Tech Tuesday: Jaguar Bluetooth Pairing Tutorial

May 20, 2014 rednoland Jaguar Tags: , , , , , 0 Comments

It’s possible to connect your smartphone or tablet to your Jaguar multimedia system to enable additional applications as well as give yourself more control over the system. This simple tutorial covers the steps involved and helps you quickly get your vehicle and your phone paired to one another.


The Quick Connect Guide

First you need to ensure that your ignition is on so that your multimedia system is powered up. Now select the “Phone” softkey from the home menu. Choose “Search New” to look for a new device to connect with your vehicle.

Now you’ll be presented with two different options, choose the “Device to Vehicle” option to carry out most of the syncing via your phone. After making the selection you will be prompted with a message letting you know that you have three minutes to pair your vehicle to your phone.

Open up your phone and navigate to the Bluetooth settings. Search for Bluetooth devices and look for the entry that says Jaguar. Choose this device, and create a 4-digit pin.

Now you’ll see a connection request appear on the screen of your vehicle’s multimedia system. Select “Yes” and enter the 4 digit pin that you just created a moment ago. As long as you enter the right number you will now see a confirmation letting you know that the device is connected to your vehicle. It’s possible to connect up to five different devices to your car, but only one of them may have an active connection at a time.
Getting Compatibility Information and Additional Directions for Your Device

Enter into your web browser on your computer. When you make it onto the website select your continent as well as your country. From there you need to choose the “Owners” tab above the central graphic. Choose the “Manuals & Guides Tab” and scroll down to choose “Visit the Jaguar Bluetooth Connectivity Center” near the bottom of the page.

When inside the connectivity center pick the photo that matches your vehicle and then enter the last six numbers of your vehicles VIN. If you are unsure of the VIN number it can be found on the lower left side of your windshield, or on your title. Choose “Next” to be taken to pick your phone. Navigate to your phone using the scrolling arrows and you can now see instructions about how to connect your phone to your Jaguar vehicle.


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