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Cadillac Introduces a New Sedan and Naming Convention

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In the interest of changing their brand image to compete more effectively against the likes of BMW and Mercedes Benz, Cadillac is releasing a new range topping sedan and introducing a new naming scheme as well. Their latest sedan, the CT6 is designed to come in above the CTS and built to compete with some of the top-end vehicles from the other big luxury brands.

cadillac ct6

The CT6

The Cadillac CT6 is a new high-end unit designed to compete with the likes of top-tier BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars. It’s being assembled in the Hamtramck plant in Detroit, and is expected to debut as a 2016 model. This new mode is going to come in above both the XTS and CTS and is expected to be priced over $50,000 making it a completely new offering, rather than any kind of replacement.

Advanced Automated Technology

This model is going to rely on a completely new vehicle architecture that GM is calling “Omega” presently.  This will introduce new driving mechanics into the vehicle. The new CT6 is going to feature some pretty advanced driving technology. It will come with a semi-automated system taking partial control over steering, braking and acceleration during freeway driving. Not many of the other features have been released yet, but it’s expected to come with most of the bells and whistles included in the CTS and more.

A Brand Overhaul

Cadillac is trying to simplify their lineup so that consumers can understand the value of their vehicles more clearly. The CT6 is just the first of many vehicles to feature a more simplistic name. The CT portion of the name is just a carryover from the very successful CTS, and the 6 is to denote the position and size of the vehicle.

Cadillac plans on adding in the more simplistic naming scheme gradually, so that eventually consumers will be able to look at the number after the name and decide where that vehicle fits into the hierarchy easily. This new naming scheme is common with many other luxury vehicles such as with BMW. Their X1 and X5 vehicles rely on the X to state it’s a crossover vehicle and the number to give away the size. It’s likely that Cadillac will soon be relying on nearly an identical system, but they say they will only change the name when they introduce an all-new model, or when they redesign the product itself.

Separating the Company

Not only is Cadillac switching up their naming scheme to shake things up, but they are finally going off on their own as a separate company unit that’s still owned by GM. De Nysschen, the previous head of Audi North America and head man of the Infiniti luxury brand will be the president of the company.

They’re working hard to change things up at the company and we’ll have to wait and see if the changes pay off or not. Consumers aren’t likely to complain about any new high-performance vehicles that they add to the lineup though, and I’m sure nobody is going to be upset when the CT6 is released.

Want to Travel to Space? Now’s Your Chance!

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Ever wanted to travel into space? You just might get your chance. Land Rover’s offering one person and three of their closest friends tickets on the Virgin Galactic shuttle up to the edge of space. Winners of the contest will enjoy a real launch that brings them out at the very edge of earth’s orbit for over two hours of space experience.

virgin galactic spaceship 2

How to Enter the Contest

Record a 30 second video about what the spirit of adventure means to you. It doesn’t matter if that means climbing Mount Everest or taking a trip to a new city an hour away. Explain what gets your pulse going and makes you feel alive. If the folks and Land Rover decide they like your video the best, you and three of your friends can be headed up to the edge of space aboard the Virgin Galactic space shuttle.

The Adventurous Spirit of Land Rover

Land Rover works hard to fuel the adventurous spirit of their customers by providing them with more off-road capable vehicles each and every year. They want drivers to stop taking the smooth easy paths and start venturing out into the wild. That’s why this competition goes so well with the Land Rover mentality. Nothing pushes the envelope more than charting a trip to space and looking down on the planet like you never have before.

Submitting Your Entry

In order to submit your entry go here, read over all the details and sign onto your Facebook account to build your spaceship. This is where you’ll choose who’s coming with you and how you can add your video to be judged for the competition.

This contest offers a once-in-a –lifetime opportunity. Stop sitting around and get your entry ready for a chance to fly out right at the very edge of space. Only a handful of people have ever been able to make it out into space, become one of that select group, and have a story to tell for the rest of your life. The contest is only set to last until the end of October so act now before the window passes.

Jaguars Ten Most Iconic Cars

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Over the years Jaguar has released some really exciting and iconic cars, but what if you had to sit down and pick out the top ten from among the bunch? That’s exactly what Brian Johnson from AC/DC, Goodwood’s Lord March and Ian Callum (the Jaguar Director of Design) sat down and did. Together they came up with a list of some of the most influential and exciting cars that Jaguar has ever produced.

This list came out right before the release of the all-new Jaguar saloon, the Jaguar XE. The XE is the latest production car from the automaker and represents a mixture of refinement and power like most of Jaguar’s vehicles.



Look through the list of the most iconic cars and decide if you agree with the entrees or if there’s something you would change. Jaguar has so many outstanding examples that it’s difficult choosing just a few of the best. (These cars aren’t in any particular order and are just meant to represent some of the best that Jaguar created to date.)

1. SS100

jaguar ss100

This car was the first production car ever created by Jaguar capable of topping 100 MPH during standard driving. This classy convertible was a real powerhouse in its day.



2. XK120

jaguar XK120

The XK120 is a famous racing Jaguar that was driven by Pay Lyons (the daughter of Sir William Lyons) as well as Ian Appleyard to a variety of different rally competitions. The car has been involved in a variety of rally wins in the 1950’s and took victory at the Alpine Rallye des Alpes in both 50’ and 51’.


3. C-Type

jaguar c type

C-Type – There were only 54 original C-Type Jaguars ever produced making it a very rare car. This sleek vehicle was an original entry in the 1953 Mille Miglia open road endurance race and it wowed onlookers with its racing prowess.



4. D-Type

jaguar d type

This is another iconic race car that managed to win the 12 hour endurance race at Reims and placed sixth at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance competition with the same driver behind the wheel.



5. MK II

jaguar mk2The MKII was one of the first examples of the saloon-style car that Jaguar is so well-known for today.




6. E-Type

jaguar e typeThe very first production Jaguar car to reach 150 miles per hour and also the famous Jaguar “Works” press car.




7.  XJ13

jaguar xj13The XJ13 was the first Jaguar to utilize a V12 engine and was designed specifically for Le Mans, even though it never made it to the big race. This advanced vehicle has a rear-mounted motor and is just beautiful to look at.



8. XJ6 Series 1

jaguar xj6 s1

The series 1 XJ6 was a iconic car built in the 60’s and a favorite of Sir Williams Lyon. It was also a well-built vehicle and named Car of the Year its first year in 1968.




jaguar twr xjs

This little beauty is the car Tom Walkinshaw used for Jaguar in the 80’s. It’s the same car used to win the European Touring Car championship and just a well-built vehicle.




10. XJR – 9

jaguar xjr 9

Tom Walkinshaw used this to win at Le Mans in 1988 taking home one of the seven Jaguar victories. This streamlined features a massive spoiler and comes with the engine mounted in the back as well.

The All New 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Land Rover recently announced the release of an all-new vehicle in a category catering to families. It’s known as the Land Rover Discovery Sport, and it falls into the Discovery lineup of family vehicles offered by the brand. This new vehicle is highly capable and makes a great successor to the LR2 model that they pushed for so long.

The Discovery Sub Brand

Land Rover made the decision to branch out and start offering some family-friendly vehicle variations to go along with their high-end offerings that many families aren’t willing to invest in. Instead of keeping the vehicles under the high-profile Range Rover nameplate, Land Rover has created the Discovery category instead. The Discovery Sport is a high performance addition to the Discovery lineup and it offers powerful performance at more acceptable rates, while offering nice family-friendly features as well.


This powerful vehicle offers all-wheel drive and makes a good solution for the LR2. This crossover is equipped with a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine that offers impressive efficiency numbers and snappy performance for the size of the vehicle.

This vehicle is built for usable performance on and off most roads. It comes with a careful suspension tuning for good dynamics on and off the road. The always-on four wheel drive system has high and low settings for driving on and off the road more effectively. This versatile vehicle can travel through water at a depth of 23.6 inches without any issue and offers a massive 240 HP in total power.

An Interior Built for Utility

Most luxury vehicles stop at seating for five which is good for most families and helps make sure everyone has large and comfortable seating from their vehicle. The Land Rover Discover Sport offers spacious seating for five, plus two additional children-sized seats at the back of the vehicle. This adds additional utility to the vehicle in a luxury segment that typically doesn’t have that much room available. The Discover Sport provides up to 66.9 cubic feet of storage space when the second row seats are folded flat into the floor making it easy to carry any furniture or other large items that you are interested in.

This Land Rover doesn’t slack on tech features either and comes with a few nice base features you’ll appreciate. The 8-inch touchscreen display gives you complete control over the advanced media system built into the dashboard. A powerful emergency braking system relies on stereo cameras to help the vehicle stay out of crashes at lower speeds, and to reduce damage taken at higher speeds.

Adding to the Discovery Family

While the Discovery Sport is the first vehicle to be added to the family it isn’t the last. Just as this first vehicle is designed to take the place of the LR2 the next vehicle being released under the Discovery name tag will be large enough to replace the ample seating provided by the LR4. The new vehicle will offer seating for seven adults, making it very comfortable and convenient to own when you want to carry around many people.

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is the first of many more to come in the new line of vehicles. Each will help provide important family features at a reasonable price. Families looking to add a new capable SUV to their home may want to look at the Discovery Sport before deciding on the right vehicle for them.

A Look at the 2015 Jaguar XF

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Jaguar recently released photos and information about the 2015 Jaguar XF and the vehicle looks like it has a lot to offer to drivers who can appreciate performance vehicles with a classic look. This car delivers more of the same when it comes to styling and a lot of great performance features to be excited about.


Power and Performance

When you pick up the Jaguar XF you get four different powertrain options to choose from. The four engines deliver 240 HP, 340HP, 510 HP and 550 HP respectively giving you a wide range of performance options to choose from. Each of these vehicles is coupled with an eight cylinder transmission providing smooth shifting and excellent acceleration.

At the bottom of the range the XF is still quick, but it doesn’t come with the same thrill as the top end cars do. You can drive comfortably in traffic and speed up on the highway without wanting for more power, but you probably won’t ever want to take this car near the track. At the top end you get a deep rumbling engine and a massive amount of torque for screeching acceleration and pulse-pounding performance. The price difference between the entry level engine at $69,000 and the top level XFR-S trim package at $106,643 is massive, but so is the difference in performance and features.

A Quality Interior

The XF interior is what you would expect from a Jaguar even down at the entry level trim packages.
The interior is a mixture of supple leathers and soft touch materials. The steering wheel, doors and dash are all decorated with a mixture of chrome and hardwood materials giving the car a very classy look. Jaguar nicely fuses a classic design with modern features giving the car a style all its own.

Room for Cargo

The XF comes with ample storage space for groceries, luggage or anything else that you might want to carry around. With 500 liters or 17.6 cubic feet of storage space you won’t have to worry about where you’ll keep basic items when taking trips or doing your daily errands.


This latest Jaguar is fitted with excellent safety features to help you stay safe while out on the road. Not only does it stand up to safety tests admirably, but it comes with features like electronic stability control and traction control to help steady the vehicle in poor driving conditions. It’s also fitted with a side blind zone alert system letting you know when approaching cars are in your blind spots, and an adaptive cruise control that lets you comfortably cruise on the highway without stepping on the brakes for every driver that decides to slow down in front of you.

While this vehicle is thrilling to drive around it probably isn’t going to be your daily driver in the colder months. If you’re looking for a strong all-year vehicle the 2015 Jaguar XF probably isn’t the right option for you even at the lower power levels thanks to its rear-wheel drive. It does make a very formidable driver when the weather’s nice. If you’re looking for a thrilling vehicle with power to keep you on the edge of your seat the 2015 Jaguar XF fits the bill perfectly.