The New Jaguar F-Type R is a Real Powerhouse

July 28, 2014 rednoland Jaguar Tags: , , , , 0 Comments

The latest Jaguar F-Type R lineup offers power-hungry vehicles that handle smoothly and offer luxurious interiors to boot. Jaguar has enhanced the body of one of their more powerful sports cars, to provide an even more enjoyable driving experience than before.

Jaguar Ftype R

Performance Features

Each of the F-Type Jaguar options are very fast, but they range in power starting with the standard V6 at 337 HP, to the V6S at 376 HP and finishing off with the massive V8 engine that offers an intimidating 542 HP that makes the vehicle very fun to drive.

The V8 option sprints from 0 to 60 in just 4.0 seconds and achieves a top speed of 186 MPH making this vehicle feel at home on any race track in your area. To rein in all this speed the vehicle is fitted with highly-effective carbon-ceramic brake pads. These massive steel brake systems offer improved stopping power and reliable performance over time which is something you need when you cram an engine this large into a sports car.

The additional rigidity offered by the enhanced Jaguar frame gave engineers room to enhance the overall drive quality of the vehicle by altering the springs. They increased the spring rates in both the front and back of the vehicle giving it a more dynamic feel without compromising on comfort or smoothness. These simple changes give the vehicle more agility than it had previously. It will also steer more precisely and offer a higher level of control to the driver.

Drive Quality

The F-Type is designed to glide smoothly down the road, but it doesn’t feel mushy like some of the sports cars out there. You can still feel the road under you as you travel, and the steering is highly responsive. Dynamic stability helps keep this overpowered car firmly planted on the road even around sharp corners, but you have the option of turning off this electrical aid if you want to really test the limits of this beauty. The car oversteers easily, and swings around sharp corners with glee. It’s well balanced and has a polish that stands out even among luxury cars. Looking around the interior it would be difficult to pick out anything that needed to be changed, and it’s rare to find that in a car today.

The base F-type offers plenty of power and a luxurious interior, but the F-Type R provides even more power for the true racecar experience. It doesn’t matter which version of this powerhouse you decide on, their all a blast to drive, and they are all built with that attention to detail that separates a Jaguar from your average run of the mill sedan.

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