Month: March, 2010

2011 Infiniti M37X

March 25, 2010 rednoland Uncategorized 0 Comments

Just got a chance to drive the new 2011 M37X, what an awesome car! The car is very quiet on the inside, and the fit and finish of the car is incredible. Infiniti has really done a good job with this car. The direction that Infiniti is taking is impressive.


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It is about that time to hit the road again. The weather will be changing soon and we will get that itch for a road trip. Wouldn’t it be nice to take that road trip in a nice Luxurious and Fashionable Escalade? We have a great selection of New and Pre-Owned Escalades at Red Noland Cadillac in Colorado Springs. The advantage to buying an Escalade through Red Noland is you get the Red Noland “Treatment”! There is a reason that Red Noland Cadillac has been #1 in CSI (Customer Satisfaction) 6 out of the last 8 years! We pride ourselves in taking care of our number one asset our customers!

GM Onstar

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Koaa Channel 5 news came to the Red Noland Cadillac dealership today and interviewed Joel DeFazio our General Sales Manager about OnStar. There was an incident recently that involved a GM vehicle that was stolen. With OnStar they were able to track down the vehicle, and assist in slowing the vehicle down so that the police would be able to recover the vehicle without getting into a high speed chase. Joel explained it is an enormous safety feature for not only you and your vehicle, but for innocent bystandards also. It is amazing what technology can do today, OnStar can diagnose your vehicle for mechanical problems, give you turn by turn navigation directions, assist you in making phone calls where most cell phones cannot reach, and help detect a crash, just to name a few. For more information on what OnStar can do for you stop into Red Noland Cadillac.

Saab is Back!!!

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“Saab’s Future is Now Secure. “

With those words, Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars NV confirmed his company’s acquisition of Saab Automobile AB from General Motors. The transfer of ownership took place in Stockholm on February 23. Going forward, Saab Automobile and Spyker Cars will operate as sister companies under the umbrella of their Amsterdam based parent company.

Red Noland will continue to be the Colorado Springs representative of the Saab brand. While the last several months have been turbulent and the fate of the brand has at times looked bleak, we are very pleased with the final outcome. No longer will the Saab brand be the smallest member of a big conglomerate; it will be the largest brand of an entrepreneurial focused company that seems to understand the brand, its heritage and its “Swedishness.”

If you are a current Saab owner, your ownership experience should continue uninterrupted. That is, we are here to service your vehicle; take care of the maintenance, order parts and handle any warranty issues. All warranties will continue to be honored!

If you are not a current owner, possibly a former Saab owner who thought it necessary to leave the brand, we have new Saab inventory on the way to show you. We have 9-3s arriving shortly, the all new 9-5 will be out late spring or early summer this year and there are several new products that will be here in 2011. Also, to enhance your opportunity to purchase a Saab, the Company will soon announce a new relationship with GMAC which will operate as Saab’s financing source for its customers.

Saab is back!

Congratulations to the team from Saab Automobile AB and from Spyker Cars NV for making the dream become a reality.

Red Noland is honored to be chosen to be part of the future of Saab.