How to Use the Blind Spot Monitoring System

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Blind spot monitoring systems have been developed to make driving safer by giving you more information while you travel down the road. As you are driving your vehicle you will be given warnings letting you know when drivers are approaching in your blind spot. By checking these warnings you can easily avoid colliding with other drivers when changing lanes out on the road. Although these systems are beneficial they do take a bit of getting used to and you will have to spend a bit of time learning how they work.


Sensors Become Active

The monitoring system doesn’t activate until after you have surpasses six miles per hour. At that point the small sensors will pick up drivers in other lanes and provide you with information when they enter your blind spots.

Keep Sensor Clear and Clean

The blind spot sensors are located at the outside of either side of the bumper of the vehicle. In order to make sure that they function properly they should be kept clean, and free from any debris. Be careful not to place any stickers over them or the monitoring system will stop working effectively.

Blind Spot Monitor Not Available

If either of the two sensors fails a message will display on the instrument display panel saying Blind Spot Monitor Not Available. If this happens you should have the vehicle serviced and the problem corrected right away to get the functionality back.

Disable the System

If you would like to disable the monitoring system you can do so easily. Press the Menu button on the left side of the steering wheel. Press OK to select the Driving Features setting. Now press the down arrow to scroll down to Blind Spot Monitor and press OK to uncheck the box. If you would like to turn the system back on you simply follow the procedure and check the box once again.

This system is simple to use and it can help improve your driving ability but it does not take care of driving for you. It’s important to use cautious driving practices while travelling down the road, and to only count on the system as an additional tool to help you drive your Jaguar vehicle safely.

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