Learning to Use the Jaguar Dynamic Mode Settings

July 8, 2014 rednoland Jaguar Tags: , , , , 0 Comments

Many of the Jaguar vehicles come with a Dynamic Mode feature that allows drivers to alter how their vehicle handles. They can adjust the steering, suspension, gear shift, and engine performance all with a couple button presses. This gives the driver a new level of control over the vehicle, and just makes it more enjoyable to use overall. Learning how to use this technology isn’t too difficult, but you will have to spend a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the menu’s as well as the different settings before changing things around.

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Turning on Dynamic Mode

If you want to benefit from the Dynamic Mode feature that comes with many Jaguar vehicles it’s important to know how to turn it on. There is a small toggle switch next to the shifter that depicts a race-flag. Simply toggle this to the “On” position by lightly pulling it down away from the dash. Now you can begin setting the Dynamic Mode settings.

Setting Up Dynamic Mode

The best part about the dynamic mode feature offered in many Jaguar vehicles is being able to set your car to perform just the way you want it to. Enter the dynamic mode settings by tapping “Extra Features” on the home screen and the choosing “Dynamic-I”.

By default the vehicle is set to the Factory setup, but you can change it to a personal setup by simply tapping any one of the four different setting boxes around the car icon. These are “Gear Shift”, “Engine”, “Steering” and “Suspension”. By tapping each of these settings you can choose the configuration that you want.

After you have all of the settings where you want them you can test them out by driving around. If you decide that you don’t like something you can enter the same menu and simply set “Factory setup” to “On”. To switch back to your custom settings again set “My setup” to “On” instead.

Further Setting Testing

The Dynamic Drive feature also comes with a set of additional features for testing your configuration to see if it is optimal. From the Dynamic Drive menu you used to change your settings around you can access a stop watch, a G-Meter and a Pedal Graph. The stop watch is the clock icon and can be used for generating split times as you drive around. The G-Meter gives you information about how many G-forces are being put on the vehicle from each angle as you drive. The Pedal Graph gives you a quick look at both acceleration and braking. You can use these settings to see how power and performance have been improved, and they’re just fun to play with.


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