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A Look at the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy

December 31, 2014 rednoland Jaguar 0 Comments

Jaguar recently released what they are calling the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy, and it is an exciting learning experience that teaches Jaguar owners how to harness the full power of their vehicle safely. The Academy teaches drivers in three different courses offering increasing levels of difficulty and excitement along the way. Jaguar owners can sign up to each of these courses one after the other, and improve their driving skills along the way. The courses are only available at select times, and you can sign up by dialing this number 1-866-513-7200.

jaguar performance academy

The Academy

When you sign up to any of the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy courses you are put into a vehicle with a professional driver and given the chance to push the car to its limits. While you are learning with the driver you will be instructed about how to improve the handling of the vehicle and how to truly get the most out of the car.

Drivers state that not only is the academy a fun experience to go through, but that they learn valuable driving skills that will help them be safer and more effective Jaguar drivers. The skills taught will help drivers cope with unexpected situations on the road, and give them the confidence to handle the vehicle more safely.

What You Get

When you sign up for the course you will have access to the car that you will be driving, a bunch of amenities at the track to keep you comfortable throughout the day, an array of helpful safety equipment including helmets to make sure that you are adequately protected as well as a reception event at the end of the evening.

Three Skill Levels

Jaguar offers three different training skill levels at their driving academy, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Every US Jaguar owner receives a complimentary Level 1 training course if they have purchased any of the below cars within the past 12 months. Any U.S. or Canadian licensed drivers over the age of 21 are eligible to purchase Level 1 of the course on their own for their first driving experience.

Eligible Vehicles

  • XFR
  • XFR-S
  • XKR
  • XKR-S
  • XKR-GT
  • XKR
  • XJ Supersport
  • XJL Supersport
  • XJL Ultimate
  • F-Type R Coupe

For anyone who goes through the Level 1 course and wants more of a challenge, the Level 2 experience can be purchased and taken subsequently. After Level 2 has been completed drivers can move up to Level 3 for an even more intense driving experience and plenty of additional instruction. Each of the courses is designed to test the driver while making them more familiar with the performance features of their specific Jaguar vehicle.

Get the Experience

The next driving experience will be available at Sonoma CA in February 2015. The Level 1 courses will be held between the 17th and the 19th. Level 2 courses are on the 18th through the 20th and the Level 3 courses will take place on the 21st. To get more information or to sign up to the next academy you can get in touch with the Driving Academy Concierge at 1-866-513-7200. Make sure that you reserve a spot now before they are all filled up.


Both the 2015 Infiniti Q50 and Q70 Receive IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus

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Recently the International Institute for Highway Safety or the IIHS announced that the 2015 Infiniti Q50 and Q70 models each received the highest possible safety rating from the organization, a Top Safety Pick+. In order to receive this rating the cars each have to have a wide variety of advanced safety features and be built with a solid frame that stands up to crash impacts effectively.

2015 infinit Q50

What the Rating Means

In order to be eligible for the top rating from the IIHS the vehicle given the title needs to get at least a good in the moderate overlap front test, a side impact, roof strength and the head restraints test. On top of all of those, the vehicle also needs a good or acceptable in the small overlap front test in order to qualify for the rating. Finally the vehicle must have an advanced front crash technology system in place, such as the forward emergency braking system installed in both the Q50 and the Q70, in order to help prevent an accident from occurring in the first place.

Forward Emergency Braking

The forward emergency braking system helps make drivers aware of possible danger up ahead by issues audible and visual alerts before a possible impact occurs. The vehicle also partially presses down on the brakes in order to lessen the blow from an impact or prevent it from happening altogether. If the driver doesn’t take the hint right away the system intensifies the warnings and presses down harder on the brakes to help reduce damage taken in a crash.

On top of helping a driver remain aware of the dangers right in front of them, the system from Infinit also has the capabilities to see when the driver in front of the car you are following may be getting ready to slow down. The car can provide the driver with warnings when traffic may slow down soon so that they can be ready to press down on the brake and reduce the risk of a collision.

After the announcement was made by the IIHS, Michael Bartsch, Infinit America’s Vice President had this to say about the brand. “Infiniti’s suite of technology features have always been designed to enhance the experience of driving, not take away from it, and with world’s first systems like Predictive Forward Collision Warning, we intend to help make it safer as well. IIHS’ recognition of our efforts is an honor and reinforces our commitment to be leaders in this field.”

Additional Safety Features

The Q50 and Q70 come with all the standard safety feature sthat you would expect from a luxury sedan, but they also come with some additional safety technologies as well. Active Lane Assist helps keep the car from drifting into other lanes when the driver becomes distracted. The vehicles also come with supplemental airbags that offer added protection to both the driver and the passenger of the vehicles. An adaptive cruise control system, as well as Blind Spot Intervention are also available as upgrades if you decide that you want them.

Each of these Infiniti models are very safe to drive and offer excellent luxury options to drivers looking for a safe mode of transportation that offers a luxury experience as well.

Land Rover Eliminates Blind Spots Using Advanced Windshield Technology

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Blind spots are a dangerous part of driving and can be particular troublesome when you want to change lanes quickly. Jaguar Land Rover has developed new technology that turns the pillars around the vehicle translucent. When the technology is activated the various pillars around the vehicle can be made completely translucent, allowing the driver to see where he is going even when troublesome pillars are in the way. Each of the pillars around the vehicle will switch from opaque to transparent depending on driving conditions. When the driver looks behind his shoulder he’ll be greeted by an open view of the vehicles behind and in different lanes thanks to this technology.


How it Works

The pillars of the vehicle aren’t actually see-through at all, Land Rover is just using a clever illusion to make them look that way. Each of the pillars around the vehicle actually has a video screen built into it and cameras are set up on the outside of the vehicle to capture valuable visual data. The live feed from each camera can be initiated on the pillar to make it appear see-through, when it is actually just a screen showing a feed of the outdoors.

High Tech Windshield

The Windshield included on the vehicle is capable of displaying images as well and this technology is used to provide visual warnings, cues and helpful displays to keep drivers moving down the road in a safe manner. It will show warning messages, and is capable of projecting a ghost car as well.

Ghost Car Projection

If you’ve ever played a racing game that shows off the drivers with the fastest time in the form of a ghost car, this is the same concept that Land Rover is no using in their new virtual windscreen system. The system syncs up with the navigation system to create a virtual vehicle that follows the navigation directions. Now instead of looking down at a navigation display, or trying to follow the computer’s version of road names you can simply follow the ghost car in front of you along your route. This simplifies travelling and allows you to feel like you are following a well-traveled friend around town.

This technology is still in development at Land Rover, and it could be several years until it’s released on some of their vehicles, but the help it provides to drivers could make the act of driving a whole lot more enjoyable, especially in busy or fast-paced driving situations

The Cadillac ATS-V is a Devastating Little Car

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Cadillac recently released details about the all-new ATS-V. The release of this model gives a high-performance edge to the brand’s smallest and most lightweight vehicle. It takes an already highly capable car and turns it into a vicious, high-performance machine that should satisfy even the most demanding automotive enthusiasts.

2015 cadillac ats v

Ramped Up Power

The ATS-V has a beefed up level of power that feels devastating in such a small frame. It comes packed with a 3.6 liter V6 that produces 455 HP and generates 445 lb.-ft. of torque. All of this power allows the lightweight car to rocket from 0 to 60 in just 3.9 seconds, a speed that’s impressive for any vehicle. The car will hit a top speed above 185, and would be a lot of fun to take out to the track for a day.

Bolstered Performance and Handling

There are two different transmission options to help control all of that power. For all the hands-on drivers out there, there is a six speed manual transmission. For everyone else there is a very capable eight-speed automatic that features a set of paddle shifters. The manual transmission comes with an advanced feature known as Active Rev Match. Essentially it controls the engine speed to provide smoother downshifts when driving the car hard. All of this power is directed through the back two wheels, which could make this car difficult to drive in adverse conditions, but that’s not what it’s meant for.

In order to allow this vehicle to handle the upgraded power the suspension and frame also needed modification. The frame is 25 percent stiffer than it was before thanks to some material modifications as well as added spot welds. The dampers have been updated and now respond 40 percent faster, allowing the vehicle to cut the edge on bumps and bruises more effectively at high speeds.

Bigger and better brakes have been fitted on the vehicle to make sure that you can stop even if you’re topping out over 185 MPH. The front of the vehicle is equipped with 14.5 inch Brembo brakes that rely on six different pistons to provide even stopping power. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with 13.3 inch Brembo’s that each utilize four pistons.  While operating the ATS-V you can switch between Touring, Sport and Track mode to adjust fuel consumption and performance features further.

An Enhanced Interior

On the inside of the car you’ll notice a few performance enhancements as well.  Recaro performance seats are used inside the car, and they are trimmed with leather for a sophisticated look. You’ll get all of the usual gadgets inside the car, including Bluetooth, SD and USB support as well as voice recognition on the high-tech touchscreen media system, and you’ll also get 4G LTE hotspot connectivity thanks to an Onstar system.

Overall the ATS-V is a massive performance enhancement to the base level vehicle. The base is devastating enough without these enhancements, but truly hardcore drivers will get a thrill from taking the V variant for a spin.