Jay Leno drives the new F-Type

October 15, 2013 rednoland Jaguar Tags: , , , , , , , , 0 Comments

Say what you will about Jay Leno as a late night television host, but nobody has ever denied his affinity and affection for great cars. This week Jay takes a look at the Jaguar F-Type on his web series “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

Coming in at just over 23 minutes long, this is not quick web consumption, but it’s worth it merely for the car porn that is the F-Type and Project 7 concept car that Leno takes a look at. You may remember the Project 7 as the chopped, single seat F-Type concept car Jag debuted at Pebble Beach. And if somehow you forgot about the car, the sound of its menacing growl in the below video will surely keep the car in your mind for days to come.

Jay seems to have his fair share of fun behind the wheel of the production F-Type as well. With 495 horsepower to play with it’d be hard not to have a good time, though. Between being amazed by its eight-speed automatic transmission, and ability to raise and lower its top at speeds of up to 30 mph, Leno gives the impression that he’s impressed with the car as both a sporting machine and technological tour de force; however, you’ll have to watch the video to get a sense of his true thoughts on how far the brand has come since his days as a young car enthusiast.


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