A Look at the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy

December 31, 2014 rednoland Jaguar 0 Comments

Jaguar recently released what they are calling the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy, and it is an exciting learning experience that teaches Jaguar owners how to harness the full power of their vehicle safely. The Academy teaches drivers in three different courses offering increasing levels of difficulty and excitement along the way. Jaguar owners can sign up to each of these courses one after the other, and improve their driving skills along the way. The courses are only available at select times, and you can sign up by dialing this number 1-866-513-7200.

jaguar performance academy

The Academy

When you sign up to any of the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy courses you are put into a vehicle with a professional driver and given the chance to push the car to its limits. While you are learning with the driver you will be instructed about how to improve the handling of the vehicle and how to truly get the most out of the car.

Drivers state that not only is the academy a fun experience to go through, but that they learn valuable driving skills that will help them be safer and more effective Jaguar drivers. The skills taught will help drivers cope with unexpected situations on the road, and give them the confidence to handle the vehicle more safely.

What You Get

When you sign up for the course you will have access to the car that you will be driving, a bunch of amenities at the track to keep you comfortable throughout the day, an array of helpful safety equipment including helmets to make sure that you are adequately protected as well as a reception event at the end of the evening.

Three Skill Levels

Jaguar offers three different training skill levels at their driving academy, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Every US Jaguar owner receives a complimentary Level 1 training course if they have purchased any of the below cars within the past 12 months. Any U.S. or Canadian licensed drivers over the age of 21 are eligible to purchase Level 1 of the course on their own for their first driving experience.

Eligible Vehicles

  • XFR
  • XFR-S
  • XKR
  • XKR-S
  • XKR-GT
  • XKR
  • XJ Supersport
  • XJL Supersport
  • XJL Ultimate
  • F-Type R Coupe

For anyone who goes through the Level 1 course and wants more of a challenge, the Level 2 experience can be purchased and taken subsequently. After Level 2 has been completed drivers can move up to Level 3 for an even more intense driving experience and plenty of additional instruction. Each of the courses is designed to test the driver while making them more familiar with the performance features of their specific Jaguar vehicle.

Get the Experience

The next driving experience will be available at Sonoma CA in February 2015. The Level 1 courses will be held between the 17th and the 19th. Level 2 courses are on the 18th through the 20th and the Level 3 courses will take place on the 21st. To get more information or to sign up to the next academy you can get in touch with the Driving Academy Concierge at 1-866-513-7200. Make sure that you reserve a spot now before they are all filled up.


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