Tech Tuesday Understanding the Auto Climate Control and Sound System

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Jaguar vehicles come with advanced climate control and audio systems that allow for a high level of customization. Mastering these systems will take a little time, but by following the directions this time can be reduced significantly.


The Climate Control System

Jaguar vehicle’s feature an automatic climate control system capable of keeping the cabin at the desired temperature consistently. Learn how to manage the main features and setting up your car will be quick and easy.

Automatic Climate Setup

Most Jaguar vehicles feature a dual-climate control setup allowing the front passenger and the driver to choose their preferred temperature. Adjusting either of these levels can be accomplished easily by turning the rotary dials underneath the touchscreen display. The driver side dial adjusts the drivers temperature and the passenger-side dial alters the temperature on the passenger’s side.  The center rotary knob provides control over the blower speed of the vehicle.

After the driver and passenger are satisfied with the chosen temperatures press the auto key underneath the dials to lock in these settings. With the new settings locked in the vehicle will automatically work to keep the cabin temperatures at the designated levels while driving.

Manual Controls

If you prefer to have a bit more control over how heat is distributed through the vehicle, there are options available on the Climate Control home screen. Vent distribution options are immediately available allowing you to choose which vents will provide you with heat or air conditioning. By scanning through tabs and pressing buttons you can adjust additional settings in your vehicle.


Learning the Audio System

Before you can begin customizing your Audio System you have to enter into the Audio Settings menu by tapping the button called “Audio settings”. Now that you are in the menu you can adjust the sound of the system, the balance or fade, and turn additional features on or off.

Changing the Tone

To adjust the sound press the “Tone” button. Now simply tap on the plus or minus for each of the three selections that come up. By doing this you can alter the Bass, the Treble, and the Subwoofer sounds of your music.

Altering the Balance

Adjusting the sound balance in your vehicle is a simple process. First tap the “Balance/Fade” button and a four-way adjustment will pop up. Tap one of the four arrows to move the focal point from the center of the vehicle to the desired location. You will notice that the sound plays most loudly in that location. You can also tap on the square focal point and drag it to your desired location.

If you have any surround sound systems in your vehicle you can use the Audio settings menu to activate or deactivate them. They are all listed to the right of the stereo button. To turn on Meridian, Dolby or DTS surround just tap the button and enjoy the rich sound coming from all sides of your vehicle.


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