Looking for a pre-owned vehicle??? Check out Red’s Rides!!! Red’s Rides is the pre-owned center for Red Noland Auto Group. Imagine the type of trades that we get, we sell New Cadillac, Infiniti, Saab, Land Rover and Jaguar!!! So when we take in trades they are typically one-owner vehicles that have been taken care of at our dealership by Certified Technicians. Something you cannot get at a lot of other places. We have a range of vehicles for all budgets, so next time you or someone you know is in the market or just looking for pre-owned vehicles think Red’s Rides. Where our cars are re-conditioned to look as close to new as possible, inside, out and mechanically.

We have built our reputation on service and taking care of our customers. I think 35+ years speaks for itself.

Red’s Rides is located at 1260 Motor City Drive in the Heart of Motor City in Colorado Springs.