all that thruster power from three different massively overpowered engines, and that’s what Jaguar drivers are relying on, on a daily basis.


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